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February 17, 2010     Hays Free Press
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February 17, 2010

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Hays Free Press February 17, 2010 NEIGHBORS Page 3C Winter weed wisdom th a couple of back- o-back summers of rought and torrid heat behind us, we have seen conditions that have taxed even the healthiest of lawns. Even folks with sprinkler systems have not always been able to keep their grass from dying.., what with water re- strictions and HOA edicts. Now of course we have an over-abundance of rain, and along with it comes an explo- sion of winter weeds to deal with in our distressed lawns. These short day weeds and their eradication seem to be On the mind of many garden- ers who come into the nursery or who I meet at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market. How do we get rid of them? The choice is physical, or chemical. The least toxic solution is simply to dig them up. This can be painstakingly slow, and is not always an option for most. For existing weeds in turf grass, you need a water-based spraythat will kill the weeds without harming or killing the To schedule an appointment, cal 512-694-1746 grass. An array of broad-leaf weed killers are on the market. Grass is a monocot and broad- leaf plants are dicots. Broad- leaf weed killers target the dicots while not harming the monocots. The problem with broad- leaf weed killers is that they're toxic. When using them, read the labels carefully, an4 use sparingly. On the organic side, while the grass is still dormant, spray broad-leafs with a 20 percent vinegar solution. This will not harm grass until it begins to grow. After the grass has started growing, avoid using the vinegar since it will burn the grass as well. The key to eradicating weeds is to break the cycle. Don't allow them to mature, flower, and set seeds. If seeds are allowed to form, the weeds will return the following year. An effective way to break this cycle (and remain organic and safe) is to use corn gluten meal. This is a pre-emergent that kills seeds' ability to success- fully germinate and grow. Ap- plied late September through early October, corn gluten will stop the winter weeds from getting a start. Applied in February, corn gluten will stop the germina- tion of summer weeds. Pre-emergents are highly effective in long term man- agement of weeds. They help to break the cycle and control weeds in turf, flower beds and the vegetable garden. Please choose the organic method of corn meal gluten and help to keep our water- shed and environment chemi- cal free. Question: Through the winter months I have seen landscape crews cutting or topping back crepe myrtles. Is this beneficial to their flower- ing, and is this something I should be doing? Walter Symmes, Manchaca Radical pruning of crepe myrtles will scar them ter- ribly. "Knuckles" are created that will be visible for the rest of their lives. This arboreal amputation should be against the law! The only pruning a crepe myrtle needs is the removal of suckers that appear around the base and offthe major stems. If you need to cut back a crepe myrtle that has become too large or tall for an area, consider planting a shorter variety such as Acoma (white), Hopi (pink), or Tonto (fuschia). These varieties ma- ture less than 10 feet. Happy Gardening, every- one.., and let's all stop butch- ering our wondrous crepe myrtles! If you have a question for Chris, send it via email to Or mail a postcard to lt'sAbout Thyme: i 1726 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748. www.itsabout- thyme, corn Mier mutineers meet Mexican misery YFeb. 18, 1843, aweek after the Mier mutineers escaped en masse from their Mexican captors, Santa Anna's soldiers had rounded up most of them. Eight weeks earlier on the banks of the Rio Grande, the officer in charge of the puni- tive expedition had ordered an about-face. The hit-and- run invaders that temporarily terrorized San Antonio were long gone, and the pursuers were strictly prohibited by President Sam Houston from crossing the border. Egged on by Col. William S. Fisher, 260 volunteers muti- nied and continued the chase. The rebels celebrated Christ- mas