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April 19, 2017     Hays Free Press
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April 19, 2017

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK '7 think we have found a sensible solution that can be used throughout the region and throughout the state if it works." -Todd Ruge, Buda mayor, on bypassing a beaver dam in the Garlic Creek retention pond. See story, page 1C. Hays Free Press April 19, 2017 Page 3A in II From The Sidelines by Moses Leos III "aving grown up in lib- eral arts, something as .technical as engineer- ing and construction wasn't, and still isn't, my forte. HecL I have problems to this day figuring out how much tip I should give servers when I go to a restaurant (Pro-tip: move the decimal over one number to the left and double that amount. Brilliant.) For all of the mathematical deficiencies I've got, I still like to think I've got a handle on some things. Not an expert. but close enough to offer an opinion. At least I think so. All this brings me to some- thing I see when I peer out of the Hays Free Press window on a daffy basis. When I look out, I see the Historic Kyle City Hall with all of its brick masonry glory. Less than 20-feet or so in front is something that could've used some construc- tion tips from the olden days. Let's be perfectly frank- I'm not going to say Kyle's recently installed water fountain is ugly. Oh, no, siree. I personally love the aesthetic. It provides something that's been miss- ing to the Kyle square since I.D. Scott built the first water fountain many years ago. It ~o~dds something that g6e~- b-6~Gffd ~ at b ig 01' h-'ble in the ground that was there before. But it bugs me, and maybe a few others, that the water fountain just isn't quite right. It's not the look, or the feel. Or even the birds that like to play in the cool water. All of that is fine. It's just the water seems to flow only on one side. For some reason (which goes beyond my expertise as a desk jockey journalist), water is unable to flow on all sides of the feature. Perhaps the fountain is lopsided? Maybe the second tier- which experiences the glut of the problem - is too large for water to drop down on all sides? To the city's credit, they've had crews assess the problem. Whatever the problem may be, however, it's lingered for quite some time. It would be folly of me to say this is the city's biggest problem. There are plenty of things the city should be tackling at the moment. Managing growth, proper- ty taxes, the state of infra- structure are things the city should be more focused on. But I also think a promi- nent feature that came at the expense of taxpayer dollars should also be held to the best construction standards out there. I commend the city and whatever contractors they used for trying. It's an amazing feature and it's something that gives the downtown sector something to be proud of. But if we're go'rag to do it, let's make sure we do everything- from the fountain, to newmads and infrastructure - fight. After aft, no one likes anything that's one-sided, am I right? be I " we survive "Stress Awareness Month," sponsored every April since 1992 by the Health Resource Network, is now half over. Are you stressed out that you hav- en't done more to celebrate it? I'm glad I survived the pre- 1992 Bad Old Days, before we numbskuUs had a special month to make us slow down and real- ize the health impact of stress. Yes, before 1992, the gen- erations who put a man on the moon and developed the intemet would succumb to depTession, stroke or addiction bec~iuse of tyrannical bosses, three-hour commutes and cheating spouses - without ever putting two and two together! Thankfully, "Stress Awareness Month" (inspired by "Gap- ing Chest Wound Awareness Month") came along. (To be fair, a lot of us did think putting a piece of duct tape over the "check engine soon" light would signal the car fairies to solve all automotive defciencies, so maybe the Stress Awareness nudge isn't so conde- scending after aft.) Okay, I get it. Awareness (of Tyrades by Danny Tyree the causes, effects and reme- dies for stress) empowers us to make changes. And an annual campaign is a nice reminder, but each tightly wound person must address his own prob- lems at his own pace. When my wife tells me "Re- lax your muscles for this blood pressure check" or my mother scolds, "Don't get all uptight," it does NOT in fact inspire me to mellow out. It's about as counterproductive as telling someone '~s soon as you get your PMS under control, I'll explain something to you" or "If you don't stop seeing racial undertones in everything, I'm going to smash this watermel- on upside your head." A blogger for the Huffington Post advised, "Take time to walk away from technology." Yes, the absence of earbuds and ringing smartphones helped folks sur- rounded by the bubonic plague to merrily enjoy the chants of "Bring out your dead!" Federal regulations have rendered many tried and true relaxation techniques ineffec- tive. You can't just "go to your happy place," because you might find it's cordoned off as a protected wetland. Some people use religion to overcome the stressors