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April 5, 2017     Hays Free Press
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April 5, 2017

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK "We could so some great things if we work together. I see that future and I think it's going to be pretty bright." - Merideth Keller, Hays CISD school board trustee on Freeport Exemption, story pg. 3B Hays Free Press * April 5, 2017 Page 3A y'all ever read a small but , fascinating news article in the daily paper and wished there was more to it? You know, those little blurbs stuck around page 11 that were placed there just to fill space above some ad for hearing aids. Most are just a paragraph long and very few even catch my attention, but occasionally one comes along and grabs me like a lonely TSA agent. Unfortunately, one paragraph just doesn't satisfy my thirst for knowledge. I want more. Like Patti Harvey, I want to hear the rest of the story. These short stories leave you hanging. Remember the old Batman TV show where an episode ends with Batman and Robin facing almost certain death? Then you hear, "Is this the end of Batman? Will the Joker get the last laugh? Tune in tomorrow. Same Bat- time, same Bat-channel." And you couldn't wait until the next show to see how the Dynamic Duo got out of this mess. Well, some news articles are like that, except there is no conclusion in tomorrow's paper, just another ad for hearing aids. Well, last week, I came across such a story on page A19 of the Austin paper. Its bold headlines grabbed me like a drunken widow-woman in a unisex bathroom. I don't know if y'all read this or not, and stop me if you have, but up in northern Idaho, out on Highway 95, a 50-year-old woman struck a deer on the road. Yeah, I know, cars hitting deer ain't no big news, but when this gal was questioned by the county deputy about the accident, she informed the lawman that she was distracted when she saw a sasquatch in her rearview mirror. She claimed that Bigfoot was chasing the deer when the poor critter ran in front of her car. I kid you not! Okay, now that I have your attention, let me kick up some dust about this story. First of all, why was it onA19 and not on the front page? We see stuff about Trump and the Russians every stinkin' day on the front page, but when was the last time you read a story about a near-tragic car crash caused by a hungry sasquatch? Right? This is real news. We don't want to read about high school teachers doing the wild thing with their students, or articles of mass murders or wildfires. Things that commonly occur aren't new, right? But a car crash in Idaho caused From the Crowls Nest by Clint ounts This is real news. We don't want to read about high school teachers doing the wild thing with their students, or articles of mass murders or wildfires. Things that commonly occur aren't new, right? by a hairy ape-man is definitely what I'd consider news-worthy. My second gripe about this titillating sasquatch story is the tale ends abruptly with the police report indicating the accident was a vehicle versus deer collision and no mention of Bigfoot. I want to know first if the woman was given a breathalyzer test. Or, was CSI-Boise called out to search for big footprints or smelly hair fibers? Was there sufficient evidence that this was indeed a sasquatch-induced vehicular deericide and the local government is covering it up like Area 517 Can you imagine what it would be like to see this case go to court? I don't know if the woman was issued any citation, but, dude, I'd love to sit in the jury box if that poor lady was to fight the ticket. I can imagine her testimony. "Well, yet Honor. I was jest drivin' down to see my sister. She's got the gout and I was takin' her some venison stew. Well, I see this big o1' buck runnin' beside my Buick, and when I looked up at the mirror, I seen 'im. Big, hairy thang chasin' the deer. Wuddn't no bear or go-rilla. Kinda looked like my second husband after he wuz released from prison. I'm tellin' ya, it wnz Bigfoot who caused the wreak, not my arthritis medicine." Yep, these are the kind of stories I want to see in our newspapers. And, by golly, if I find such a gem hidden among all that yellow journalism, I will dig it out and show y'all. As for the rest of this story, stay tuned in to this column. T A Tashingtn's I/I/Crossing", byDavid H. Fischer, which is a fantastic, readable ex- position of the planning and crossing of the half-frozen Delaware River on Christmas day in 1776, is so well done that when I finished the audio book I read the hardback edition. To give background to the story Fischer details the training of the Conti- nentai Army soldiers, the German Hessian mercenaries and the British regulars. Most of the European soldiers were in their army for a career, expecting