by fighting 3,200 Mexican troops to a standstill at the town of Mier, but a clever gen- eral bluffed them into laying down their arms. The first day of the forced march to Mexico City gave the prisoners a bitter taste of the misery in store for them. Cov- ering 25 miles without a drop of water, they were served child-sized portions of barely boiled beef and nothing more. By the time the Texans reached Rancho Salado 90 miles from Satillo, Capt. Ewen Cameron had been chosen to lead a mass escape. The captives were told during the night by whispered word-of- mouth to plan on skipping breakfast. All eyes were on Cameron the next morning. Two narrow doors, 400 soldiers and 500 miles of desolate countryside stood between the mutineers and their homeland, yet all but a handful went along with the suicidal scheme. A bullet was better than the slow, ago- nizing death of captivity. It seemed like an eter- nity before the captain finally gave the go-ahead. Waving his weather-beaten hat high above his head and shout- ing at the top of his lungs, Cameron rushed the heavily defended door. In the brief battle that fol- lowed, the unarmed Texans lost ten comrades before the Mexican resistance melted. Grabbing the guns dropped by the guards as well as a number of horses and mules, the fugi- tives fled north. Had they stuck to the main road, the Texans might have made it safely out of Mexico. But over Cameron's strenuous objections, the majority opted for the mountains and the rest reluctantly took the wrong path with them. Without guides or maps, the mutineers became hope- lessly lost in the inhospitable THIS WEEK IN desert. Driven mad by thirst, some drank their own urine - a self-imposed death sen- tence. Only three ever reached Texas, while 173 survivors were rounded up by Mexican patrols. One prisoner, who kept a detailed diary of the ordeal, recorded the heartbreaking scene as the escapees were returned at gunpoint to Ran- cho Salado. "Their eyes were sunken far back in the sockets and seemed to have lost the lustre of human intelligence. Their death-like visages cov- ered with dust gave them the appearance of a congregation of the dead." Santa Anna wanted more than just the semblance of death and demanded an instant replay of the Goliad Massacre. Putting his life and career on the line, Gen. Francisco Mexia refused to obey the barbaric order. As the dictator looked for a spineless lackey to do his dirty work, the United States, Great Britain and other foreign powers pressed for clemency. Convinced that a little com- passion would score a point or two with world opinion, Santa Anna devised a fiendish for- mula for punishing the hated Texans. One out of ten would be shot with the victims cho- sen by the luck of the draw. The infamous Black Bean Lottery was held on Mar. 25, 1843. Seventeen black beans and 159 white beans were dumped into a crock, and the blindfolded prisoners were forced to determine who lived and who died. After digging their own graves, the 17 losers were shot. Postponing the gruesome burial until the next day, the executioners retired for the night. A badly wounded victim played possum until the firing squad departed and then slipped away in the dark- ness only to be hunted down and finished off. A month later, the Mexicans suddenly announced that a mathematical error had left them one Texan short. To correct the mistake, Ewen Cameron would be shot. For his role as ringleader of the mass escape, the brave Ranger paid the supreme price. Several Texans aoided the anguish of prolonged impris- NReid 's ursery NATIVE = ADAPTED PLANTS ORGANIC SOILS  FERTILIZERS PLANT & WILDLIFE GUIDES GARDEN ART& MORE! Call (512) 398-6011 5550 FM 2720 Open 9arn-5pm Kyle/Uhland Area Tuesday-Sunday Closed Mondays Free Beekeeping talk on Saturday, Feb. 20 at 1:30 p.m. Bob and Denise Benson of the San Marcos Area Bee Wranglers will talk about beekeeping, and will have displays, handouts and much more. 10 minutes east of IH-35. Take 150 East to Hwy 21. Turn left (north). Go a few miles, turn right at FM 2720, just past the Bon Ton Meat Market. We're about 1 1/2 miles down on the left. COMPUT00KS- ADWARE SPYWARE MALWARE VIRUSES On-Site Removal (requires broadband intemet access)  Norton Internet Security and