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February 27, 2013     Hays Free Press
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February 27, 2013

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THEY REALLY SAID THAT? "It was a very sad night in Wimberley, TX as a local landmark and business burned to the ground." -Will Conley, Hays County Pct. 3 Commissioner t Hays Free Press February 27, 2013 Page 3A LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Re: Hays senior halts home robbery, from the Feb. 6, 2013 Hays Free Press GREAT YOUNG MAN We are all grateful for our law enforcement and their fine dog and that is their job. But I am very proud of the brave young man who, under fire, so stubbornly de- fended his family's posses- sions. A real American. We are glad that he and the good family that raised him are a strong part of our neighborhood. ]ohn Bowman out of Buda, Texas HE'S FOR WILEY Mound the summer of 1949, my first memories of Buda revolve on remember- ing the long ride from our home in South Austin to go visit Grandma. My fond recollection of my childhood trips through Buda also, are remembered for the treats involved in child paci- fication and the rewards of ChoCho or Dreamsicle Ice Cream along with drinking red polly-pop while watching the train go by. I also retain reel movie moments of see- ing real horse drawn wagons go clopping down the street. Fast forward 63 years later to the present and it's so to- tally obvious that this small town has vividly progressed and even more growth is pre- dicted. Thus settling into this sce- nario it's the voting citizens of Buda who must make their decision on who will be the best qualified candidate to fill the Place 2 City Council seat. One candidate in the race maintains a wish to control Bfida's growth and perhaps hold on to what was. For preservationists this is a valid point and I for one share this same sentiment. (Olde Tymes Buda are not forgotten.) However when reality butts in and the growing popula- tion of Buda gets mentioned the other side of the coin comes into focus and time dictates that if growth is in- evitable, perhaps then qual- ity leadership should be the preferred out come for this election. Mr. Wiley Hopkins holds the upper hand of being clearly and logically the best choice for the position of Place 2 on the City Council because of his knowledge, experience, progressive strat- egies and fresh voice that will serve the future visions of Buda's citizens very well. And lest we forget that our democracy is strongest when we go to the ballot box and place our votes. So, be sure to vote. Antonio Sosa Buda NO TO PUBLIC SCHOOL SALES Before the next school year starts, I would like to request that some investigation and common sense prevail in asking children to "sell" mag- azines, candles, stationery... I believe the schools only get around 20% of anything sold while the rest goes to ad- ministration of the provider of the "merchandise." The parents work but have to supervise their children af- ter school and on weekends for safety in pushing the mer- chandise, which is expensive related to qualiiy. It's hard to turn down a child who so earnestly is try- ing to do what the school wants. Some of the merchandise is inferior- such as the cooky dough- and I have heard sev- eral of my neighbors say they didn't want anything but felt duty bound to neighbor chil- dren to buy something. If a school project needs supplementation or funding, I would be glad to donate di- rectly to that project, rather than buy some inferior prod- uct that I don't need or want. I feel it is a burden to the parents and the children for not much gain. ]etty Sutton Kyle "have been told a time or two by folks who subscribe to this here .newspaper that my column is the only thing they read before using the paper to clean the windshield or their bucket of bolts. I think they're just being polite, and they probably read much more, but what if they are speaking the truth? What if there are people out there who don't read the paper or watch the evening news on TV? With 500 chan- nels available and Duck Dynasty reruns showing from 5-7 p.m. pert near every day, I rarely watch the news myself. But, I do read the newspaper and surf the in- ternet while waiting on myWords with Friends buds to find some word that has aQ and aI init. What if those fellas who told me that all they read is my bi-monthly column are actually on the level? As informative as my stories might be, I doubt my columns cover all the worldly events that appear in other media. This here weekly newspaper does a mighty fine job reporting stuff that occurred 'round these parts, but there're other places on planet