to retire back in their own countries with a sol- dier's pension. Many did not return home. As the British soldiers quartered themselves in and around New York after its capture in August of 1776, they noticed something dif- ferent from their home country, and that was the prosperity of the colonies. On the average the American colonist was three times wealthi- er than the average Brit. After the war many Hes- sian and British POWs decided to stay in the USA. After WW 2, of the more than 400,000 Ger- man POWs who were interned in America and then shipped back to Germany, more than 5000 returned to the United States to become citizens and a greater I Icould be wrong by Ray Wolbrecht number returned to visit. For those of us who are well-traveled, we are forced to realize that America is exceptional among countries of the world. Samuel Clements, aka Mark Twain, crossed the Atlantic in 1867 on a steamship whose sole purpose was to give Americans a tour of the Mediterranean coun- tries. From this expe- rience he wrote "Inno- cents Abroad, the title based upon the naivete of the American pas- sengers in their lack of sophistication of first- hand knowledge of the state of affairs of foreign countries. He writes of his utter surprise at the poverty and disease of the first Muslin country he sets foot on - Mo- rocco. 'Tknimated rags" is the term for the locals he used in describing the unwashed, those with flies landing on them in abundance, too used to them to shoosh them away. Blindness from eye infections was common, and the children who could see followed the tourists in masse yelling "Bak- sheesh!" (alms). He puts the blame on the It's no surprise that foreigners rush our borders. We ARE the best country in the world, with an abundance of freedom and opportunity unlike anything ever seen. culture. It's no surprise that foreigners rush our bor- ders. We ARE the best country in the world, with an abundance of freedom and oppor- tunity unlike anything ever seen. So what do these economically afflicted people do once they get here - these refugees fleeing depressive cul- tures which provide and enhance corruption and chaos? For sure some do learn English, find work, abide by our laws and are overjoyed at the op- portunity to better their previous situation. But some - and there seem to be no statistics avail- able - find this freedom as opportunity to gain wealth in illegal ways. Coming from a country that has little, to one that has much, their behavior was controlled by the lack of available money or items to steal. When confronted with such abundance, and having no moral training in self-control, their obvious recourse is to get it any way they can (I say we have enough of our own of these types). Moreover, from those of a totally alien culture and not knowing the language, who have been told all their lives that their host country is "The Great Satan", what else do we expect? And with so many social safety nets competing with each other to justify their existence, why are we surprised to find many immigrants taking ad- vantage of them? It's true that we do need people with a strong work ethic to do the work white Amer- icans refuse to do. But the great dilemma is this: Who do we invite and who do we send back? I guess we have to wait and see how they perform; are they assets or liabilities? At this time it's impossible to tell. Meanwhile some are going to wreak hav- oc and murder. As some politicians tell us, this is the new order. Feel helpless yet? Ray Wolbrecht is a retired Kyle dentist. LETTER TO THE EDITOR REP. ISAAC'S Legislature. existing wells. So, so far, 4,000-acre MUD - not TROJAN HORSE HB 3405 allowed so good for Isaac. imported (piped in) BSEACD to have au- The feature of his water as had originally Rep. Jason Isaac has thority over some of the HB 3405 which Rep. been specified in the proclaimed himself and territory in which EP Isaac doesn't mention, Needmore MUD leg- Sen. Donna Campbell wanted to drill wells for however, is that in the islation passed earlier. as co-saviors of Hays water to be used by the bill was also included a Needmore Water LLC County from the clutch- Goforth Special Utility section which allowed wants to pump 298.1 es of rascally ElectroPu- District. The enor- Needmore Ranch MUD million gallons of water rification (EP) - because mous amount of waterNo. 1 (which Isaac &per year. of Isaac's HB 3405 which projected to be used by Campbell had createdSo, "savioff" I think was passed literally at EP would almost surely earlier for Greg LaMan- not. the last minute of the have affected the aqui- tia) to use groundwater Barbara Hopson previous session of the fer supply to already in development of its Wimberley Barton Publications, Inc. News tips: Opinions: 113 W. 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