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April 27, 2011     Hays Free Press
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April 27, 2011

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limil/Ij[UllLIHmiil00 HtLIWI;U ................... ..................... ................................................ Page 6A ' - NEWS Hays Free Press April 27, 2011 Dramatic clouds capture eyes of many BY WES FERGUSON An enormous white cloud roiled the sky above Hays County at sunset on Tuesday; swelling, rolling and transfix- ing the people who watched it from the ground below. People from Austin to New Braunfels dropped everything to marvel and snap photo- graphs as the cloud seemed to billow out upon itself. And it seemed like everybody had a theory about what, exactly, they were witnessing. Was it an atomic bomb? A sky avalanche? Or maybe the rapture? If so, bad news - we're all still standing here. Almost before dissipating, the cloud even had its own Fa- cebook page ,"The Cloud that came over San Marcos, Texas and carried Zeus." The cloud's personal interests included "floating from place to place bringing joy to the peoples of the world." Within hours, more than 500 Facebook users said they liked the cloud. San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero piped in on Face- book: "if little green men ap- pear from a ship and say, 'take II lU me to your leader"' - let me know." Said the cloud: "Thank you San Marcos, America for being such a gracious host! I loved the view of Sewell from up here." Experts said the cloud was a cumulonimbus, which forms PHOTO BY MARGARET BELLOWS a towering mass with a flat base at fairly low altitude and often a flat top, as in thunder- storms. Others said it was a beautiful piece of art, epic, sexy, creepy, orgasmic, and evidence of the hand of God. Old Fashioned Soda Fountain Treats Li4:e Coach and Hlpnotist tlands On tlealing A hands on approach to heIpingyou restore balance 1:o 9our lilCe. Locatex] in Ke near Home Depot 601Kqle Crossing Online at chedule raceboak: HancJs On Healin NOTICE OF GENERAL AND SPECIAL ELECTIONS (AVISO DE ELECCION GENERAL Y ESPECIAL) To the Registered Voters of the City of Kyle, Texas: (A los votantes registrados de la Ciudad de Kyle, Texas:) Notice is hereby given that the polling places listed to the right will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., on May 14, 2011 for voting in the fol- lowing elections: Notifequese, por la present, que las casillas electorales citadas a la dere- chase abrirdn desde las 7:00 a.m. hasta las 7:00p.m. el 14 de Mayo de 2011 para votar en las siguientes elecciones: To elect a Mayor, Council Member Place 2, and CounCil tvkmr Place 4. The Mayor will be elected from the City at large. The Council Members will be elected from single member districts. Qualified voters who are esidents of District 2 are entitled to vote for a candidate for Council Member Place 2. Qualified voters who pit--ON NO. 1 Qualificatiom of Members of the Council Shall Article 111, Section 3.02, of the City Cherter be amended to P, quire that, on the day prior to the dam of the scheduled election, candidates for mayor and cooncilmcmbe must have resided within the city, or an annexed into the city, for at least twelve onsutive months? FOR __ AGAINST __ IPROPOICI6N NO. 1 Califionciones de los Mlembros del Concejo L.Dcbe el Art/culo Ill, Secci6n 3.02, de I Eslaaat de la Ciudl see comcodndos pare nxluerir qno, el dla antes de la fncha de la elnccinn programada, canditatm pasa alcalde y m/e del concojo debea de haber rosidide dentro de la eluded, o un ttrea ancxedo deatco de le ciudad, por In manet duce masa consucutives? A FAVOR DE __ CON'IRA PROPOSmON NO. 2 Term IAmitadons for Members of the Council Shall Artle III of the City Charter be amended by the adoption of Section 3.03 to Wovide that persons elected to the council in 2011 and thereafter may not be elected thereafter to serve rcoro tbm three consecutive terms as councilmember and three consecutive terms as the mayor? FOR -- AGAINST PROII161CI6N NO. 2 L/mites de Trminos pin los Miembr del Coneejo /,Ddac et Artlculo Ill de Ins Estatutc de la Ciuded asr onmcededos con la adopoi6n de la Seei6n 3.03 pm'a proveor que las personas elegidas al coneejo durte 2OI I y de allf en edelante no pulan eer elegtdas de allf en edelantc pare asrvir m de tros trmin eommeutiv como mimbma del concejo y Ires ta'minos consecnlt como el alcalde? A FAVOR DE  CONTRA ...... Comlcil  1 Aitondanee Shall Article 111, Section 3.06, of the City Chart be amended to provide the absence of a me of the council from any three consecutive council meetil, widener good and sufficieat cause, shall constitute miasonduct in office? FOR __ AGAINST 1PROPOCI6N NO. 3 Qu6rum del Coeeejo y A.sistoncia LDebe el Ar6culo IlL Snccin 3.05, de los F.,ito de la Cieded set eonndedos pant pm,ve q la i de on mleml del conccjo de emdqu m rmmion conseeativas, de buena y 'ianm n6n, eoastitoird n'mla condncm de/eatgo? A FAVOR DE CONTRA rSOl, OSmON NO. 4 Compsation of Members of the Council Shall Article IlL Section 3.09, of the City Charter be amended to authorize appoiatntt of a cttiann committee not mote oO.e.n than every three years to review and recommend a  vos.,,J to the monthly onmponsmion of memba of the council, pmv for a pmpoaiona f'fuitm of such comlnastion for absences from meetings.  provide that members of the cooncil ia oflke when the stipond is increased shall not receive the iucreame during that term of office? FOR__ AGAINST __ PROIq)ICIN NO. 4 Co e Ins Mismbr dd Conorjo /,Del el Artfculo IlL Sncei6n 3.09, de ins  de la Oudsd m" annmlde{ pant lalorizar el nombramicoto de un comit de cindndmm no  de carla tsos aos pant revimr y  un ajanmmieato razonnble ala compcosi malmM de Im micmbtm del cojo, prover ma ladide propooan a It con.qxmi6n maraual Itot llaslllB alas  y PrOeer quc Im nliWbl, on del coor,jo en era'go onando el mtilx.nMio ee nsmnsl no lIdm iblr al eonmo   dmmno en cergo? A FAVOR D  COHTRA ZlRImDmU.m Cil ,%m of Dimo of Finance Shall Article W, Sucdon 4.03(a)of theC kylwl4m prodda dm dimissal of th Diroctor of Rnanco mquitos the q)pooval of the Ctey oilff :.  " &GAINfr Llbe el Anfonlo IV, ,:i 4.03(a) de Ins FJtatotos de la Clndad set atttoendedos para proveer qnc is deapedlda del Dilector de Asanto Financierm reqmern el aprobmlanto del onoe de la Ciuded? A FAVOR DE __ CONTRA __ are residents of District 4 are enti to vote for a candidate for Council Member Place 4. ' -iii lecci6n General: Para elegir Mayor de la Ciudad, Miembro del Concilio Lugar 2, y Miembro de:l Concilio Lugar 4. El Mayor es electo por la Ciudad en general. El Miembre del Concilio Lugar 2 sera elegido solor por votantes calificados que sean residentes del Distrito 2. El Miembro del Coneilio Lugar 4 sera elegido solo por votantes calificados que sean residentes del Distrito 4. To permit electors to vote "For" or "Against" on the following propositions: Para permitirles a los votantes poder voter "A favor de" o "Contra de" de las proposici6nes siguientes que son enmiendas propuestas a los Estatutos de la Ciudad. rROlarno No.  Co,ceil En of Polieim and Resolutions i ; ii Shall Article IV, Section 4.03(b) of lbe City. I' amended to provide the City Council has the anthodty to emm eafmcement of edapted polkles and rcslutiom? FOR __ AGAINST En forzamnto de Nonms de Conducta y Reanlucioncs dcl Conccjo Debe el A.qiculo IV, Secei6in 4.03(b) de Ins Estatutos de la Ciudad set enmendades pant proveer que l Coneejo de la Ciudad tenga la autoridad de asegurar el enforzamicoto de nomu de conduela y rasol'ioees adoptadns? A FAVOR DE __ CONTRA __ PRON NO. 7 Conil Contact With City Employees Shall Article IV, Section 4106 of the City Charter be mncodad by amending the third paralp'aph to provide th no member of the Ccoueeil may s or direct a city employee that is not appointed by the Council, unless such action: is aathmized by an emergency proclamation? FOR __ AGAINST_...