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January 20, 2010     Hays Free Press
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January 20, 2010

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Hays Free Press january 20, 2010 OPiNiON Page 5A And the winn, er "is III 't's amazing how many cam- paign signs are going up ,around town. Like colorful spring flowers. Or sore thumbs. Depending on your perspec- tive. Luckily we only have three weeks before the February election. The filing deadline passedlast week and it looks like we're in for an interesting ride. No big surprises at the end of the day. Michelle Lopez has decided to take on Lucy Johnson for the mayor's seat but did not, for some reason, surrender her council seat in order to run. Lucy did. Ray did. A Special election was slated so that their seats would remain consistently filled regardless of the outcome of their elections. For the betterment of Kyle. By law, Michelle didn't have to resign as council member because her seat comes up for reelection in May. I guess Ray & Lucy have more confidence in the outcome. Rhonda Cox is taking on Russ Huebner in the District 6 race for the east side. Rhonda has been appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Library Building Commit- tee. Her voting record indi- cates that she has consistently walked pretty lockstep with the current mayor and city manag- er down to the fact that she was staunchly against keeping the downtown library in downtown and seems compelled to drive us deeper into debt by thrust- ing the rec center on us. The real party, though, seems to be in District 5. Kyle native ]aime Sanchez, an engi- neer, has been the contender to take on since the beginning. Mike Fulton, a vol with the KFD and Information Technologist, threw his hat in the ring and cited safety issues as a main concern. Last week Ion Claeton and John Simmang, both local tattoo artists, have decided to give it a go.And, as an odd coincidence, all four of these candidates have children in Kyle Elementary School.Young parents involved in our com- munity. I'm impressed. So, we're heading into the final stretch. Early voting begins next week. Even though this has been a Whirlwind and optimallywe would have had more lead-in time, this elec- tion is critical. We're selecting our mayor and two council members. And we're walking a fiscal tightrope. We need level-headed visionaries who will listen to us and make the difficult decisions which will benefit us all as a community. See you next Wednesday. ! HL00a-.00 ttl c_.At4FO00.N00A.V00F-'V00 tgANN.00-"I>'I'P.AN00; FA3"00 ! AWIF-SoME-, tl'.*! AND IF YoU' Af'  YoU'W HAVIF- To P,"NCH P'THe ClJCF. WHAT'/A- IT" 1t5 _ p e "Ihe sh(,rt and skinny on diets A s I was watching my 63rd " :: With the South Beach diet, diet! I can eat all the gorditas college bowl game (I be- I could still eat beef and drink and burritos I want and lose J. tlieve it was the Stay-free light beer, but I had to,lay off this unsightly beer gut. This " Maxi Bowl between Southern the carb Since I didn't know gal in the TV commercial Louisiana Barber College and what kind of vegetable a "carb" looks mighty fit, wearinga MIT) on NewYear's Day, with as, I figured that this diet skimpy bikini after eating a cold Shiner propped upon was perfect for me. Then my tacos and chalupas, so there's my engorged belly from all the wife. who happened to be my "no reason I i:an't get back into grits and black-eyed peas, my private dietician and trainer, my Speedo after a couple lovely wife asked me if I had a mine, I agreed to start a diet informed me that I couldn't eat of months on the Taco Bell NewYear's resolution. When I and lose a few pounds. That bread and pasta. Do you know Drive-Thru diet. answered "No," she suggested shouldn't be too hard, espe- how hard it is eating a double [ know that Ierrod fella lost one as she marveled at my cially for a young energetic cheeseburger with extra bacon about a quarter ton from eat- skillful balancing act with the fella like myself. So I grabbed without a bun? It isn't easy be- ing at Subway, so there must beer bottle, another beer and a can of ing healthy, Ilil-tell you what? be some truth in these fast "What do mean, lose some Vienna sausages and sat back So this year I'm looking for food diets. I'm not sure what weight? I'm in great shape." down to ponder upon my fu- a new diet, one that will allow the trick is to losing weight, "Yeah, for a middle-aged, ture health plan, but the Hun- me to lose weight and still eat but it must be something in pot-bellied red-necked couch gry Hairdressers just scored to all my favorite consumables, the way food is prepared and potato," she replied, tie up the game, so I'd have to So many diets require great then eaten. I suppose if food As I took my eyes off the put off my fitness strategy ses- sacrifices and most even is.prepared quickly, and then exciting ball game, I looked sion till after the game. suggest a steady regime of wolfed down just as quick, down at my taut abdomen, A few years ago, I was exercise. Hey, I exercise plenty then you must bum a lot of also awed at the sight of the advised to lose a few pounds working out on the ranch, calories eating fast food. After icy bottle perfectly balanced, by some medical profes- Plus, my beer fridge is a good seeing the Taco Bell girl's be- and I wondered aloud, "Why sional, and I had noticed I was 8 feet away from my recliner, fore and