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February 13, 2013     Hays Free Press
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February 13, 2013

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Page 4D BUSINESS Hays Free Press February 13, 2013 + + Public Notices + in downtown Luxury apartments CITY OF KYLE ORDINANCES THE CITY COUNCIL OF KYLE WILL CONSIDER ADOPTING THE FOLLOWING ORDINANCES ON FEBRUARY 19, 2013 AT KYLE CITY HALL, 100 W. CENTER STREET, AT 7:00 PM: AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF KYLE, TEX- AS, ORDERING THE MAY 11, 2013 GENERAL ELECTION AND ESTABLISHING THE PROCE- DURE THEREFORE, AND PROVIDING FOR RE- LATED MATTERS. UNA ORDENANZA DE LA CIUDAD DE KYLE, TEXAS, ORDENANDO UNA ELECCION GENERAL QUE SE LLEVARA A CABO EL 11 DE MAYO DE 2013, Y ESTABLECIENDO EL PROCEDIMIENTO DE LA ELECCION; Y PROVEYENDO PARA CUAL- QUIERA SUSTANCIA RELACIONADA. AN ORDINANCE CALLING A BOND ELECTION TO BE HELD WITHIN THE CITY OF KYLE, TEXAS, MAKING PROVISION FOR THE CONDUCT AND GIVING NOTICE OF SAID ELECTION; PROVIDING FOR THE COMBINING OF THE BOND ELECTION IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE GENERAL ELEC- TION; AUTHORIZING A JOINT ELECTION WITH OTHER ENTITIES HOLDING ELECTIONS ON THE SAME DATE IN THE TERRITORY OF THE CITY; AND CONTAINING OTHER PROVISIONS NEC- ESSARY AND INCIDENTAL TO THE PURPOSES HEREOF. UNA ORDENANZA ORDENANDO UNA ELEC- CION DE BONES PARA LLEVARSE A CABO DEN- TRO DE LA CIUDAD DE KYLE, TEXAS HACIENDa PROVISIONES PARA LA CONDUCTA Y DANDO ANUNCIO DE DICHA ELECCION; PROVEYENDO PARA LA COMBINACION DE LA ELECCION DE BONES CONJUNTO A LA ELECCI6N GENERAL; AUTORIZANDO UNA ELECCION DE COMON CONTRATO CON OTRAS AUTORIDADES LLE- VANDO A CABO ELECCIONES EN LA MISMA FE- CHA EN EL TERRITORIO DE LA CIUDAD; Y CON- TENIENDO OTRAS PROVISIONES NECESSARIAS E INCIDENTALES AL PROPOSITO DE ESTO. LUCY JOHNSON MAYOR DISTRICT COURT CLARK COUNTY. NEVADA ARIA RESORT & CASINO HOLDINGS, LLC dba ARIA, Plaintiff, vs. CHRISTOPHER B. CORNETT aka CHRISTOPHER BROWN CORNETT aka CHRIS CORNETT, Defendant. CASE NO. A-12-658602-C DEPT. NO. VI SUMMONS NOTICE! YOU HAVE BEEN SUED, THE COURT MAY DECIDE AGAINST YOU WITHOUT YOUR BEING HEARD UNLESS YOU RESPOND WITHIN 20 DAYS. READ THE INFORMATION BELOW. TO THE DEFENDANT: A civil Complaint has been filed by the Plaintiff against you for the relief set forth in the Complaint. Object of Action= Defendant ie being sued far non-payment of commercial in- struments Description: See Copy of Texas Driver's License 1. If you intend to defend this lawsuit, within 20 days after this Summons is served on you exclusive of the day of service, you must do the following: a. File with the Clerk of this Court, whose address is shown below, a formal written response to the Complaint in accordance with the rules of Court. b. Serve a copy of your response upon the attor- ney whose name and address is shown below. 2. Unless you respond, your default will be en- tered upon application of the Plaintiff and this Court may enter a Judgment against you for the relief de- manded in the Complaint, which could result in the taking of money or property or other relief requested in the Complaint. 