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April 24, 2013     Hays Free Press
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April 24, 2013

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I + Hays Free Press April 24, 2013 OPINION ' Page 5A Kyle Candidate Questionnaires Continued from pg. 3A community has been established for many years as a lifetime member of the Veteran's of Foreign Wars, Hats off for Hospice, Camp Heart Song and the Ronald McDonald House. Slnor: All of us live in Kyle, I am however the only candidate that also works here. I feel the pressure of the small business owner and will be their voice. Watching Kyle grow over most of the last decade I can see where Kyle is going and will do what it takes to ensure we maintain the values Kyle was built on. HFP: If you could live the life of any historical figure, past or present, who would you want to be? Why? Bacon: I am perfectly happy being myself and living my life. My life has had its share of ups and down. 1 have been blessed with a loving wife, great family and friends. That said, there are some characteristics of historic figures I try to emulate: I would like to have Ronaid Reagan's communica- tion skills; Sam Rayburn's ability to get things accomplished; and like Harry Truman, I am willing to take respon- sibility for the decisions I make. "The Buck Stops Here." Benninghoff: I have been blessed! My wife Larissa and I have been mar- fled for 12 years. We have two great sons Taylor (9) and lake (1). We have great neighbors and friends. Our son goes to a great school. We enjoy the activitics within our community. I enjoy working at Central Texas Medi- cal Center in the emergency room as a nurse practitioner. I like the city we live in! I can't imagine wanting to liv- ing the life of any historical figure. Sinor: Davy Crockett, because he fought for what he believed in. Incumbent Diane Hervol, running for reelection to her District 1 seat, was not included in this questionnaire as she is running unopposed and will breeze through to victory. The city and school board elec- tion is May 11 and early vot!ng begins Monday, April 29. Voters can cast bal- lots at Kyle City Hall, HCISD Admin- istration Office and Buda Elementary Upper Campus during early voting, according to Hays County's election website. Early voting on April 2~ ~s frora 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and voting on Tuesday,~ April 30 through Fridav, May 3, will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at all three locations. The polls will be open on 5atarrl,:v, Mav4,froml0a.m.t< . p ,.atCity Hall and Buda Elementary. Early voting will resume a~ ~11 n~ree locations on Monday, May ti, ffoin 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Tuesday, May 7, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ORDINANCE NO. 72O AN ORDINANCE CALLING A BONO ELECTION TO BE HELD WITHIN THE CITY OF KYLE, TEXAS, MAKING PROVISION FOR THE CONDUCT AND GMNG NOTICE OF SAID ELECTION; PROVIDING FOR THE COMBINING OF THE BOND ELECTION IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE GENERAL ELECTION; AUTHORIZING A JOINT ELECTION WITH OTHER ENTreES HOLDING ELECTIONB ON THE SAME DATE IN THE TERRITORy OF THE CITY; AND CONTAINING OTHER PROVISIONS NECESSARY AND INCIDENTAL TO THE PURPOBES HEREOF WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Kyle, Texas, hereby finds that a special eleclJnn shlould be ;laid to determine whether said governing body shall be authorized to issue bonds of skid City in the amount and for the purposes hereinafter identified (the "Sppoal Bond Elecllon'); and, WHEREAS, the City Council (the "City Council ") of the City of Kyto, Texas (the "city'~ has hemfofore found that a city general election shell be held on the 11th day of May, 2013, wherein the electors of the City shall vote On the election of puolic officials and other mattom (the "City General Elec~n'); and WHEREAS, the City Council has made prowlon for the conduct of the City General Election, and any sgeclal elections of the City, indudthg an election to authorize issuance of bonds, to be conducted jointly with other political subdMs~ons holding etoct~ne on the same date in the territory of the City under the authority of Texas Election Code, Chapter 271; end, WHEREAS, the City has made pm,,~don to conduct with the Hays County Elections Administrator to conduct the City's general election and spedel bond dection, pursuant to Chapter 31, Subohapter D, of the Texas ElecUon Code and Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code (the =Elec~nn Agreement'); and, WHEREAS, the City Council hereby finds that it is in the public interest that the City General Election and the Special