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February 17, 2010     Hays Free Press
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February 17, 2010

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Hays Free Press February 17, 2010 NE'Y Page 5A BARTON GETS MY VOTE The more I get to know County Commissioner Jeff Barton, the more I am im- pressed by his dedication to public service. The Barton family has lived in Hays County for generations, so Jeff knows the history of the county well. He knows about the struggles of the past, but more importantly he has experienced first hand the growth of the county into what it is today. Jeff realizes that Hays County will con- tinue to grow in the future, but he wants to make sure that it is thoughtful, man- aged growth, growth that improves the quality of life here, while still preserving the essence of what it is that makes this region unique. Jeff fought hard to preserve the Dahlstrom Ranch from development, because it is located over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, but he works tirelessly to pro- mote job growth along the IH-35 corridor from Buda to San Marcos, where devel- opment can only benefit everybody. Jeff Barton always has the best interests of Hays County at heart. For example, when Judge Sumter proposed a county budget that cut funding for the Buda Public Library while funding her pet projects in Wimberly, Jeff fought back to make sure the county's final budget included funding to keep the Buda Public Library grow- ing. One of the main things that impresses me about Jeff Barton is his ability to reach out and make friends with all segments of our population. He is an active member of many different community organizations. He has strong support from the Hispanic and African-American com- munities, old-timers, new- comers, business owners, and environmental groups. Because Jeff is willing to listen to all segments of our community and their various interests, and because he is able to make independent, intelligent decisions based on the information he has gathered, he will continue to improve Hays County by serving as County Iudge. I hope you will join me in vot- ing for Jeff Barton as our next County Judge. Sue Bellows Buda SHAME ON THE THIEVES I have made no secrecy of my support for Mark Jones in his candidacy for Precinct Two Commissioner here in Hays County. However, that is not why I am writing. Mr. Jones has worked hard to develop supporters who are willing to have him put yard signs in their yard dem- onstrating support. This is a standard political procedure. I suppose everybody gets tired of looking at political signs, but candidates need to get their message out and this seems to be an effective way to achieve name recog- nition and demonstrate sup- port from the homeowners where the signs are placed. Recently thieves have sto- len many of Mr. Jones signs from yards. This is not only an act of theft, it interferes directly with the democratic process. It is an affront to the principles for which our na- tion has stood since 1776. Shame on these people. What this means is that sup- porters of Mark Jones must work harder to get his mes- sage out to the people. There are rodents among usI Thank you very much. Donn Brooks Kyle CORRECT THE DISCONNECT I am a resident of Hays County and a US Veteran. There is a disconnect in our area with regard to veteran benefits and meeting their needs. We need effi- cient, prudent approaches to ensure our veterans and their families are being cared for appropriately. We can do a better job! I am an advocate to develop a local Veteran's Sup- port and Transition Center. It is the most effective means to ensure prudent care and attention to the needs of our brave and deserving service men and women & their families. I have been vocal & ap- proaching local elected leaders in our government at both City and County levels. I have been alone. One Voice. One Veteran. I have learned there are now over 11,000 Veterans in Hays County, Texas. Bring your voices forward and let your needs be known to those in a position to make a difference. The following are paths for you to travel. Please use them. James E. Nler, Executive Director, 512-463-6564 ExecutiveOffice@tvc.state. Hays County Commis- sioners Court Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos -Third Floor Every Tuesday at 9 am. They allow a 3-minute public comment period. City of San Marcos Veterans Advisory Com- mittee Parks and Recreation Bldg. Each month ( 2nd Wednes- day at 5;30pm) They allow a 3-minute public comment period. Appointed citizens are serving on this committee to advise Mayor Narvaiz on Veteran Issues. These are difficult times for all Americans. Our time in uniform was an issue of Honor to our Country, it's Freedom and our Families. You have earned benefits for your service. It is honor- able to see that you and your family receive them in an efficient and caring manner. Alan Cameron Veteran Advocate San Marcos I'M FOR BARTON It is time for a change in leadership for Hays County. The current County Judge is neglecting her job and neglecting the safety of our families. When the CAMPO Board (transportation planning) met to deter- mine which transportation projects would be built using stimulus funds, Hays Coun- ty's board representative, Lit Sumter, did not bother to attend the meeting. Fortu- nately, the Chair of CAMPO saw Jeff Barton was in the audience and asked him to give a presentation about the Buda truck route overpass project that would move dangerous truck traffic off of our local roads and onto IH- 