3. If you intend to seek the advice of an attorney in this matter, you should do so promptly so that your response may be filed on time. CLERK OF THE COURT Issued at direction of: /s/Bruce A. Aguilera, Esq. NV Bar #1662 Attorney for Aria Resort & Casino Holdings, LLC 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89158 By: Ondina Amos Deputy Clerk Regional Justice Center 200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155 Date: March 22, 2012 E-at5 a C"F calci OFS STATE OF TEXAS COUNTY OF HAYS BY VIRTUE OF ORDERS OF SALE, DATED FEBRUARY 4, 2013 and issued pursuant to judgment decree(s) of the District Court of Hays County, Texas, by the Clerk of said Court on said date, in the hereinafter numbere, d and styled suit(s) attd to me directed and delivered as Constable of said County, I have on the 4TM day of Febronr--j 2013, seized, levied upon, and will, on the first Tuesday in March 2013, the same being the 5th day of said month, at the South Door of the Hays Cranny Government Center, 712 Stagecoach Trail, in the City of San Marcus, Texas, between the hours of t0 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m. on said day, beginning at 10:00 a.m., proceed to sell for cash to the highest bidder all the right, title, and interest of the defendants in such suits in and to the following described property levied upon as the property of said defendams, rite same lying and being Sitltated in the County of Hays and the State of Texas, to-wit: Suit No. I Style Of Case / Tax'Aee0uni i~0./Property Description Minimum PostJmt Tax Judgment Date 1 Adjudgnd Value Bid 1 Suit No. 4583, San Marcus Consolidated Independent Sebdol District and Hays County L234.20 Education Distr~ vs. Gulindo Terms. et al; ACCT. NO. 11-9435-2600"228o0-3 (847598); Lots 228 and 229, Block 26, Wt~tover Addition to tbe Town of San Maross, Hays Cotmty, Texas, according to the plat of said addition of record in VoL 59. Page I83-185, Deed Racords i of Hays Coos'if, Texas, SAVE & EXCEPT IM Southwest one-half of Lots 228 and 229 in Block 26 oftbe Westovar Addition conv~ed in Vol, 219, Page 276, Deed Records of Hays [ County, Texas, leaving harein the Northeast usa-half of Lots 228 and 229 in Bfonk 26 oftbe Weslovar Addition to the Tows of San Maroua, Hays County, Tex~s. Judgment Date 06/23110 Adjed~d Val~ $42,560.O0 2' Suit No. 03-0553, San Marcus Consolidated led~andent"Seh~l District and The City of San '$5,990.O0 Mam~ vs. Willie Armst~ed, et at; (ACCT. NO, l 1-1935-12O0-O0801-3 (R24712); Part of LOt 8, Block 12, D,S. Combs Addithm m the City of San Marcus, Hays Cmmty, Texas, being described in VoL 141, Page 467, and Vat. 2632, Page 139, Deed Records of Hays County, Texas. Jnd[smSent Date 1015."04 Adjudged Value $5,990.00 3 Suit No, 06-0963. San Mareos Consolidated Independent Sehm~l District vs. Alfred Rim $644.60 , Ybarra, et at; ACCT. NO, 11-9955-O0O0-00500"3 (8532091: Lot 5, Yberra Subdivision Hays County, Texas being that property described in Vat. 644: Page 336. Real Property Records of Hays County, Texas, subject to a pending waterline easement in favor of the City of San Marcus. Judgment Data 05/27/09 Adjudfied Value $15,410.00 .... 