Bond Electidn de conducted as one elation. THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF KYLE, TEXAS: SECTION 1: Call of Elecfioi~; Date and Time: Qualified Votem A apocial eidction shall be held between the hours of 7:00 A.M and 7:00 P.M. in the City of Kyle, Texas on the 11th day of May, 2013, which date Is seventy one (71) or more days from the date of the a~ of this Ordinance and is not leas then fifteen (15) nor mare than ninety (90) days from the date of the adoption hereof. All resident quatified elector= of the City shall be dermltted to vote st the election, T~: .p~. At such eleotlon the fotiowin0 measure shell be submitted: "SHALL the City Council of the City of Kyle, Texu, be authorized to issue bonds of ssld City in an amount not to exceed $36,000,000 for the purpoae of parian0 funds to plen, deign, onetmct, extend, expand, mpalr, and improve the following City Sneis: Bunton Creek Road, Noah Budsson Street, Gotodh Road, Lehman Road, and Marketplace Avenue, including related sidewalk, utile, drainage, bddge, interchange, intersection, grade sspardon, lighting, and =dgnalization improvement=; and land aO:lUiSi~on therefore auch bonds to mature serially or otherwise over a pedod not to exceed thirty (30) years from their date, to be issued and sold in ane or more oarlsa at any pdco or pncos end to bear ~mat at any rate or rates (fixed, floating, vadable or ethan/dee) not exceeding aximum rate prsscdbed by law as shall be determined within the discretion of the City Council at the time of issuance or sale of the bonds; and shall the City Council be e0thorized to levy ad valorem taxes up~m all taxable property in the CRy sufficient to pay the annual interest and provide a atoldng fund to pay the bonds at maturity?" Ballot. A single ballot containing the measure In this Iq0ectal election as well as any races in the general election of the CRy and other races or measures of the City In the joint olectlon, shell be prepared in accordance ~ the Texas Etoction Code so as to ppmllt qualified electors of the City to vote "FOR" or "AGAINST" the aforesaid measure, which Illal appear on the ballot subatantisRy as fotiowa: PROPOSITION [3 FOR 12 AGAINST THE ISSUANCE OF $36,000,000 GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS FOR STREET IMPROVEMENTS TO BUNTON CREEK ROAD, NORTH BURLESON STREET, GOFORTH ROAD, LEHMAN ROAD, AND MARKETPLACE AVENUE, AND THE LEVY OF A TAX IN PAYMENT THEREOF SECTION 4: Joint Election: Use of Electronic Votinq SYstem: Authorization of Ballot The election shall be held as a joint election pursuant to Texas Election Code Chapter 271 in conjunction with the City General Ele~on and other general end special elso~ons which may be held on the e}ectlon day by Hays Consolidated Independent School Disthct (hereinafter "PailJcipating Entities') under a joint election agreement to be approved by the City. An electronic voting system shall be used for the elec~on and for early voting by personal appearance. Paper ballots shall be used for eady voting by mail. SECTION 5: ~lection Day Precincts: Pollinq P~(~lSl The election precincts for this election shall be the Hays County Election Precincts wholly or partially within the territorial limits of the City and polling places estabkshed for each of these precincts shell serve as common polling places for the joint elections of the Participating Entities. The polling place designated for each election precinct shall be as provided in the Order fur the General ElecUon and the Election Agreement, and as shown in Exhibit "A', which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as a part hereof for all purposes. On the day of the election, resident qualified voters shall vote at the polling plac~ designated for the election precinct in which they reside. SECTION 6: CO__~. The Hays County Elections Administrator and the Administrator's employees and appo,ntses, and the election judges, alternate judges, and cterka properly appumted for the election shall hold and conduct the election in the manner provided by the Election Agreement and in accordance with the Texas Election Code and Chapter 1251, Texas Government Code. The eta:tel belots, together with such other election materials as are required by the Texas Eleddon Code and the Federal Vo~ng Rights Act of 1965, shell be prepared in both the English and Spanish languages, and shall contain such provisions, markings, and language as is required by law. S T~: Eadv Votina: Early Votina Pellino Places, Dates ~nd Tim~ Early voting fur the election shall be conducted jointly with the Par~cipating Entities. The Hays County Elections Administrator shall serve as the Eady Voting Clerk, and shall appoint any necessary eady