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February 8, 2017     Hays Free Press
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February 8, 2017

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK "We feel a little betrayed by Buaafest committee members for not communicating with city staff on this (post-eventpresentation)." - Eileen Altmiller, Buda Council Member Hays Free Press February 8, 2017 Page 3A A nfeW months ago, the health | Cou|d ection of one of be my news magazines, wrong was an article that in essence said we don't by Ray have to die. I quote. Wolbrecht "Eating vegetables reduces your chances maybe they'll go home of dying." Researchers with a sense of achieve- determined that eating ment. seven 1/2 cup portions Do we have an of fruits and veggies immigration prob- per day reduces your lem? The Hollywood chances of dying 42%. heavy thinkers think And later in another we should just open issue of the same mag- our borders to every- azine was an article one. When someone that said that people runs them over and who use cussing to 85 others in a sto- express themselves are len truck would they less likely to lie to you. I change their minds? received three times via Not likely to happen email friends a notice anyway. These pam- that Feb 2017 was a pered millionaires live lucky month that will in gated communities find you richer be- with bodyguards and cause it happens only lime drivers and have once every 823 years someone do their because this month has cooking and grocery 4 Sunday, 4 Mondays, shopping for them. etc ...4 of all the days They don't have to of the week. Pass this to think like the rest of us three people, do and they sure don't. My dear friends, dy- Do we want the same ing is 100%. And com- problems as Germany men sense declares and France have? From to me that cussers are their speeches it would more immoral than seem that they do, and non-cussers and more they have people who likely to lie. And every follow their reasoning. February has 4 days of They are the ones who each day of the week, live their lives believing a leap year February that reality is in the having 5 of one day of mind of the beholder. the week. Who invents They think sin and evil this stuff: Dummy do not exist and there non-science majors or are no absolutes, for it people just having a is absolutes that form laugh making internet common reality which jokes? But even more they deny. crazy is who reads this and takes it seriously No country is as without seeing the magnanimous as the intrinsic flaws in such USA when it comes to reasoning? Who is it providing relief to those of other countries who that is so glaringly deft- have met tragedy. We cient in critical reading send Americans to die skills? The answer: Lotsa people. But they for them. No country could have an excuse: is more inclusive, to they were never taught a fault even, than the to read into words, USA. If pro-refugee phrases, and passages, people want to protest Even more tragic then may they n arch are the people who are in front of the Saudi well aware of facts and embassy and others deliberately choose whose countries refuse to ignore them for the to take any refugees sake of their social or from the Middle East. political agendas. In As it stands we really the case of mega thug have to know who is Michael Brown, who in our country, who is robbed a convenience bleeding our social ser- store On video and who vices and educational was later shot dead system and atthe same while struggling to take time possibly plotting a gun from the police- mass murder. man, the conclusive The far left and pop evidence is ignored, culture, the believers Still people are holding in a man made utopian their hands over their world by removing bor- heads in tribute to the ders, espouse destruc- fictitious surrender of tion of our despised Brown before he was culture, values, and shot. And then there's religious convictions. the women's march. In this mindset they Individuals, when would destroy them- interviewed spewed selves, all for the 4 words that they'd promises of a utopian memorized: misogy- society. Hey, it worked nist, racist, xenophobe, so well for the USSR. and transphobe. And when asked why they Ray Wolbrecht is a were protesting Trump, retired dentist from a lot of them said Kyle and an interesting they're afraid of what individual. His column he might do. Mraid? is always called '7 could Please ... give them a be wrong"as he suggest- coloring book, a box of ed that title. You decide. juice, and a blue ribbon for participating and rbrickwall@gmail,com GUEST COLUMN BY CHRIS GARDNER n late January, Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick donned their yellow scarves and took to the capitol steps to champion school vouchers, a cause also beloved by billionaire Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos and the President. Voucher advocates believe that the solution to problems in public education is to "let the money follow the kid"; I believe they are wrong. Put simply, voucher programs take money out of public school coffers and funnel it to private or religious schools. The last portion - state funds supporting religious schools - sticks in the craw of those seeking that clear, bright line between church and state. That's fair, but that's not my primary complaint. Others insist that data does not show that private or religious schools produce better educational outcomes for students. While true, this is also not my primary complaint. Finally, anyone with an eye on the dollars will tell you that no current voucher program covers the full price of average private school tuition, which means vouchers serve families that can ALMOST pay for private education and exclude those families with no would agree. The challenges we face The challenges are myriad. They require we face are myriad. They require creative solutions, the hard work creative solutions, the hard of dedicated and well- trained professionals, work of dedicated and well- teacher growth models that produce trained professionals, teacher meaningful