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February 6, 2013     Hays Free Press
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February 6, 2013

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THEY REALLY SAID THAT? \ "Th is a guidepost, not a hitchingpost.And like M/plans, it will& tweaked as we move closer to needing and funding the new roads." -Pct. 2 Commissioner Mark Jones Page 4A Hays Free Press February 6, 2013 "Girls rule, boys drool." That childhood taunt have been heard on playgrounds for years. There is no doubt that Girl Scouts of America, as opposed to Boy Scouts, have been doing things pretty dam well- when it comes to being all-inclusive. Yes, that means girls who are lesbian. Or bi-sexual. On the other band, the continued brouhaha over Boy Scouts allo~ng open gay mem- bers continues. Texas Governor Rick Perry has entered the fray, saying this week he didn't think the national organization should soften its stance on allowing pro- claimed homosexual boys and men to join the organization. Never mind that these same boys and men have been earning badges, going to meetings, setting up campsites and giving their thousands of hours to this organi- zation and the wonderful projects that BOA does each year. Recently, Boy Scouts defivered 1.4 million signatures- that's boxes and boxes of petitions- to their Irving-based national of- rice, asking that the ban be lifted. Keep in mind that they are not talking about a policy that would welcome gays openly. They are talking about there not being an "anti-gay" policy. Basi- cally, there wouldn't be a policy directly against gays. Good job. That's a step in the right direction. The decision by the national board of the direc- tors for the organization is due at any time. It's about time. Girl Scouts, on the other hand, have had an inclusive policy for manyyears. Their basic policy? "Recognizing the human rights of all people, incinding lesbian, gay, bisexual and tmnsgender people.!' While the organization tiptoes a fine line in not trying to upset some supporters, the idea seems to be a non-issue for most of the girls. With more than 3.6 million members-girls and women- Girl Scouts of America can boast a lot ofhighlyinfluential women, in- cluding two-thirds oft.he women servingin the U.S. Congress. It's about time that the Boy Scouts stop the fight and include the people who are already members ofthe~ organization. LETTER TO THE EDITOR RESPONSIBLE, NOT STUPID There have been opposing views in regards to the young man who chased two armed suspects after breaking into his family's home. Some say it was an act of bravery and some say it was stupid. The man came home to find two crlininals ransacking his home. The burglars had been there long enough to take sev- eral items including a safe con-' taining guns. When the resident startled the burglars they shot at him and fled the scene, and the man chased them in his truck. Fortunately the suspects were apprehended by the police. I personally commend the young man for doing the responsible thing- keeping the guns offthe streets and out of the hands of criminals. It may be unadvisable, but certainly responsible. The ongoing debate about gun control is resulting in record gun sales across the nation. And while many gun advocates say every household needs at least one gun in the home to protect their families, without education, training and a sense of responsibility those guns are more dangerous in the home than not. I'm glad he did what he did, and I hope other gun owners take every precaution they can to keep these powerful and effective tools out of the wrong hands. DavM White Kyle "ey! You! Yes, you. Sorry. lust trying to get your attention to impart .an important warning here. For the next couple weeks, it's imperative all you good folks out there stay alert and keep your wits about you. Remove the earbuds, no texting while walking, and you'd be well-advised to brandish a stainless steel umbrella on the street because it's awards season and golden- plated statuettes are being tossed about like manhole covers during an underground methane explosion. We've made it through the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, with the Grammy Awards and Oscars right around the corner, so this seems the perfect time to weigh in with the bar- nacle on the belly of the awards ship: the 15th annual Will Durst Political Animal Awards. THE BEST IMPRESSION OF RE- ANIMATED HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN AWARD: And the winner is... oh, forgive me, that's right, we're all winners here. The award goes to Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell. BEST DIRECTION OF A COMEDY: To Mitt Romney's campaign manager, Matt Rhoades. THE HE SHOULD SWITCH TO DE- CAF AND REALLY SOON AWARD: Vice President Joe Biden. COLLATERAL DAMAGE AWARD: Still picking shrapnel out of his widow's peak, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. THE CLOCK IS TICKING LOUD ENOUGH TO PIERCE EARDRUMS ON A COUPLE DIFFERENT CONTINENTS AWARD: Three-way tie! Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Bashar al-Assad. "ave Americans made education the scapegoat for all of our ills? . Why are Americans so willing to accept dictates about education to be passed along without questions? What is missing in our current educational system? Is our current education truly applicable to society? Are we pushing math and science too much? How often does the average person use trigonometry or calculus? When do we use solid geometry? Does all that chemistry come in handy for a truckdriver in his semi? I don't re- member the last time I heard, "Gee, I wish that I knew more about solid geometry" or "Boy, I certainly wish that I had learned that periodic table better." Certainly, there are fields where knowledge of science and math is important. But, does the entire population need to take courses, not only in college but in high school, as well? When we get down to the basics, the issue revolves around how well our math students are doing compared with students from other countries - at the high school level. Perhaps we are testing at the wrong time or at the wrong stage of our educational en- deavors. Have you seen any compari- son of our college graduates in math and science with those from other countries? But math and science are not the RAGING THE YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN AWARD: To former Gov. Sarah Palin, Fox News' gain is Alaska's loss. HEART OF A PLUCKED CHICKEN AWARD: To Nevada Sen. Harry Reid for avoiding the alteration of Senate filibuster rules given the opportunity. THE IT'S BETTER TO BE LUCKY THAN GOOD AWARD: For the second year in a row, POTUS Barack Obama. THE YOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES WERE UP THIRTY MINUTES AGO AWARD: It's a tie: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Lindsay Lohan. THE WHY DOESN'T ANYBODY RE- TURN MY CALLS ANYMORE AWARD: Karl Rove, and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. THE YOU CAN KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN AWARD: Former Massachu- setts Sen. Scott Brown. THE TAKING SIBLING RIVALRY TO A BRAND NEW LEVEL AWARD: The Harbaugh boys. THE H.G. WELLS DATING SERVICE AWARD: Manti Te'o. THE HEAD IN THE SAND LIFE- TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: The coveted Ostrich goes to executive vice president and CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre. THE BEAT A DEAD HORSE UNTIL WE'RE ALL COVERED IN A FINE RED MIST AWARD: Another tie: Sens. Lindsay Graham and ]ohn McCain who remain determined to get to the bottom of Chuck Hagel's role in Benghazi. THE GEORGE HAMILTON TAN- NING AWARD: For the fourth con- secutive year, Speaker of the House ]ohn Boehner. POP GOES THE WEASEL AWARD: Lance Armstrong. THE SISYPHUS AWARD: Marco Rubio, who has been handed sole responsibility for dragging the entire Republican Party across the immigra- tion reform line. THE OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES AWARD: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for suggesting the GOP "stop being the stupid party." THE RIP VAN WINKLE AWARD: To Hillary Clinton for the well-deserved two-year nap she's about to take. And finally, THE CONTINENT OF ATLANTIS AWARD: For the fastest, most complete disappearance in political history, Mitt Romney. They must have powered him down, folded him up and placed him back into the original packaging. Five-time Emmy nominee Will Durst's new e-book, "Elect to Laugh!" published by Hyperink, is now avail- able at Redroom. com, Amazon and many other fine virtual book retailers near you. Or go to for more info. in FROM LINDEN only areas that are important in our society. A lot of ignorance comes from the fact that we demand that our stu~ dents spend so much time studying math and science - and not enough in the liberal arts. Liberal arts open our minds to new ideas, old ideas that may be germane to today's living, and a tolerance for others' ideas. Our push to immerse students in mathematics and science and not in the liberal and fine arts can be detri- mental. It is through the arts that we are able to hear other viewpoints and then draw from them to create our own beliefs. It is not the memoriza- tion of formulae and equations that helps in the articulation of ideas. It is the exposure to many ideas and interpretations that give us the ability to draw our own conclusions. I do not blame the decline of American society on mathematic and scientific education. I do believe that Americans have become less tolerant of others' ideas and beliefs - because we are not exposed to opposing ideas. This lack of liberal arts education has caused us to become solidified in our thinking. We are a less cohesive nation now than we were in history. We are rapidly becoming a nation of dogma- adhering people who refuse to listen to any other ideas. We have also become more likely to reject other people's ideas. This is so evident in the halls of Congress and in our religions. In many ways, it is belonging to the latter that causes us to be so dogmatic. We need to look no further than the turmoil that is going on in today's churches. Yes, we have forgotten the true purpose of education - to expose us to other ideas and philosophies and to make us aware of the fine arts. Our schools have become trainers and do not create thinkers and life-long learners. Our schools need to expose our students to the broad spectrum of education during our young learning years. If we continue on the road of only "training" students, our society is less for it. If we continue to train and not educate, we will lose one of our nation's greatest assets - a populous that can discuss ideas, is not easily brainwashed, and can look at all hu- manity humanely. We can be that again. But first we must once again truly want an real education. COMMENTS FROM THE WEBSITE The young man who chased them is incredibly brave. It was not the safe choice, and for that some will say it was a bad choice. I think it's important to ap- plaud bravery though and this kid deserves an "at- taboy" for helping to catch these idiots. -Mike Fulton on "Two Austin men nabbed after alleged aggravated rob- bery in Buda" I believe it when I see it, then I'll vote hell yes! - RoadWarrior on "Kyle says yes to roads" You have my votel It's time to clean up Kyle! Lets show everyone how proud we are of our striving tittle city. Although, my daughter does love the roller coaster roads in Kyle. She may put up a fight. - Darla Damron on Hays Free Press facebook posting: "1 almost want to cry I'm so happy," Kyle Mayor Lucy Johnson says about all 5 roads in the bond package. MANAGEMENT BARTON PUBLICATIONS, INC. 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