voting clerks to assist her. Eady voting by personal appearance for the also,on shell be conducted jointly at the locations and on the dates snd times specified in and as provided for in the Order for the General Election and the Elec~on Agreement, and in Exhibit "B" which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as a part hereof for all purposes. Qualified voters may submit applications for ballot by mail. Applications for eady voting by mail must be submitted to the Eady Voting Clerk dudng the time bedod and at the address set forth in Exhibit "B'. ~. ~ The presiding judge=, alternate presiding judges, and clerks for the election shall be selected and appointed by Hays County and its appointoes in compliance wi~ the requirements of state law, and such judges and derks so selected by Hays County and its eppofntses ere hereby designated and appointed by the city coundl as the election officers, judges and clerks, respectively, fur ~ holding of said speelel ele~on. The preldding judges, alternate presiding judges and derks shall pertolm the functions and duties of their reapsotlve positions that are provided by state law. The City Council will further confirm and appoint the elsobon judges and alternate election judgee who am appointed by Hays County for the elec~n. SECTION 9. ~ The City Secretary is irmlruded to aid the Hays County Elections Administrator in the acqulstticn and fumixhing of sll election supplies materials necessary to conduct the election, The City Secretary is further su~orized to give or cause to be given nonces required fur ~ election, and to take such other end further ec~en as is required to conduct the election in compliance with the Texas Election Code; provided ~L pursuant to the Election Agreement between the City and Hays County, the Hays County Elections Administrator shell have the duty and be responsible for organizing and conduc~g the election in compliance with the Texas Election Code', and for providing all ser,Acos s~ to be provided in the Election Agreement. ~: ~ A substantial copy of this Ordinance shall serve as proper notice of the election. The notice, including a Spanish translation thereof, shall be posted at three (3) public places wi~in the City and at the City Hall not less than twsoty-one (21) full days pdor to the date on which the election is to he held, and be published on the same dsy in each of two successive weeks in a newspaper of general drculetion in the City, the first publication to appear not more then thirty (30) days and not less than fourteen (14) full days prior to the doy of the e}estlen. ~..~..~. This Ordinance shall be in force and effect tam and after it passage on the date shown below. ~. ~. it is further found and detomlined that the City Bacre~ry pceted written notice of the date, place, and subject of this meeting on the pulletin board located at City Hall, s piece convenient to ~ public, and the notice was posted continuously fur at least 72 hours preceding the date of this mesting. A copy of the return of said posting shall he attached to the minutes of the meedng end shall be made apart 0~nof for ell Intents and purposes. Passed and Approved on first reading this the 5'c_.h day of February, 2013 Passed and Aoproved on seCOnd and final reading this file 1.9._9 day of February, 2013, ATrEST: it'/ yl , Texas + ~X_J'IIBIT "A" MAY 11, 2013 SPECIAL BOND ELECTION City of Kyle Hay= County, Texas Election Day Polling Locations Chapa Middle School 3311 Dacy Lane .Kyle, Texas Ky~e CRY Hall 100 W. Center St. Kyle~ Texas .............. Wallace Middle Sshool 1500 W. Center St ................................................. Kyle, Texas MAY 11, 2013 SPECIAL BOND ELECTION City of K~e HlyS County, Texas EARLY VOTING BY PERSONAL APPEARANGF EislorS may cast their (lady votes in beans at the Early Vofing Polling Passe on the datss and duling the time= ss sho~ below. Kyle City Hell 100 W. Canter Street Kyle, TX 78640 Hays ClSD Administrative Office 21003 IH 35 Kyle, TX 78640 Buda Eismentsry Upper Campus 300 San Marcos Street Buds, TX 78610 Tuesday, April 30, 2013 through Friday, May 3, 2013 - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday, April 20, 2013 and Monday, May 6, 2013 - 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Satontay, May 4, 2013.10:00 am. to 2:00 p.m Ellgl01e voters may submit applications for ballot submYaed to the foltowin0 sddress, and must be Fnday, May 3, 2013: by mail. Applk~tlona for ballot by mail mum be received no later man the dose of business on Joyce A. Cowan Hays County Elections Administrator 712 South Stagecoach Trail, 8to. 1045 San Mircos Texas 78666 Altention: Eady Voting ORDENAN~ No. 7~0 UNA ~NZA ORBENANDO UNA ELECCI~N DE BONES