results, and, yes, cash. Lots and lots growth models that produce of cash. meaningful results, and, yes, Teachers are not missionaries feeding themselves on zeal cash. Lots and lots of cash. alone; those light bulbs over students' disposable income to the light in public heads don't power divert to education, schools has been our classrooms. We Vouchers offer extinguished; I see it need staff, supplies, discounts to families of burning every day. training, and updated privilege; they do not I see it in my co- technology. We need serve underprivileged workers, who work specialized equipment students. This all seems during passing periods to support our welding, to me entirely true and to make their lessonsauto mechanics, pernicious and vile, but more effective secondcosmetology, and it is also not my primary period than they wereengineering programs. complaint, first. We need. competitive My primary I see it in my students: salaries to draw the complaint is that engaged, thoughtful nation's brightest voucher advocates citizens working as hard into the profession begin with the implicit or harder than anyone I and professional presupposition that our know. development dollars public school system is I see it in my own to help them improve broken beyond repair, children, proud public every year. None of that the only real answer school kids themselves, those things are free. is to hop in that escape who come home each Taking money out of pod and head for the day excited to share the public school system nearest desert planet, their new learning, is not a solution; it is at Anywhere, they believe, I see it in every onebest a cynical attack on has to be better than of us who still works for a system in which I still this. that light bulb moment, strongly believe. I, a public school that perfect moment Yes, we have educator for 20 years, when a student realizes challenges. roundly reject this herself capable of things Voucher advocates bitterly cynical premise, she always thought were believe my fellow I believe that any impossible: educators and I cannot public school can be Now, let us not meet those challenges; improved by thoughtful, mince words: though I know that they are empowered educators the President insistswrong. who work together in educators work in a service of students, system "flush with cash", Chris Gardner is a Voucher advocates no one who has set foot long-time Hays CISD would have you believe in a Texas public school high school teacher. d This column is about the intersection of faith and politics. I first wrote most of these thoughts five years ago, but have been reluctant to publish them, because they are sure to offend everybody. However, they are just as true now as they were then, and we are five years farther down the dangerous road we are traveling. There seems to be no better time than the present, so here goes. The darkness is descending. It will be a long time before the dawn. The horrors to come will seem never- ending, and you may wonder where God has gone. But God has not abandoned us. We have abandoned God. America has given itself over to unbridled greed, and called it "prosperity.,' We have slaughtered millions of innocent babes in the name of sexual freedom and women's equality. If you want to end the slaughter, you have to sign on for the greed, and be content to have a few billionaires own everything and everybody a few years from now. But if you want to stand against the greed, you have to be okay with the slaughter. The two political parties are like parents going through a divorce, fighting so bitterly over the custody of the child that the child is dying of neglect. God and Country by PhilJones The result is a political system that is schizophrenic. The two sides are unable to talk to each other without acrimony. We have reached a point where the two sides cannot even agree on what the facts are, nor even what sources of information are reliable. The two political parties are like parents going through a divorce, fighting so bitterly over the custody of the child that the child is dying of neglect. We are siloed into our own echo chambers, encouraged to believe that the people on the "other side" are either crazy, stupid, or evil. This creates a very clear and present danger of political violence breaking out on a broad scale. Frankly, the collapse of the United States appears very near. We have saddled our children and grandchildren with heavy debts, spending their future on ourselves. And as if that weren't enough, despite abundant warnings, we are now simply choosing to roast them alive, in a living hell - a planet growing hotter and hotter, with all living things struggling with less and less water. And for what? There are some on the right that worship the free market. They see the "invisible hand" that sets prices as the Hand of God, and insist it must not be interfered with. Meanwhile, some on the left worship science, and deny the very existence of God as anything other than bothersome superstition. But neither science nor the free market is worth worshipping, because both are inventions of our own minds. Shall man the creator worship his own creation? How stupid is that? Yet both the free market worshippers and the science worshippers ultimately come to the same conclusion: that the natural order is survival of the fittest and death to the weak. The free market worshippers call this "creative destruction." The science worshippers call it "natural selection." So there is no room for kindness. Kindness is for losers. Only ruthlessness will do. God has shown us the way to peace, but we have chosen to go our own way. And the bitter fruit is ready to fall from the tree, in a poison harvest like nothing we have seen in our lifetime. Unless we come home. Phil lones is a local columnist who makes his living teaching math to kids with "learning disabilities", especially dyslexia and ADHD. He writes original songs through the nonprofit Sunrise Ministries. Barton Publications, Inc. News tips: Opinions: 113 W. 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