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April 28, 2010     Hays Free Press
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April 28, 2010

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Page 4A I,, G THEY REALLY SAW THAT? "bo is to blame that a deDot is not located here? Ah, that is the question. Surely any man can e t/bat a large andgrooing community like this of Mountain City, Science Hall and Elm "ow, to say nothing of the country up Onion and DrijolJing Springs, should have a depot." -Mountain City resident and San Marcos Free Press columnist, 1880• Hays Free Press • April 28, 2010 EDITORIAL Talking aboot immigration i)i)))):))::: A rizona Governor Jan Brewer 1070 /...i signed into law SB . which /las • one of the nation's toughest immigration bills to date. The new law gives local law enforcement officials the right to arrest anyone they suspect is in the country illegally, and requiring that anyone stopped must provide proof of citizenship. While state officials say they are training law enforcement officials in the ins and outs of the law to avoid racial profiling, many protesters believe the contrary. They say the bill gives police too much power, allowing them to arrest anyone without a warrant, if the police officer has probable cause to think that someone is heke illegally. So, how can the police know if a Canadian is here illegally? A few tips should help. After all, law enforcement officials say they will not be doing racial profiling. Canadians, beware! Officers, you should automatically stop anyone in Arizona who has skis strapped to the top of their vehicle. And, when you stop them, ask a ques- tion. If the response ends with "Eh?", lock 'em up! If they ask "aboot" some- thing, instead of "about" something, they need to be taken in! Ask them to empty their pockets. If you find them packing loonies and twoonies, do not pass go, just take them straight tO jail. If a search of their vehicle produces not Starbucks' cups, but Tim Horton coffee mugs, book 'em. Canadians, the police are after you. Change your ways, get rid of those skis, divest yourself of those $1 and $2 coins, and make sure you speak 'merikan Ainglish. Otherwise, you might find yourself being shipped out. (Arizona WAS talking about Canadi- ans, eh?) Four fresh faces on Kyle council i : OF CABBAGES ........ D KINGS ........ 't probably seems to many Kyle folks that the first five months of 2010 hav.e .been dominated by a hodge-podge of elections that would never end. They are wrong and voters will prove it Saturday, May 8 when an almost total turnover of the city council is completed. When the polls close at 7 p.m. that evening, the council majority, regardless of who wins the single contested race, will be made up of four recent arrivals to the local election scene. Newcomers Jalme Sanchez and Russ Huebner have been cutting their teeth on the intricacies of city governmental management for about two months, after emerging victorious in the closely contested February special election, as did our new mayor, Lucy Johnson. This election already has one foregone conclusion. Brad Pickett is tmcontested for a three year term by virtue of being unop- posed in his first quest for local office. That alone testifies to his well organized and energetic early campaigning. There are two contestants for the other vacancy. Diane Hervol has been very active in city affairs for quite a number of years. She has served two terms on the city's planning and zoning commission, which is a great leaming experience as well as good historical background for holding down a council spot. Her opponent is Jason Welch, a bright young man seeking a role in civic affairs. He is personable, but misguided a bit conceming at least one political fact. Ac- cording to several reports, he has alleged that tmdue influence was exerted in the selection of our future library site on Scott Street at the southwestern edge of the older section of the city. The rejected site at the extreme north- em part of town was about half an acre in size. The approved site is more than two acres on high ground. It was chosen by the city council on a seven to nothing vote. The. Library Board and the city's architectural firm have devised final plans that have drown nothing but strong approval. Slightly more than $200,000 was paid to the Sledge family for the larger site. The smaller site was alleged to be a "gift" by some, although a majority of the folks who investigated the matter say it was more of a partial land swap involving a prior land deal between a major devel- oper and the city. It's about time to stop flogging that dead horse. Without question, from my viewpoint, Diane Hervol is the far better choice. kl.l for the 'cqmmon' good "Tax Day" has come and gone |but we have seen a lot of l. crowds, some very small and some fairly large, gather