4 Suit No. 06-0963, San Marcus Consolidated Independent School District vs. Alfred Kim $6,443.88 Yharra, ot at; ACCT. NO. 11-9955-0O00-00301-3 (8723931; A Spirit Manufactured Home, Phoenix Made1, Label No. RAD0935330, Serial No. SCA839667630315, situated on Lot 3, Ybarra Subdivision, 4021 Hunter Road, San Marcus, Hays County, Texas. Judgment Date 05/27/09,Adjnd~[ed yalua $39,280,O0 5 Suit No. 08-1733, County of Hays vs. Scott Minnick AKA Scan D. Mianick; ACCT NO. I 1- $3,360.15 3935,.0000-02500-2 (830724); Lot 25, The Highlands Section C, trays County, Texas, being described in Vol. 137L Page 434. Official Public Records of tlays County, Texas. Judgment Date 01/21/09 Adjudged Value $30.570.00 6 Suit No. 09-1842. 'County of Hays vs. Vieente Manit~'ez Sandoval; ACCT NO, 11-4935-0O00- $500.00 01500-2 (R34602) Lot 16E. Lifachnhz Subdivision, Hays County. Texas, being that property described in Vol. 456, Page gg9, Deed Records of Hays County, Texas, SAVE & EXCEPT that 0330 acre drainage easement awarded to the City of Buds described in VoL 4412, Page I, Official Public Records of Hays County, Texas. Judgment Date 04/14/10 Adjudged Value $500.00 ........ $775112 (2o12) $417.29 (2004-2005) $802,89 (2010-20121 $4,112.91 (2O09-2012) $2,998.03 (2OO8-2012) NA 7 Suit No. 10"1789, San Marcus Consolidated Independent School District and Hays Cousclidsted ludependem ~hoot District vs. Albert G, Arellano, ct at; ACCT, NO, 11-2010- 0900-01000-3 (R24810); Lot 10, Block 9, Conway Addition No, 3, a subdivision in Hays County, Texas, according to the map or plat thereof, recorded in Vol. 4, Page 186, Plat Racords of Hays County, Texas, and being that property as described in Vol. 296!, Page 810, Official Public Records of Hays Connty, Texas. Judgment Dale 04,'27;2012 Adjudged Value $10.500.00 8 Suit No. 11-0024. Hays Consolidated Independent Scho, i"b'i'si ifi" vs, Mols~s Alfonso Rodriguez, et al; ACCT. NO. 11-1733-0O03-02001-2 (898712); Any and all residential /mprovemems including, but not limited to a 28X70 Redman Manufactured llama, Label No. TEX00428g4/5, Serial No. 123078551Lq,, with additions and aitachmants made thereto and being situated on Lot 20, Circle N Ranch Subdivision, Seetlon 3, 1015 Twisted Creel Niederwald, Hays Count)', Texas. Judgment Date 08122/I 2 Adind~ed Value $57,840.00 9 Suit No. 11-0319. Hays Consolidated Independent School District vs, Kathfeeu M. Barnett; Accr. NO, 11.1733-0003-00202-2 (MI174391; A 28X60 Palm Harbor / Keystone Manufactured Home bearing Labol Nos. PFS0,1462723, Serial Nag. PH17255gMB, situated on Lot 2, Circle N Ranch Subdivision, Section 3, 960 Ranch House Loop, Niederwald, Flays ~un~, Texas, Judgment Date 04125/12 Adjudged Value $44250.00 10 Suit No. 11-0322, San Marons Consolidated Independent School District vs. Francisco Cortez; ACCT. NO. 11-92t0-3900-00002-3 (846565); A portion of Block 39, Victor' Gardens Sacond Addition to ~be City of Sen Marcus, Hays County, Texas, and being that property more particularly d~cribed in VoL 3315, Page 223, Official Public Records of Hays County, Texas. Judgment Date 09/28/1 ! Adjudged Value $35,900.00 It Suit No. 1!-0756, San Marcus CISD vs. John P. Olivo, et af; ACCT. NO. 11-5546-0000- 01502-3 (R1029311; A 28X64 Redman/ Worthington Manufactured Hams, bearing Label Nos, PFS0575188/9, Serial Nos. 12329471A/B, situated on Lot 15, Section 2, Moroingwood Subdivision, 385 Momingwond Drive, San Marcus, Hays County, Texas. Judgment Date 09/28/11 Adjudged Value $37,0!0.00 12 Suit No. 11-1074, San Marcus Consclidated lndq)endent Schoul District vs, Gary Dwayne Moore, et at; ACCT. NO. 11-4230"0005-01400-3 (R32309); Lot ]4, Block E, Hughson Heights, a subdivision in Hays