Earth where there might be some significant event or calamity that is newsworthy. I think it is my civic duty as an incredulous journalist to keep uninformed local yokels aware of what's happenin' in the rest of the world and beyond. Let's start at the farthest spot and then move in closer to our hometown, shall we? Did you hear about us putting some robot up on Mars? No, I'm serious! We've landed on Mars and have some fancy remote- control car driving all over the place up there. The Mars rover Curiosity is cruising along the red planet, picking up rocks and drilling into the barren soil looking for water and signs of life. So far, all we have found up there are some rocks, dry dirt and a McDonald's restaurant. Back here on Mother Earth, there's CROW SNEST a lot of stuff happenin', too. Over in Russia, there has been a huge surge of folks purchasing lottery tickets this past week. The reports l've read coming out of the Kremlin reveal no rhyme or reason for the sudden increase in gam- bling, but I suspect it has something to do with a news story in. t]~e Siberian Express News that states your chances of winning the state lottery is about the same as getting struck by a meteorite. Closer to home, out in the Caribbean, the Carnival Cruise luxury liner Triumph had a major quandary when an engine failure resulted in a complete shut-down of power, running water and their end- less buffet. The big boat just bobbed out there in the turquoise water with little food and water and no flushing toilets for days while waiting for AAA to come and tow it back to shore. Thankflflly there were no casualties besides some messy drawers, but I suspect there are about 4,000 folks who will never set foot on a Carnival cruise ship again. A spokesman for Camival Cruise Lines has informed me that once repairs are made on the Triumph, she will sail again but under the new name, "Carnival's Floating Turd." Out in California, there was a mas- sive manhunt for an ex-cop who had murdered several folks and evaded ar- rest for several days. While the authori- ties were searching for the killer and his Nissan pickup truck, cops mistakenly shot up two other foreign-made pick- ups, wounding the innocent occupants. When the police department was quizzed by an L.A. newswoman on how this terrible mistake could occur, Sgt. Joe Friday, Jr. replied, "Well, ma'am, you know all Asian trucks look alike." Also in the state of California, guests at the historic Cecil Hotel in downtown L.A. were shocked to discover that the corpse of a missing woman had been discovered in the rooftop cistern that contained the hotel's water sup- ply. The guests had complained of low water pressure and a maintenance man discovered the body. The hotel has temporarily closed while the police investigation continues and new carpet is installed at every site where the guests were told of the rotting carcass in their drinking water. Back here in the Lone Star State, Gov. Rick Perry has been trying to recruit busi- nesses in California to move to Texas. I don't know how y'all feel about this, but don't we have enough Cailfomians living amongst us? Do we need California busi- nesses competing with local businesses? Let's just hope Perry doesn't recruit Cali- fornia law officers to join Hays County Sheriff's Department. My GMC Sonoma looks too much like a Nissan. OK, there's my condensed version of the past two weeks' worth of news for you folks who only read my column and nothing else. Although all news cover- age has been researched and substanti- ated by the other fellas sitting at this bar, I might've adorned the news reports with a little relish and sprinkled them with a dash of Old Crow. Clint Younts watches television news that are not found on any other sets in these here parts. His news is beamed straight from Mars. merica needs to know; Whether Chuck Hagel has sold uclear secrets on E-Bay. Whether he has a secret time-share sauna with Vladimir Putin. Whether hes been a broker for toxic Chinese trinkets. Whether he deals in marked-up black-market Persian rugs. Don't stop now, Sen. Ted Cruz. So many beyond-the-pale, beyond-belief, totally shameless questions for you to raise about the defense secretary nomi- nee. And so little time. None of the above is even a shred more "beyond" what the freshman Texas senator has trotted out in reality. He suggested without a whiff of evidence that Hagel might have received big bucks from "enemies of America." North Korea, perhaps? Iran? Al Qaida?The Galactic Empire? What true American worth his official Sarah Palin Tea Party Decoder Ring would blame Cruz for asking? Even John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both bent on putting Hagel