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March 15, 2017     Hays Free Press
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March 15, 2017

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK ( ) 'Its beyond me how someone could do something like that and not have any ill feelings .... It's in the news. It's not like they don't know. I'm not sure how they sleep and continue with their life." -Karin Mince, mother of Michael Mince. See story, page 1A. Hays Free Press * March 15, 2017 Page 3A gg'll AFY. how I presiden- .k T .Ltial." For all those, in- cluding the reputedly lucid, who said Donald Tromp "tamed a new page" with a "presiden- tial" State of the Union, the next page he tamed was a bucket of brine right in the kisser. You know now that as he left the House chamber his face turned south from what he'd just said, like a months-old infant getting that first taste of grapefruit. Yecchh. Statesman- ship tastes like death. To cleanse his pallet: Almost as soon as the new, presidential-like Trump reached his porcelain throne for a Twitter break, he ac- cused his predecessor ofthe crime of wiretap- ping him. Later he would ac- cuse President Obama of springing dozens of terrorists on the planet from G'ltmo releases, though almost all of the releases in question came under George W. Bush's watch. The "new, more pres- idential" Trump did these thing based on the kind of information children used to glean from the back of a box of Wheat Chex- which is pretty much how he's been briefing himself throughout. All of this brings into question the role of Steve Bannon. He's supposedly a smart guy. But nothing Trump has done as president emits anything that could be called smart. Bannon's out as Trumps brain. Mel Brooks is in. Tnunp clearly is doing what the mov- ie-maker envis'loned in "The Producers," in which two corrupt individuals tryto make a quick buck by staging a play certain to fail. Increasingl we can be confident that this is exactly whatTrump intends. The idea: be president just long enough to ramp up the price of his properties, ensure the economic future of his bumbling sons, sell Ivanka prod- ucts, and bail out of Air Force One somewhere over the Arizona desert with a briefcase full of cash. Yes, Trump is in a hurry to make things fail. Every appointee he's chosen is sworn to destroy the department from within. It's like the army enlisted in Young- At" byL je John Young Brooks' "Blazing Sad- dies" to rough up the town of Rock Ridge. Trump's taste and haste for wreckage is evident in what the House has proposed, and he's blessed, in dynamiting the Afford- able Care Act, leaving millions of Americans strapped again to Big Insurance's railroad tracks. Paul Ryan is in a bigly hurry offering something, anything, to set this plot in mo- tion. Hence, we see such commissary leftovers as health-care savings accounts, which are ba- sically great for anyone with lots of money to save. This entree calls to the GOP buffet line like a filmy slab of lime- green Jell-0. This is bad policy that only exists because Republicans, who don't believe they should do anything whatsoever to help the poor, want to say they, in fact, are doing something. And this way they won't. So, too, with Tntmp: He couldn't care less about the result. He couldn't care less about the losers at the raw end of a Very raw deal. lake the politically ambitious Hedley l_amarr in "Blazing Saddles," Tromp is on the great ego trip. He wants to be famous, to be all-powerful, and the only way to do that is through destruction. Blow it all up, man. Then you can retire on your riches and bask in acclaim from your kin. We can see Trump inspiring his heinous appointees, and Con- gressman Ryan, and Sen. McConnell, with these immortal words from Mr. Lamarr: "Men, you are about to embark on a great crusade to stamp out runaway decency in theWest. Now, you men will only be risking your lives, whilst I will be risking an almost certain Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor." Longtime Texas newspaperman ]ohn Young now lives in Colorado. jyoungcolumn L TARY SW.I ING BUI ET HHHHH.... L: Imet John Reistoffer in Caracas in the late 1990s. He, his brother and I planned to drive to Lake Guri in east central Venezuela to fish for peacock bass. A bonus which I did not expect was the geological tour of the country as we were driving SE across the Orinoco R. to the lake. You see, John was a petroleum geologist working for the Venezu- elan oil company and knowing what's under the dirt and its history is part ofhi's job, He spoke of the formation of the tepuis from which the highest waterfall in the world, An: gel Falls, originates. It was fascinating. After several hours of that- of which I could've easily listened to more- was a history 0fthe economics, politics and culture of the country. This is where it turned bad. He said you have to watch your stuff all the time. Thievery is a national pastime. The government officials are mostly klepto- crats and with oil reserves enough to last another 200 years, the benefits seldom reach the man on the