County, Texas, according to the map or plat thereof recorded in Vol, 1, Page 59, Plat Records of Hays County, Texas, Judgment Dais 0~'22/12 Adjudged Value $ l 7 l~130.O0 13 Suit No. 1 I-I In0, Hays Consolidated Independent School District vs. Celestino Rivers, et el; ACCT. NO. 10"0014-0095-00000-2 (R11534); 5,00 acres of land, more or less. out of the John Stewart Survey, Abstract 14, Hays County, Texas. and being thai property more :particularly described in Vol. 337. Page 86. Deed Records of Hays Comny. Texas. together with a 16 X 72 IIBOS " Oakwood Msnulhcmred Home bearing Label No. N'rA0701372, Serial No. HOTX09903927, situated thereon. Judgment Date 01/18/12 Adjudged Value $72~870,O0 14 Sail No. I I-I 10l. Hays Consolidated Independent School District vs. Viola Lawson, et at; ACCT. NO. 10-0361-0052-00000.2 (RI69571; I acre. more or k~ss, out of the John Pberass Surwty, City of Kyle, Hays County, Texas, and being Ihat property more particularly described as q'mct (.)tie' in that terrain deed of record in Vol. 255, Page 510, Deed Records of Hays Count)', Texas.,!ud~.meut Date 0&'241120 Adjudged Value $130..6.80:00 15 Suit No. 11-1294, Hays Consolidated Independenl School District vs, Jose Isabel Ramirez, et al; ACCT. NO. 11-8822-0000-02901-2 (897762); A 28 X 40 Fleelwood Eagle Manufactured Home boaring Label Nos. RADI259004/5. Serial Nos. "IXFI.Yg6A;B02675EGI I, situated on 1.0 *re in 35 Sooth Ranches Unit 2. Lot 29. tlays Coumy, Texas, Judgment Date 01/fg/t2 Adjudged Value $32,370.00 16 Suit No. I I-1823, Hays Consoli~Jat'ed Independent School District vs. Alejandro Campir~'6'~ et t7 at; ,~CCT. NO. 11-3435-0005-01501-2 (RIO0537); A 32X52 Spirit / Century Manufactured Home bearing i,a~l Nag. NTA1109490.,'1, Serial Nos. spa] AR0443553A/B. situated on Lot 15. Section 2, Green Pastures Subdivision. 203 Summit D-rive: Kyle, ['lays County, Texas. Jnd~mem Date 01il 8/12 Adjudged Value $40,360.O0 .- Suit No. 11-2081, Hays Consolideted Indcpendant Sdtoo] District vs. Jorge Alfredo Morn, et al: ACCT. NO. 11-6439-0000"00100-2 (RI03822)& I 1-6439-00tg)-o0200"2 (R103823"I, Lots I and 2, Peoa Addition. a subdivision in Hays County. Texas. and being that property more particularly describod in Vol. 2394, Page 670, Ofticial Public Retards of Hays County, Texas. Judgment Date 04/27.,'12 Adjudged Vslue $77.250.00 18 Suit No. 11-2082, Hays Consolidated Independent School District vs. Lupe Zavala, ct al; ACCT. NO. 10-0220-0008-00001-2 (R[46241~ 0.172 acre, more or less, siluated in the Z. Hiuton Survey #12, Abstract 220, Hays County. Texas, and being that property more particularly described in Vol, 615, Pag~ 261, Real Property Records of Hays County. texas. ___ Jud$!r~nt Date 08#22!12 Adjudged Value $t g.080.00 19 Suit No, l 1-2085, Hays Consolidated hldependant S~hool District vs, F~i~van Ontiveros, at al; ACCT NO. I 1-345(b03~1.