after photos, I predict couldn't I also balance a bowl looking a little paunchy in my During the course of a football tacos are going to sell like pan- of chips next to my beer, and Speedo. After some investiga- game, I do 7 or 8 laps. That cakes, hot fluffy pancakes with maybe put some salsa in my tion into the various weight- adds up, especially if the game melted butter oozing over the belly button.2" loss schemes out there, I goes into overtime, short stack and a pint of rich Once she convinced me picked the South Beach diet During the Cowboys game maple syrup slowly spread- that it was a new Texas law because it allowed me to eat last weekend, I saw an ad ing across the top flapjack. that every citizen must make beef. The diets that suggested about some lady who lost Yummml I wonder if there's an a resolution, ahd her sugges- eating nothing but fruits and a bunch of weight by going IHOP diet out there? tion of drinking less beer made veggies got tossed out like a through the drive-thru at Taco me laugh so hard that I spilled philandering golfer. Bell. Now this is my kind of roclo/ Thursday, February 4 11:30 a.m.--1:00 p.m. Son Marcos Convention Center/Embassy Suites Hotel 00T}00,IC CENTRAL TEXAS MEDICAL CENTER Please reserve your seat by calling 512.754.6159 or emall before February I. Featuring special guest speaker/author Louise Parsley, humorist and author of Revelations in the Rearview Mirror. $40/tic ket Hospice Care Bereavement (Table Sponsorships available) A pastor's response to Pat Robertson " think Pat Robertson was trying to absolve God . of responsibility for the earthquake when he said that Haiti had made a pact with the devil. But byspeculating as he did he managed to negate, in many skeptics' minds, all the good that Christian agencies have done, and are doing, in Haiti. We are always safer to say what the Bible says - no more, no less - then shut upl What caused the earth- quake in Haiti? The ques- tion should first be - why death? The Bible says that "the wages of sin is death." Sin is shaking our fist at the Creator and pushing Him away. God would not tolerate a deathless hu- man race in this condition. (He had a costly plan of redemption,but that's an- other story.) The protective garden was removed and all life was subject to death. Death is the mostprofound preacher of all. It preaches that we are foolish to place our hopes only in this life! It invites us to consider our Creator and our glorious purpose. Why tragedy? I don't think tragedy is personal. God did not send an earth- quake to Haiti because of some specific sin more than 200 years ago. (Rob- ertson was referring to the ?act that a voodoo priest was one leader of the slave revolt that three years later ended in Haiti's indepen- dence.) Tragedy comes because earth is dangerous. The moment sin entered the human race, all bets were off. There's no guaran- tee how any of us will die. Horrible tragedies hap- pen to people doinggood things. Most are not on the scope of this earthquake, but they are tragedies nonetheless. Just because a tragedy takes many lives, we shouldn't think that the reason it happened is any different than the reason a single child dies in a mis- hap or in a tornado. Robertson really did not need to speculate. In Luke 13 Jesus was asked about a tragedy in his time.and then commented on anoth- er tragedy where a tower fell and instantly killed eighteen people. Jesus asked "Do you think these were worse sinners than others because they suf- fered this way? I tell you no? But unless you repent, you too will all perish." Jesus GUEST wanted them to stop spiri- tual rubbernecking and consider the disaster that awaited all of them: death. No matter how death hap- pens - whether it's tragic or natural - it often results in disaster. It results in judgment and separation, which Jesus came here to deal with personally on the cross. Another problem with Robertson's speculation is that it focuses on one sin and ignores a greater one. So slaves took inspiration from their African ani- mism, and that was sup- posed to be a pact with the devil? Perhaps so. (Though the Bible doesn't talk about that or about such curses.) But wouldn't a greater pact with the devil be the en- slavement of human souls, like cogs in a machine? The French imported at least 50,000 slaves a year to that one island because that many died each year due to harsh working conditions. Romans Chapter 2 says that we will be judged accord- ing to what we have done, and according to our level of knowledge about the gospel. Who had greater knowledge of the gospel? Then, as with later African colonies, European powers left sUddenly without ever having trained the people in leadership and demo- cratic traditions--leaving only cruelty and corrup- tion as a inheritance for decades. "You therefore have no excuse, you who pass judg- ment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself..." [Romans 2:1) "What shall we conclude then? Are we any better? Not at alll We have already made the charge that Jews and Gentiles alike are all under sin. As it is written, 'There is no one righteous, not even one...'" (Romans 3:9-10) We are all in need of a Savior because God is infinitely holy! God allows tragedy for reasons we generally know, and perhaps, specific rea- sons we don t know. This tragedy is a test of our love. The Quality Care Your PetNeeds at Prices You Can Afford! 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