__ PROrOSlCIO/V NO. 7 Contatin del Concejo con Emplasdor de la Ciedad ,Debe el Anfcalo IV, See'Sda 4.05 de los Eatatatm de la Ciadad set cnedo al mend el teroer p'do pan pmveer que tn/agda  de/eonjo pucda tmpervianr o dirigir ann empire*de de la ciled qos no ha sido n'nlwada pot el concejo, a menns qae tal eeciOn sea notizada por una pmolamuciOn de emergonciia? A FAVOR DE __ CONTRA PROPOSITION NO. 8 City Manager Residence Shall Article VII. Section 71.01. of the City  be amended to require the city manager to reside within the city within a reasonable: time set by coancU, aden being appointed? FOR AGAINST PROPOSlCION NO. S tRmdeasie del Administmder Municipal de la Ciedad /,Dehe el Aniculo VII. Seeccin 7.01 de Im Estmutm de la Ciadad ser entodados pma requcrir qos el ndminislmdor manicipal dee is audad rmide demm de laciudad den(to de un dempo mzonabic esmblno/do por el oneejo, daspuds de Ichaber sido anmlndo? A FAVOR DE -- CONTRA PROP(rrlON NO. 9 Compfianco with Policias end Resolutions Shall Aicle VII, Section 7/.01 (a), of the City Chatter be amended to pmvlde the city  will nxlni compliance with all policies and rese4utioos appmvad by the City Cosncil? FOR AGAINST PIIOPOSlciON NO. 9 limiento de Nonnas de Condscta y Rmolueiones LDabe el Artleulo VII, Snoci6n 7.Ol(a) de los Estatotos de la Ciudad set mndador pera pmvm quc el adminisu'edor municipal de le citd requiem cmlimianto con Ins normas de condecto y rmolucionas aprovm por el  de la Cilnd? A FAVOR DE CONTRA PRON NO. 10 Debt Marmgerne Policy Shall Article VIII of the City Charter he amended to add Section 8.14 to quire the council to adopt and implement a ddm manalment policy prior to adoption of the annual budget in 2011, and to review, modify or amend that policy not le olen  every We years thaeafter? FOR AGAINST__ PROPOCI6N NO. I0 /Iormas de Comlueta pete el Mantcoimicnto de Deed LDthe el ArdcMo VIII de; los  de la Cindad sex anmandados pm'a afiadir In Seeci6n 8.14 pa request qno el conco adopte unpiemante una ncrm de eondecm de mantcoimito de dend mum de aptar el prupuasto anual de 201 I, y rovisar, medificar o enmendor dicha norton de conducta no menos de cada cinoo afios de alli en ndelante? A FAVOR DE __ CONTRA II0CAT[ONS OF ELgCnON DAY POLLING PLACES BY DISTRICT: : (DIRECCION(ES) DE I.,AS CA$11,1.,A$ ELECTRAI.,E3 PORDISTPJCTO) Dimld ( 2: Dim,i (D 4: Kyle City Elal, 100 W Crater, Kyle, TX Pederm Arts Center, 9"/9 Kohlers Crem Kyle,'IX  (Diinrito) 6: Irere Staten ff, 10 Bunton Rd, Kyle, TX The Distriet Ihat ye Uve InMaooMaRpear e year voter rqglstrmdm card. Plaemtm:t llhe gltiom Offien at (SI2) 93-10 If you n-re a qamloa alat wldd DImkt 7o llve in. E Idisrito en el cual rive debe apareeer en su tarjeto de inscripci6n de electores. Pot favor p#ngosn en eontacw con Oficina de Elecciones(512)393-3910 si Ud. tiene alguna pregunta mbre en cual disto vve. l,L, VOTlrlG I t,smml q,mu.mco will I emlu--d ead weelala7  (La vntaci6n adelantada en ersona de !levar a cabo de a viernes or:) ___. .... qlrr .......... o, May 2, 2011 file Ci Hall lOO W Carter gyle, TX 7:O0M-7:OOPM Ma 3. 2011 gyle City Hal too W Center gyle; Tx 8:OOAM-&OOPM May 4 2011 Kyle City Hall IOn W Center Kyle, TX 8:OOAM-5:OOPM May J, 2011 Kyle City Hall tO0 W Center gyle TX 8:00AM'&OOPM May 6, 2011 Kyle City Hall IOn W Center Kyle, 17( 8:00AM-5:OOPM May 7, 2011 gyle Oty Hall IOn W Center gyle, TX IO:OOAM 3:OOPM kla 9. 2011  so,2on Xye City ,aU loo w cent, e, xe, rx s.o .s:ooP.. Applications fr ballot by mail shall be mailed to: (Los solicimde.s pare boleros que se votan adelantada pot correo deber6n enviarse a: ) (Name of Early Voting Clerk) (Nombre del Secretario de la Votaci6n Adelantada ) 4#1 C Broadwnv ( Address ) (Dirccidn) Sam Mareos. TX 78 (City) (Ciudad) (Zip Code) (Zna Poaal) Apidicationn  Idlts by mall nm be received no hr than the cle of business on: (LOS aolicitudes pare botntas que se votardn adelantada por correo deber6n recibirse pare el fin de Ins horns de negocio el:) May 6. 2011 6 de Mao 2011 (Date) (fecka) Kfle City Hall IOn W Center Kyle, TX 7.'OOAM-7:OOPM tssmxl this tbe 14th davof Aotil (F.mitoda e.ste dia 14 de abril .2011 , :i}