Anti-Virus 2009 0 Mfr Rebates Available to Previous Owners FARMERS" Debbie Thames Insurance Agency AUTO HOME LIFE BOAT HEALTH 251 N. FM 1626 #2C Buda, TX 78610 Office: (512) 312-1917 Fax: 312-0688 Email: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Your Business & Referrals Are Appreciated LONG ORTHODONTICS "Keeping Smiles Aligned for Over 20 Years" onment at Perote, the notori- ous Mexico City dungeon. Several vanished while on a road work detail, others tun- neled out of Perote and the wounded left behind at Mier bought their freedom by brib- ing the guards. The remaining prisoners, minus 22 that succumbed to the inhumane conditions, were not released until Sep- tember 1844. But in a matter of months there would be the devil to pay. Durirtg the Mexican War, the memory of the Mier atroc- ity drove Texans to acts of bloody revenge. Toward those who showed no mercy, no mercy was shown. "Secession & Civil War" latest "Best of This Week in Texas History" collection available for $10.95 plus $3.25 postage and handling from Bartee Halle, P.O. Box 152, Friendswood, TX 77549 or order on-line at 3421 W. William Cannon Dr., Ste. 143 Austin, Texas 78745 Comer of Wm Cannon & Brodie (512) 892-5511 Our 2nd Office will be coming to the Buda/Kyle area Summer 2010. Texas Crossword and Sudoku sponsored by Texas Lehigh Cement Co., LLC Sudoku [i ii!ili!iiiiii!iii!iiiiii!ili!i!iii ........................... ,,- !!!!!!!!! :::::::::: !iii! :: 8 :::::::::::::::: ., ....... , , ,, 00iiiN;ii .... ii::::!!i::i::i:::iii iiiiiif:iii i::i::i:iii::i !i!ii::::i: i::::i:: :i:;iiii! i ilii itli  ii i !iiii :. ?.?.:.i} ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: , ,, |, , . |, .... ........................ ii00i!" i:!i ii iii See Solution, pg. 2C 7 ACROSS 1 TX JoBeth Williams film:" His Song Continues" 5 this Karolyi coached Mary Lou in Houston 6 overseer of TX Olympians (abbr.) 7 TXism:" to the dogs" 8 TX Dan Jenkins' "Life ............ Ownself" 9 TXism: "agressive __. oil salesman" lunch time tasty competition in the TX Citrus Festival this flew over TX: fieur- -lis decorate the tree TXism:" little horse trading" TXism: "smooth as a baby's .................. " " Rio del Norte': western 48 TXism: "dull as week old  pop" 49 TX Benton directed "Kramer ........ Kramer" 51 Fort Stockton's large roadrunner" ............ Pete" 54 TXism: "chowed down" 55 "that is" (abbr.) 56 TXism: "he barbed wire for dental floss" (tough) 57 bring in Cuban cigars 19 " 'j9 ...... 21 60 TXism: "active as a 22 fox 23 .house" 61 TXism: "can't 24 the mustard" 62 TX-made film: 30 "Middle Crazy" ('79) I' 48 13 TX Audie Mu) i biography: "No ! TEXAS CROSSWORD by Charley & Guy Orbison Copyriuht 2010 by Obi;on 8ro, 16 53 20 ............ : .............. I 34 I I 56 P-946 city's ,stname 63 apiece the Bullet" 61 i- li ......... i ............. ::/r3; 34 Corpus Christi's ( 14 iqockeis 1st l bus. course (abbr.) Harbor Bridge is D )WN rounder Alec (init.)  i i 40 TXism: "flat on 181 1 TXism:"snug as,, 15 "Billy the ............ " i6' ...... UJ panhandle prairie" 35 roble in the Gulf ........................ a rug 16 TXism: "sour 41 Rock of TX film 36 TXismi a 2 so. of Dallas off 1-35 ...... pucker a pig; .............. "Giant" (init.) hand" (help) 3 Leon 18 Gussie 42 TX Perrine film: 37 designer Cassini mapped much of started the Kilgore 28 rare cat at Bentsen " house Five' who was married TX in 17th century Rangerettes State Park 44 TX Roy Orbison's to TX Gene lierney 4 defensive aerosol 20 natural or refined in TX 29 TXism: "he's a " Pretty Woman" 39 TXism: "fits 9 news wrangler 24 Clyde's TX partner thorn in " 50 TX Kristofferson . in a can" 10 TXism: "he ................. Bonnie (init) 31 I. M. __ designed film: "-Tough" .43 cheesy treat ............... in the saddle" 25 TXism: "fast as Dallas city hall 52 Galveston 45 Gov. Pease who (experienced) ......... from a gusher" 32 Gov. Richards 53 TXism: "best I ever resigned office 11 aviation prefix 26 three prefix (1991-95) ............. " 46 _ Lago. TX 12 TXism: "just a 27 TXism: "it _ _ 33 camel-like animals 58 open the beer bottle 47 nocturnal insect gen" (little) big loop to rope him" raised in TX 59 wire thickness See Solution, pg. 2C '1 i i i i ii ii i iii11 i ii i i i i i i i i i