street. Mineral wealth, he told me, had enormous potential but the feds were strict about claims rights, allowing an individual only a lO-meter square area to mine. And when the min- ers took their gold to town to buy supplies, the feds' roadblocks always guaran- I couldbe wrong by Ray Wolbrecht He said you have to watch your stuff all the time. Thievery is a national pastime. teed they got a share. Whyis it that way, I asked, generally south of the Rio Grande .,. the corruption, I mean. He told me that when the pilgrims came to America it was to establish a new order, one different form the old oppressive one they left in Europe. They wanted to live free and honestly and not be under the thumb of the aristocracy. But when the Conquistadores left Spain for the NewWofld it was to steal as much as they could and go home. This legacy they left in the lands they conquered. And nowwe know that under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela became a failed state. Why? I have been to Colom- bia three times now, camp- ing in tents on the Terecay R. not far from the border of Venezuela. Although with the same heritage I found the Colombians to be relatively happy and helpful people as com- pared to the skepticalVen- ezuelans. They got rid of Pablo Escobar 23 years ago and retook the nmning of the country back from the drug lords. Kyle's own Marta Randall grew up in Colombia and remembers how unsafe it used to be. Gregorio Sokoloffwas fishing with us this recent last time. A Colombian with an American college education and a Russian geneology, he also gave us insights to the culture of his country. I had re- marked on what fantastic gains Colombia seemed to have made since the demise of Escobar and he agreed but added that it was far from complete. Not so much in the cities but in the rural areas the mindset still exists that if a man is in your way you go get a gun and shoot him. Lawlessness is down but still too present. Why? All of this reminds me of what Alexis de Tocque- ville wrote in his book "Democracy in America", and that is... America is great because America is good. Adding to this is R.D. Walker's article, "Why Do People Obey the Law?" Walker says a vast majority of Americans obey the law because of (1) fear ofpenaities, but mostly because, (2) it's the right thing to do. Citizens of other countries see their government twist the law, apply it arbitrarily, or ignore it altogether. They feel that government has violated the social con- tract between them and itself and eventually feel that they have no lon- ger the responsibility to their end of the contract. Example: When the mayor of Baltimore illeg .a y. told the police to stand down and let the rioters loot, and burn. Not only did the government avoid its responsibility to uphold the law, it gave de facto permission to the rioters to continue their malfea- sance. Venezuela, a failed country, and Colombia, a country trying to come back from near failure, should be observable lessons what could hap- pen to America if the law continues to be ignored by its government and its citizens. Tocqueville also said that when America ceases to be good it will cease to be great. So where do we go from here? Ray Wolbrecht is a re- tired dentist who practiced for many years in Kyle. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR RE: IN SUPPORT OF STU- DENTS, MARCH 8TH I support students expressing their views and being proactive. Howev- er, when they proceed to protest during school hours, which breaks the law, their action disrupts the leaming process and the education to others as well as themselves. The march on Feb. i6th showed defiance and disrespect for the laws of this country in which they live, receive their educa- tion, and other benefits at taxpayers' expense. It is questionable what was leamed, protesting during school time, a law that they don't want enforced. Substantially, it was a ploy to get out of class without concern for the learning process. In communicating with Superintendent McKie concerning the protest march, he did admit that the school district of Hays does not condone their actions during school hours. He would not discuss the punishment given to the students due to the Family Educatiop Rights and Privacy Act. However, he assured me punishment was in place for the students who left school during the march. In addition, he comment- ed any further protests of this type will be controlled and not allowed without consequences. These students need to concentrate on their education to benefit themselves in the future. Protesting of any kind needs to be accomplished outside of school hours and with parental super- vision. We, as taxpayers who pay and support the schools, need our dollars to be utilized for the bet- terment of all students. All students do need to abide and adhere to the school policies and laws and not disrupt the learning pro- cess for others and them- selves. We, the taxpayers, deserve this respect. God Bless America and God Bless and keep all students safe. Renee S. 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