-02500-2 (R291511, 11-3450-0300-02600-2 (R29152) & t 1-3450- 0300-02700-2 (829153); Lots 25, 26 and 2?, Block 3, Green Pastul'es, Section 3, a subdivision in Hays County, Texas. and being that proper~y described ia Vol. 707, Page !99, and Vol. 1365~ Page 369, Official Public Records of llays County. Texas, Judgment Dale 08!24/I2 Adjudged Valt~ $42,000.00 ............... $5.968.09 $1,191,30 $5,142.10 $26,346.30 $2,546.29 5t0.918.93 $869,00 $5,198.24 $6.615.24 $3,862.66 $268.87 (2012) $1 803.63 (20121 $987.26 (2012) $223.41 (20121 (2011-2012) $4,042.10 (2012) $1,094.36 (2012) $3,774.3g (20t2) NA $1,588.24i (2011-2012)! $1.850.26 (2012) i $530.49 (2012) $13,708,23 5992.26 (2012) 20 Suit No. 11-2136, Hays Consolidated Independent School District vs. Charles Edward Green, $1.173.70 [ NA Jr,, el at: ACCT. NO. 11-3481-0000-00100-2 (Rt318611 & 11-3481-0000-00200-2 (RI31862); 10,060 acres of land, more or lass, aural the William Hemphill Survey, Abstract 22 I, also known as t.ots I and 2, Green-Sauced, o Subdivision, an snbdivislou in Hays County~ Texas, according to the plat thereot~ racorded in Vol. 15, Page 162, Map Records of Hays County, Texas, and described by metes and bounds iu thai certain Warr~ty Deed off,'oral in Vol. t440. Page 339, Official Public Records of Hays County, Texas. Judgment Date 04/27/12 Ad)udged Value $279~6.[0~9... 21 Suit No. 11-2353, San Maroos Consolidated Independent School District vs, Genevieve Dukes $7,886.13 253A95 aka Genevieve Traywiok; ACCT, NO. 11-7950-0000-00500-3 (842578); Lots 5 and 6, Seuth (20121 End Addition to the City of San Marcus, Hays County. Texas, according to the map or plat thereof, recordedin VoL 55, Page 601, Dead Records of Hays County, Texas, and being th,?.t property conveyed to Genevive Dukes in Vol, 109, Page 247, Deed Records of Hays Count),, Texas. Jade, meat Date 08/22/12 Adjudged Value $9,900.00 22 Suit No. 11-2353, ,San Marcus Consolidated lndepandent School District vs, Ganevieve Dukes $4,419,13 $126,74 aka Genevieve Traywiek; ACCT. NO. 11-7950-0000-03300-3 (842602); LOt 33, South End i (20121 Addition to the City of San Marcus, Hays County~ Texss, according to Ibe map or plat thereat, i recorded in Vol, 55, Page 601, Deed Records of Hays County, Texas, and being that properly eouveyed to Genevive Dukes in Vol, I I I, Page 581, Deed R~ords of Hays County, Tex~a, ] Judgment Date 08./22/12 Adjudged Value $4,950,00 o~. npou the written request of said defendants or their attorney, a sufficient portion of the property" described above shall be sold to satisfy said judgment(s), interest, penalties, and cost; and any property sold shall be subject to the right of redmnption of the defendants or any person having an interest therein, to redeem the said property., or their intere~ therein, within the time and iu the manner provided by law. and shall be subject to any other and fi~rther rights io which Ihe delendauls or anyone interested therein may be eluit]ed~ nnder the provisions of lus~. Said sale to be ntude by rne to satist~ the judgment(s) rendurnd in the above styled and numbered cause(s), together with iuterost, penalties, and ousts of sail and the proceeds of said sales to he applied to tire satisfaction thereof, and the remainder, if an),, to be applied as tho taw darers. Dated nt San Marcus, Texas, this the 4th day o[ ~ ~J~ C~vid P~erson. Pet t Hays County, Texas NOTE: The minimum bid is the lesser of the amount awarded in the judgment plus interest and costs or the atljudged value. However the minimum bid for a person owning an interest in the property or lbr a person who is a party to the suit (other than a taxing unlit, is the aggregate amount ofthe judgmonts against the prnperty plus all costs of suit and sale. For more information, contact your attorney or LINEP, ARGER G(X;GAN BLAIR & SAMPSON, LLP, at (5121447-6675. +