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February 27, 2003     Hays Free Press
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February 27, 2003

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00Page 4 The Free Press Edlterlal Page February 27, 2003 Time for the Nos to step up t's always easier to kick down a barn fight now. but the truth is it is time for everyone to may all debate the rate of change, or pre- than build one. Just ask any mule. Now it's time for the Nos to step up. In the wake of Saturday's bond defeat for the Hays schools, those who led the "No" charge have an obligation to help design and build alternate options for the district, whether that means a smaller bond package or re-arranging current pri- orities. With Buda's rollback election and the overwhelming defeat of the school bonds, local voters have sent a clear signal that they're nervous about additional taxes The reasons are many: homeland security, job security, record trade deficits, record budget deficits, strained relations with international allies, America at perhaps its lowest point ever in world opinion, a possible war on two or three fronts, corporate scandals tied to leaders in the administration, a state legis- lature that is threatening to take away aid for fast-growth districts here in Texas, a county government in shambles. Makes you glad you voted Republican, huh? Okay, we couldn't resist that last part, pull together on the schools. The school board can't do it alone and neither can the teachers. Voters have said they want a Ford, not a Buick. But district leaders were more likely to describe the choice as between a solid, new Ford and a cranky, question- able used car. It will take lots of hands now, pushing in common to get our schools where we want them. Which may all work out for the best -- even The Free Press was split on the bonds. But let's not fool ourselves: we cisely how to respond, but more growth and change are coming, like it or not. A better analogy than cars may be a boat on a fast stream. As we struggle against the current of growth, to idle is to slip backwards. For some, this was a vote against the board and it's policies. But in our opinion, for most who voted no, and many of those who stayed home, this was largely a vote about broader discontent and uncertainty. Either way, it's now time to build a barn we can all use together. Texas western miners strike basketball gold by Bartee Haile f :Y.,r'he undefeated Miners of lTexas Western beat Colorado State on Feb. 26, 1966 'for their 22nd consecutive victo-  of the college basketball sea- ;:,son. The miracle maker in El Paso was a former two-time all-state basketball star from Oklahoma. Don Haskins played college ball for Hank Iba at Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State) and like so many disciples of th6 living legend chose coaching for a career. Haskins got his start in the Texas Panhandle with high school teams at Benjamin (1955- 56), Hedley (1956-60) and Dumas (1960-61). He won 79 percent of the time, an impres- sive record but hardly an expect- ed springboard to the college level. Prior to Haskin's arrival, Texas Western had never gone to the NCAA tournament or the NIT. "The Bear" took the Miners to the NCAA in his second sea- son (1963) and to the NIT in his fourth (1965). But no one, not even the optimistic Okie, could have ever imagined how far Texas Western would go the fol- lowing year. Except in the segregated South, basketball fans had grown accustomed to seeing three and sometimes four black players in the starting line-ups of major college teams. But no coach in the country dared begin a game without at least one white player on the floor. Don Haskins broke that unwritten rule in the 1965-66 campaign not because he had something to prove, but simply because he believed in playing the best players. And the seven best on his 12-man squad just happened to be black. The Miners blew out their ten December opponents by an aver- age of 26 points. They survived a close call with Fresno State and ended the month by embar- rassing sixth ranked Iowa 86-68. By early February, Texas Western was a perfect 15-0 and in the Top Ten. A basket at the buzzer by Bobby Joe Hill snatched victory from the jaws of defeat at Colorado State, and the Miners rallied from 20 points down to win in overtime at New Mexico. When Haskins' heroes made the long trip to Washington state for the last game of the regular season, they were 23-0 and sec- ond only to Kentucky in the Texas History, next page ::'00Take a look at '!" "To :00vlrglnla \\;,r 'To the Editor: 'b I enjoyed what both Barton oys had to say last week about them in private schools. They are all brilliant successes. I think all kids should have access to the kind of education they got (and the parental involvement). I really think the public schools don't have a prayer of providing this for most kids. They're too homes! Worth looking at here in Texas in my humble opinion. Danny Levin Kyle What are you :.the school bonds. Also enjoyed big with too many cracks for too really upset :3dae fact that the "editorial staff' many kids to fall through They  - ,.was divided on the issue My 'oo'- like - uiten'" " " , aDOUlff . .... ....  r . pe uanes ano m ................ we've gok,oaevoted yes, one them, holdin  ns But, irr the  TO tlaeSo,Caled o, one abstained, absence of a better plan, I am Citizens for Good There seemed to be lots of forced to take my cue from the Government: 7reasons to vote against. The school board and the vast major- .ibelief that our schools are in # ..,.deep trouble which money alone will not fix was at the top of my ;olist. The fact that this money iwas earmarked for building and ;:would go to contractors, not .teachers. Class size: no signifi- cant change. The "bad timing" i issue didn't play much with me, iI guess 'cause I'm too dumb to understand Robin Hood laws, i economic downturns, or wars. iEspecially wars. Anyway, I didn't make my mind up til the ballot was in i front of me. And then, inexplic- ably, I was swayed by Jeff's remarks. i: I homeschooled my three ,kids for five years, then put ity of teachers and staff. They say they can do good with better buildings --now. Who am I to say no? The only thing I object to in Jeff's letter is the idea that we measure our success against neighboring school districts. That bar is too low dude. The comparison should be with the best schools in the world. We should strive to beat them. In some states (Virginia is one) developers cannot legally proceed with new subdivisions until the schools are ready for the kids. What a concept! Developers significantly help fund infrastructure, including schools, before they build So you want to replace Mayor Adkins, but you don't really have any idea of who should take his place. It sounds reminiscent of Bush's strategy for "regime change." Now let me get this straight. You don't know what happened in an executive session, but you know it was illegal (I'm think- ing maybe you used to live in Buda). And if something illegal happened -- shouldn't the entire city council be recalled? Why just the mayor? What are you really upset about? Does it bother you that, after a series of public work- shops, the city council enacted long range planning for future zoning? 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Or maybe it's that the new city manager conducted a comprehensive review of growth in Kyle and discovered the scope of the problems to come. And the City Council acted on this information, insti- tuting ,a bundling ,morotorium. Are you upset they applied for state permits to expand the wastewater treatment plant? Or are you mad because they didn't vote the way you wanted when you protested a change in zoning by the developers at Plum Creek? We are privileged to have a good city council. Each has a different style and point of view. It isn't necessary they agree on everything. Nor is it the Mayor's fault when they disagree. Differing points of view are essential to good gov- ernment. As a "concerned citi- zen for good government," you must know this. This is a Democracy. It's not right that a handful of individu- als with selfish interests can overthrow the decision of the people merely by making spuri- ous allegations. Impeachment of a public official should only be done when some very seri- ous violation of the public trust is committed. Mayor Adkins has served us honorably. He's not perfect, but he's a good mayor. I don't believe the citi- zens of Kyle want their decision reversed. Just sit tight for two more years. Then you can have your "just" opportunity for a differ- ent mayor. I'm standing by Mayor Adkins. Lila Knight Kyle Who won and who lost in the 2003 HCISD bond vote? To the Editor: We don't know - time will tell. Students will return to their classes, teachers to their class- rooms, administrators to their offices, and staff to their jobs for today and for the remainder of this school year. But for the 2003 school year, things will be different. Programs in place and those in planning, may not be a given for 2003. Jobs in place and those in planning, may not be a given for 2003, Special classes for special needs, may not be a given for 2003. Returning with friends to a campus that is not in your attendance zone, may not be a given. Class sizes of today, may not be a given in 2003. Participating in extra-curricu- lum, prggran.s ,fre, e of carK,: may fit be a ien in 003. The tax rate staying where it is now, may not be a given for 2003. Things will change and until they do, we do not know who the winners and losers are. Everyone voted as they felt the need to be. I do not question the vote. I question, where the opponents were during the process. The process began in 2000 when the 2001 Bond Task Force began their work. It was a known fact then, there would be need for a 2003 bond to contin- ue the work. Community members were asked and invited to be a part of the process for the 2001 and 2003 bond. If you did not get an invite, all you had to do was call and ask. Having had everyone working together, during the process, would have made us all winners. When the next process begins, let's all plan to be there. Accept the invitation that is always and has always been there. Jacque Glomb Buda Oh well To the Editor: It seems the voters have spo- ken.., oh well. The bond election was voted down ... oh well. There won't be room for a second computer lab for Kyle Elementary ... oh well. All 800 plus students cur- rently get only 45 minutes per week in there ... oh well. Their classrooms typically have one computer ... oh well. Many of the kids don't have a computer to learn on at home ... oh well. Some of them will end up without being computer literate ... oh well. They will be left behind in this technology-driven world ... oh well. If you voted without consid- ering the future of our kids ... Brian Gryta Buda iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil iiii!iiiiiiiiii iiiiilili!iiiii!iiii ili!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii; !ii iiiiiiii!!iwiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiii!iiiiiil iiiiiiiPi!!ii!i!i!iiia47oi!iiiiiiiiiiOiliiiiiii!i