on the rack for ritual partisan gratification, expressed mortification. Cruz has emerged quickly to claim the reputation as the least deliberative in the most deliberative body in the free world. The Washington Post's Ruth Marcus wasn't the only one comparing Cruz to ]oe McCarthy: "He doesn't have the right to smear Hagel, with no sup- porting evidence, with insinuations." Indeed, Cruz doesn't need Marcus's testimonial. He appears to have earned the McCarthy parallel by acclimation, and is proud of it. But of course, he'll point out, he didn't say Hagel was on the take from America's enemies. He was just asking extremely leading and loaded questions based on the fact that Hagel worked in firms doing foreign business. Say what? It's the formula that kept Joe McCarthy in the spotlight in the '50s and now keeps Fox News in its lofty ratings perch. Choose your cable-ready COP tempest: "Death panels." Black Panthers. ACORN. "We insinuate. You decide." Right, Senator? Cruz voted against Hagel, as he did against John Kerry for secretary of state, saying he didn't trust their commitment to America's defense. Funny thing: Both men were sufficiently commited to shed actual blood - Purple Heart recipients - inVietnam. Cruz, by contrast, studied these matters at the Dick CheneyAcad- emy of Hands-off Militance. Now, Cruz, whose upset ofLt. Gov. David Dewhurst in the GOP primary affirmed the fact that the tea party is the life force of a not-so-vibrant party, stands to be a national standard-bearer for recklessness. This may thrill citizens suckled on Glenn Becks conspiracy theories and Palin's tweets, but it should frighten the GOP as an institution. A walking grenade like Cruz is just what the Democratic Party needs to re- gain legitimacy in a red state like Texas. Heady though his ascendance may be, he is vulnerability personified, along with the likes of failed tea party-backed nominees like Sharron Angle in Nevada, Ken Buck in Colorado and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. Were it not for these candidates, each flaunting hard- right ideologies, each losing, the GOP would have captured the Senate in 2010. Add Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Todd Akin in Missouri in 2012; in their extremism they helped the Democrats add to their hold on the Senate. Cruz needs to make rhetorical hay while he can. Based on his performance thus far, he'll be on the Senate's "most beatable" list when next he appears before voters. As for the senator's assault on Hagel based on nothing more than a desire for his clanging voice to be heard, it's a shame that Joseph Welch could not be there to say what he famously said to Joe McCarthy in 1954: "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" To which Cruz could have uttered the word that most personifies the politics he and his brand have brought to the nation's capital: "No." Longtime Texas newspaperman John Young lives in Colorado. COMMENTS FROM THE WEBSITE I'm sad that she is gone, but happy that she got to pass the way she chose. She was a wonderful lady who will be missed by many... - Mike Fulton on "Adell Hurst dies, services being planned" My chickens are staying put in the coop today, it must be bad out there! -Rinaldo Lanzillo on "Gusty winds casuing sporadic power outages" It was next door to us in their back area. There was a big pile of brush. I was in the garage and looked out the back to see fire raging and whirling around. I called it in and they sent out a fleet of vehicles. We are lucky it did not get into the trees. They weren't at home and no one knows what caused it. They had a horse, goat and other animals back there. No power lines over head. - Raigenne Glosson Evans on "Kyle firefighters struggle with windy conditions while putting out grass fire" I suggest everyone to resort to the toaster oven if anyone really needs to fill the need to bum something. - Rinaldo Lanzillotti on "Commissioners Court issues burn ban" MANAGEMENT BARTON PUBLICATIONS, INC. Publisher Cyndly Slovak-Barton NEWSROOM Editor Cyndy Slovak-Barton csb@h Sports Reporter Mloses Leos III Features & Education Editor Kim Hilsenbeck Staff Reporter Andy Sevilla Community Columnists Sandra Grizzle Pauline Tom Columnists Bartee Halle Clint Younts Will Durst John Young Danny Tyree Proofreaders Jane Kirkham OFFICE MANAGER Connie Brewer ADVERTISING Tracy Mack Dioni Gomez ads@haysfreepress.eom CIRCULATION/CLASSIFIEDS Suzanne Hallam PRODUCTION Production Mgr. David White Assistant Designer Melinda Helt Distribution Gigi Hayes Pete Sizemore Contact Us: FAX: 512-268-0262 BUDA 512-295-9760 KYLE 512-268-7862 METRO AUSTIN 512-262-6397 113 W. 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