35. While Sumter was AWOL, Jeff Barton brought these vital funds to Hays County. Commissioner Barton has also fought hard to keep pressure on TxDOT to widen 1626, while Lit Sumter has suggested that the County award a no-bid contract to a toll-road construction company. CAPCOG (regional planning) voted to kick Lit Sumter off their board be- cause she regularly refused to attend board meetings. Once again, Commissioner Barton's leadership brought precious transportations dol- lars to Hays County. Barton has the unique ability to connect with Hays County citizens and work to effec- tively translate their needs to the larger issues of trans- portation, jobs and quality of life in our communities. It is time to elect a County Judge with a proven track record. It is time to elect Jeff Barton County Judge. Lorene Coffee Buda ROSE FIGHTS FOR CANCER RESEARCH Throughout my life I have been blessed with the oppor- tunity to serve my commu- nity in numerous leadership roles. Whether it has been as a high school drum major, university student leader, LOLAC President, City Coun- cil member or non-profit director there is one word that truly defines my charac- ter and passion to serve. I am a survivor. In 1982, at the age of five, I was diagnosed with cancer. While the diagnosis was the most terrifying experience of my parents' lives, the cancer experience has defined my life. My fight began at Santa Rosa Children's Hospital in San Antonio, where I re- ceived the best treatment from the best pediatric physicians in South Texas. However, if it had been a few years earlier, my chances of survival would have been less than 20%. Fortunately, my doctors had been provid- ed with the latest research in youth cancer treatment. I am thankful that God has provided me with a second chance to enjoy a fulfilling life and this year I will cel- ebrate my 28th year in remis- LETTERS TO THE EDITOR sion. As a survivor, I embrace my responsibility to give, serve, and encourage others to support cancer research and funding. This year, 85,000 Tex- ans will be diagnosed with cancer and more than 35,000 will lose their fight. Fortunately, Representative Patrick Rose has worked dili- gently to create the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute, a ten-year, $3 bil- lion commitment to fight all forms of this disease. Through your vote, you can help Patrick continue our fight against this deadly disease. As a life-long resident of San Marcos and cancer survivor, I am sincerely honored to endorse State Representative Patrick Rose and I encourage the commu- nity of San Marcos to re-elect a leader that is committed to investing in the health of our citizens, schools, and economy. Daniel Guerrero San Marcos FOR JONES AND COBB As the primary election draws near, I would like to express my apprecia- tion to Mark Jones and Dr. Bert Cobb for offering their candidacies to the public for consideration. Over the past few months, I have been pleased to get to know Mr. Jones as he campaigned for county commissioner, and Dr. Cobb as he campaigned for county judge. Both would be excellent choices for Re- publican voters. As vice president of the school board, Mr. Jones worked to open four new schools and fix classroom overcrowding without ever raising the tax rate. This is exactly the kind of forward- thinking leadership that Hays County needs. Dr. Cobb has a long and distinguished resume: a re- tired Air Force major, former chief of surgery, longtime area doctor, and president of numerous community and professional organizations. Dr. Cobb speaks knowledga- bly about the problems that face Hays County and has articulated a clear,conserva- tive vision for leading our community forward. With a kind of civic virtue unchar- acteristic of most modern- day politicians, Republicans should be honored to have such a man as their nominee for county judge. In the upcoming primary elections, I urge my fellow Republicans to consider casting votes for Mark Jones for county commissioner and Bert Cobb for county judge. They will serve us well. ]erod Patterson Buda FOR COBB I am writing to endorse Dr. Bert Cobb for the Repub- lican nomination for Hays County Judge. I have attend- ed two candidate forums and had the opportunity to hear both Republican candidates speak about the issues facing our county. At both events, Dr. Cobb expressed a strong commitment to better finan- cial management, and meet- ing growing demands on our roads and water. Dr. Cobb is immanenfly qualified to be county judge. He served as chief of surgery at Central Texas Medical Center, and has run medi- cal clinics in Buda and San Marcos. He has experience making tough decisions, managing budgets, and leading people. These are all qualities we need in a county judge. Dr. Cobb is also a certified master gardener and water steward for the State of Tex- as, a handgun and personal protection instructor for the NRA, and a retired Major from the U.S. Air Force. Moreover, Dr. Cobb is the only Republican candidate who can win the general election. Dr. Cobb is far more qualified than his primary opponent, Peggy Jones. I was troubled that Ms. Jones side- stepped numerous questions at the candidate forums about her long history of questionable business deal- ings and tax problems, which would, no doubt, lead to her certain defeat in the general election. I ask my fellow Republi- cans to join me in nominat- ing Dr. Bert Cobb as the strongest Republican nomi- nee for Hays County Judge. He will make us proud. Stan Deringer Buda BARTON IS CLEAR CHOICE After doing much re- search on the Democratic candidates for Hays