PARA LLEVARSE A CABO DENTRO DE LA C|UDAD DIE KYLE, TEX/~ HACIENDO PROVlStONES PARA LA CONIT~CTA Y DANDO ANUNCIO DE I~CHA ELECCII~N; PROVEYENDO PARA LA COMBNACK~ OE LA ELECClbN OE BONOS CONJUWrO A LA ELECCION GENERAL; AUTORIZANDO UNA ELECCION DE COk~N CONTRATO CON OTRAS AUTOI~DADE8 ~ANDO A CABO ELECOIONES EN LA MK~A FECHA EN EL TERRfTORIO DE LA CtUDAD; Y CONTENIENOO OTRAS PROVISIONE$ NECE88ARIA~ E INQDENTALES AL PROP~ITO DE ESTO MIENTRAS QUE, et Concelo Municipal de le Ciuded de Ky~e, Texas. pot esle medio de=r.,ubre ~ una elecdbn e~edal debe tievarse a cabs pare determinat si dicho cuerpo gubemarnentel sere eutodzade s expedir bonus de dacha Ciudad en I= cardtded y con el ~op~ilo a continua ideetificado (IS aElecctbn Espaoel de Bonos~), y, MIENTRAS QUE. el Contain Municipal (el Concejo Mun~pab) de la Ciuded de Kyle, Texas (Is Ciudeds) ha encontrado prev',amente qge usa eleccibn general de la oluded ser~ llevada a cabo el dis 11 de mayo de 2013, e~ donde los electopas de Is Cklded votanln en ~a e~eccibn de ofieisles puldicos y c~as sustancias (ts =Eleeci~m General de ta Ciuded ~); y MIENTRAS QUE, el Concejo Municipal ha hecho provlsiones pars In conducts de la Elocd~n General de la Ciudad, y cualquier elecckSn especial de la Ciudad, infuyende usa etecck~ pare sulorizar la eR:e~d~ de bonos, pa~ set conduc.k:la conjuntamente con ofxas subdiv~ones potlf~ces celebpando elecc~nes en ta fecha en et tentfudo de la Ctudad bajo la ,=uteridad del C~igo de Elocelones de Texas, Capitulo 271, y. MIENTRAS QUE, lo dudad ha hacho prm~iones pars ~ (:on la Adminletredora del Condado de Hays pare c~ducir la el~ci~ general de la Ciudad y la eleclon espeoal de bon~, (x~afurrne 81 Ca~ltule 31, Subcepifulo D, del C~tigo de Elecckmes de Texas y al Capltulo 791 del C.,bdi~o det Goddamn de Texas (el contreto de Servicio de Elecclonesa), y, MIENTRAS QUE, el Conosjo Municipal pot est~ mealie descut~e qua es de inter~ pdblico qua la Eleccidn General de ta Ciudad y la Elecd~n Especial de Bonus seen condecidse como usa elocdbn. AHORA ENTONCES SEA DECRATADO PaR EL CONCEJO MUNICIPAL DE I.A CIUDAD DE KYLE, TEXAS QUE: Usa elecc~bn especial se llevant a cabo entre las horus de lee 7:00 a,m. y ~as 7:C0 p.m. en la Ciudad de Kyie Texas el 11 de mayo de 2013, cuel dicha fecha can a setenta y un (71) o m,~s dies de la fscba de la ~opci~n de esta Orde~anza y no can en menus de quitY~e (15) ni tn~s de novenIa (90) dlas de la fecha de Is edopd0n de sate. Todd residetr~e elector calificado seni permitido a votsr en la elecci6n, ~: ~. En tsl elsoci6n la siguiente l~'opuesta ser~ submitida: %SERA el Conce~o Municipal de le Ciudad de Kyle, Texas, autorizedo a expedir bonos de dicha Ciuded en uns can~ad que no sea en exceso de $36:000,000 con el prop6s~to de proveer fondos pars pioneer, dise~ar, construir, a~argar, ampliar, y melorar les s~uientes cellofi de ta Ciudad: Bunton Creek Ro|d, Nedh Budesen Street, Gofonh Road, Lehmsn Road. y Marketpla(;e Avenue, inoluyendo aceras emparentadas, se~'idos pObliccs, des~gOe, puenle, intetcambio~ interseocibn, seperaobn de grin, alumbramienfu, y me)eram~ento de sefialefi, y la edquisicidn de tJerres pot Io lento: dichos bo~s a matumrse serialments o de Otra readers sob,s un padodo qua no pose a treats (30) afios de su fecha, pare set expodidos y vendidos en usa saris o m~s a c~alquier prec~o o preclos y sostener inters a cuelquler Indite o indices (~os, floltrd~& variables o de otra maner~) sin exseder el indite m~ximo prescnte por lay como set,~ datermJnedo denlro de la discrecibn del Concejo Municipal a Ia hofa de expedibn o vents de Ins bonus: y se~ el ConCelO Municipel aut~zedo a imposer impuesfus seg,3n valor sobre toda propieded importable an la Ciudad sufic~ente pare pager el inter~ anuel y proveer un fonde hundido pare pager Ins bonus en su medurez% SECCtON 3_ Pan.Nets de voto. Una papelet~ smg~lar conteniendo la propuesta en esta e}eccibn tan bien come cuatquisr carters en la elecc~n general de le Ciudad y oh'as c~rparas o ptopuestas de la Ciuded en la eleccibn conjunta, Ser~ preparada souerdo con el Cbdigo de Elocciones de Texas asi pars permSr a elentoms callficades de le Ciudad a voter cA favor de~ o Contra~ a la pr(~0uesta menciena~a sntas la cual aparecer,~ en la papaleta substantemente como sigue: PROPOSICION A FAVOR DE LA EXPEDICIC~N DE $36.000,000 DE BaNns DE OBLtGACION GENERAL PARA EL MEJORAMIENTO DE CALLES DE BUNTON CREEK ROAD: NORTH BURLESON STREET, GOFORTH ROAD, LEHMAN ROAD, Y MARKETPLACE AVENUE, Y LA EXACCI(~N DE UN IMPUESTO DEL PAGO DE LO MISMO CONTRA .~._4.: Eteci0n Coniunta: Uso de un Sist~res de Votacibn E!ectrdqiqOl ~_.Pa~ta de Voto, La eleci6n se I~evarf~ a tabu corno use e~eccidn conjunta conforms a~ Capltulo 271 del CC