in their lives, but the results may not be completely satisfying. ("I let Jesus take the wheel, but my &^%$# ex-wife already had the REST of the Mercedes.") CNBC listed the 10 most stressful jobs in America, but they really should have broad- ened their scope. Surely being Syrian president is a stressful job. After recent developments about poison gas, Bashar al-As- sad doesn't even dare unwind by playing the old "Pull my finger" gag with his nieces and nephews. According to aWaffetHub study quoted by"U.S. News &World Report," all 10 of the most-stressed states are below the Mason-Dixon line. Yes, we southemers may need to replace the RebelYeU with the Rebel Primal Scream. We have to stop seeking comfort in our artery-clogging "comfort foods." Of course we're replacing that with the nagging fear that some- where someone is "enjoying" an even blander diet than we are. We southerners have to over- come those hang-ups like wak- ing up in the middle of the night to wonder,"Did I accidentally say 'bless his pituitary gland' instead of 'bless his heart'?" Let's support Stress Awareness Month, even if April may not be the most appropriate month. People may be thinking, '~pril. Showers. Hitchcock. Is Norman Bates lurking in my bathroom? I'm suddenly having pain, anxi- ety and gastrointestinal disor- ders. Bring out your EMTs!" Danny Tyree welcomes email responses at tyreetyrades@aoL corn and visits to his Facebook fan page "Tyree's Tyrades." Dan- ny's weekly column is distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons Inc. newspaper syndicate. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR SAVING OUR WATER Great news, landowners and well owners have been heard by both the Senate and the House on an identical bill that would greatly assist long-term with much of our issue with sewage effluent discharges into our pristine Texas Hill Country creeks and water- ways that feed our storage of drinking water in the Edwards Aquifer. This Bill would prohibit any new discharges in the Contributing Zone of the Edwards Aquifer, and also not allow an amendment for increased volume for a permit issued before Sept. 2017. As a landowner living on Onion Creek, and I believe representing thousands of landowners and well owners that rely on water from the Trinity contributing down through the Edwards, this is so critically important. Central Texas is very likely shut down if we pollute the Edwards.., and that might not happen this year or next, but if we continue to allow these idiotic disposal techniques to continue, that day is coming trust me! This type of restriction is very long over due for Central Texas, nobody wants this re- gion's drinking water polluted I believe we all agree on that! TCEQ already prohibits dis- charge in the Recharge Zone, for very good reason because so many people rely on it for drinking water, and so this bill simply rolls in the Contribut- ing Zone as also being an area where this disturbing and an- tiquated practice of dumping sewage effluent into our pris- tine Hill Country creeks would be banned. It's a "No Brainer", and we're very hopeful that the committees will agree and push this great legislation out into law! Wes Pitts Driftwood VOTING IN SAN MARCOS I will vote for the propositon to enlarge our library and the police department (although the police force should be smaller), but I will not vote for the proposition to fund any more firemen or firestations. How many major fires did we have in the past ten years? The last major fire I remember was the Aamcon feed store on LB] Street and that was a long time ago. The only good thing the fire department is good for is to waste our tax money going to HEB and other conve- nience stores and restaurants taking the firetrucks with them. What a waste of gas and taxpayer money. Firemen of yore used to stay at the firestation for weeks at a time and take their own food to cook there. I was a fireman in the Marine Corps 40 years ago so I am not trying to put them down, just the facts. Another good thing they are good for is blocking lanes on our streets and highways mak- ing it extremely difficult for travelers to get to their desti- nations on time. Just last week, there were two firetrucks, one police car, two policemen questioning some people on IH 35 for a minor fender bend- er, and the traffic was backed up all the way to Posey Rd. In the first place, I don't think the firetrucks should respond to any car wreck unless some- one calls it in for a vehicle on fire, that's why policemen should be equipped with fire extinguishers for minor and major fires. The fiery crash on 35 two years ago merited a firetruck but not 3 or 4. Traffic was snarled up on roads in all directions for 3 hours or more. Last week, there were 3 or 4 pa- trol cars questioning a couple behind the Verizon store. Why so many? Because the police and fire chiefs tell everyone available to respond to any mi- nor thing so the taxpayers can see they are always busy. I for one don't think we need any more fire stations, firemen, or police because we don't need our property taxes going up any higher than they already are. 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