County Judge, it has become abun- dantly clear to me, Com- missioner Jeff Barton is the clear choice. Mr. Barton has the energy and commit- ment necessary to take Hays County into the new decade with his fiscal accountability, encouraging new business growth and making our area one of the prime areas for expansion to keep up with the growing needs of the County. His opponent has not impressed me with her funding cuts for necessary programs, while encourag- ing spending for programs and expansions that are not needed. We are very fortu- nate to have a community that is growing, while other areas are declining...that's why we need Jeff Barton as Hays County Judge. Grace Hunsucker Buda COBB KNOWS In the upcoming Hays County Republican Primary Election, the voters of our county need to vote in a strong representative for the position of county judge. I believe that the candidate for that position is Dr. Bert Cobb, Last week, at the League of Women Voters forum in San Marcos, I asked Dr. Bert Cobb's opponent, Peggy Jones, a question in refer- ence to how she will gain the confidence of voter's given her history of late prop- erty tax payments. A simple records search in Hays and Travis County of Peggy Jones (formerly Margaret C. Griffin, Peggy Griffin) should give voters cause for concern; searching property and com- panies that she has owned has been quite revealing showing IRS judgments and other judgments with fines. Everyone has felt the sting of this economy and had to make tough choices. But the county judge position needs to go to someone who is experienced at balancing budgets and paying all the bills. This position would be best filled by Dr. Bert Cobb. Janice Jones San Marcos BARTON IS FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE Liz Sumter says she is fis- cally responsible, but her ac- tions say otherwise. Sumter supports building a brand new $60 million jail, while cutting funding for EMS and senior citizens. Commis- sioner Barton worked with jail experts and found a way to renovate the existing jail to allow it to meet the long term needs of Hays County. Lit Sumter proposed that Hays County provide a no- bid contract to the toll road builder, Zachary America, Jeff Barton opposed Sumter's irresponsible spending and worked hard to convince TxDOT to spend millions of dollars on the project. These are just two examples of Commissioner Barton find- ing a way to meet the needs of Hays County with minimal costs to the taxpayers. Judge Sumter consistently looks for the easy solutions, Commis- sioner Barton works hard to find the best solution. In these tough economic times we cannot afford a Judge that looks for the easy solution. We need to hire Jeff Barton to be our next County Judge. Dave Saxon Driftwood Hays Consolidated Independent School District Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Changes in Fund Balance Government Funds For the Year Ended August 31,2009 Data Control Codes REVENUES: 5700 Total Local and Intermediate Sources 5800 State Program Revenues 5900 Federal Program Revenues 5020 Total Revenues EXPENDITURES: Current: 0011 Instruction 0012 Instructional Resources & Media Services 0013 Curriculum & Instructional Staff Development 0021 Instructional Leadership 0023 School Leadership 0031 Guidance, Counseling & Evaluation Services 0032 Social Work Services 0033 Health Services 0034 Student (Pupil) Transportation 0035 Food Services 0036 Cocurricular/Extracurricular Activities 0041 General Administration 0051 Plant Maintenance and Operations 0052 Security and Monitoring Services 0053 Data Processing Services 0061 Community Services Debt Service: 0071 Debt Service - Principal on long-term debt 0072 Debt Service - Interest on long-term debt 0073 Debt Service - Bond issuance cost and fees Capital Outlay: 0081 Facilities Acquisition and Construction Intergovernmental: 0093 Payments to Fiscal Agent/Member Districts of SSA 0099 Other Intergovernmental Charges 6030 Total Expenditures 110o 7912 7915 8911 7080 1200 0100 1300 3000 Excess (Deficiency) of Revenues Over (Under) Expenditures OTHER FINANCING SOURCES (USES): Sale of Real and Personal Property Transfers In Transfers Out (Use) Total Other Financing Sources (Uses) Net Change in Fund Balances Fund Balance - September 1 (Beginning) Prior Period Adjustment Fund Balance - August 31 (Ending) 10 50 60 Total General Debt Service Capital Other Governmental Fund Fund Projects Funds Funds $38,292,030 $14,811,648 $ 775,924 $2,638,171 65,285,186 7,214,128 2,156,918 315,415 8,501,304 103,892631 22,025,776 775,924 13,296,393 57,337,894 1,763,941 1,231,265 1,025,566 5,376,183 3,160,293 276,329 1,384,662 6,608,773 2,757,495 2,785,878 12,588,066 884,595 1,086,170 174,554 405,496 110,316 9,184 134,006 514,226 8,905,000 15,184,917 1,000 648,369 6,177,707 270,172 197,012 222,576 180,164 12,258 25,892 242,160 $ 56,517,773 $ 74,656,232 $ 8,816,719 139,990,724 64,163,970 3,039 24 695,943 1,132,123 2,231,125 1,453,341 1,205,730 5,414,333 3,402,453 276,329 1,387,725 8,436,839 19,332 5,471,599 5,490,931 25,197 436 2,783,128 2,785,878 166,115 29,439 12,783,620 10,584 3,325 898,504 19,456 876,068 1,981,694 246,804 421,358 9,310,496 15,295,233 10,184 31,499,259 1,532,564 33,031,823 32,119 166,125 514,226 99,614,892 24,090,917 33,369724 16,370,012 173,445,545 4,277,739 (2,065,141) (32,593,800) (3073,619) (33,454,621) 58,334 (502326) {443,992) 3,833,747 18,264,733 $ 22,098,480 58,334 467,788 467,788 - (502,326) 467,788 23,796 (2,065,141) (32,593,800) (2,605,831) (33,431,025) 8,642,258 78,706,505 10,484,327 116,097,823 $ 6,577,117 $46,112,705 $7,878,496 $ 82,666798