in thecom- mons to protest big governme'fft and big taxes. I found it r/ther ambsing that they gathered at "the commgns" to protest the government, as they see it, moving toward socialism. I wonder what they,think abott th ..... failed to reco big name the commons. Iftheywee to government that acquired the land check into the origin of the area, hey on which they weretanding. They would find that it was rather socialis- should be reminded that the land tic. You see, the commons origilaally was where all the villagers would bring their livestock to be watched while they went OUt into the fields. It was a way to save manpower and allow the' vast majority of the. people to work in the fields. The major point was that the commons was the prop- erty of all the people. It was set aside by the "government" of the village. Commons were a carry-over from Medieval Europe and came with' the folks that came from Europe. It was a common practice in the colonial pe- riod along the eastern seaboard and eventually became the town square after we moved into the township and range structure of describing land. So the folks who were protest- ing the government were really using a socialistic area to expound on the evils of government. While many of them were protest- ing on the commons along the East Coast, there were those out west who were protesting, but they in turn commonly referred the Northwest Territ when the colonists v tionaryWar. (That w with borrowed morn states and the Frenc] That acquisition tq States to only the Mi The "noble bargain", Minister Talleyrand, the Louisiana Purch who believe that the allows only what is v nothing in it about t] land. Yet one of theii Jefferson, was the bil culprit who purchas that went to the Con The Constitution States has been inte president since Geo and certainly every ( that we should only, ten in the Constituti, we would basically 1: all the land west of fl Conservative com "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me... won't get fooled again." - George W. Bush (" o many times they fooled us - so many times that the Bush $1ibrary in Dallas could have a wing devoted just to deceit. Then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once told a questioner "we know where they are" - "they" being the weapons of mass destruc- tion he could never produce once we invaded and overwhelmed Iraq. Now we find out the truth behind another Rumsfeld statement. In a 2005 radio interview, he said. the detainees at Guantanamo, "all of whom were captured on the battlefield," are "terrorists, trainers, bombmakers, recruiters, financiers... would-be suicide bombers." As it turns out... Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to former Secretary of State Co- lin Powell, has stated under oath that Rumsfeld, Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney knew that the "vast ma- jority" of prisoners held in the "war on terror" were innocent, and that the White House did nothing even when convincing evidence showed as much. Wilkerson's sworn statement sup- ports a lawsuit by a Guantanamo detainee who was held for five years without charges after being snatched from his apartment in Pakistan. Among other atrocities at Guantana- too, Adel Hassan Hamad says he was forced to stand for three days without sleep or food until he collapsed. Now, you're saying, why kick this dead steed? Leave ou the courts sort out th thing. It's all yesterda All, but the courts subject like this not t absolutely of this da3 President Obama i inate someone to re[ definition of a conse3 Wait, you say. Sup1 Justice John Paul Ste, nominated by Geral( with the "liberal win for- for forever. But there it was in zlne profile, Stevens: ample of conservatiw judging." Meaning wi It means that Steve always to balance the the executive and leg es, That is in conlxast - meaning mislabele tires on the Supreme been dedicated to im tire power. Fortunately, Stever majority when the Su ruled that the Bush aq treatment of detainee Uniform Code of Mill the Geneva Conventi Of course, this rulil denunciations of just IIIl]lm IIIIIMI[IIIIII]II iI![11 [IIIIBIIIMIIII1TIIlRIIT 1V lr  V" IT"T r n ,T " 1 r,ll'llll  r,irr... ,, m.r I.l , ..... - . o in history as )ry was acquired ,on the Revolu- ar was paid for y from several government). ok the United sissippi River. as the French lescribed it, was tse. I think those Constitution Titten will find m acquisition of heroes, Thomas government )d the territory tinental Divide. ff the United preted by every ge Washington ;ongress. To say to what is writ- m means that ave to return ie Mississippi, break up the states that were made from the Northwest Territory, and re- turn all of the territories we currently have. It would also mean that the state of Texas would have to be put on its own, since the Constitution does not mention annexation. The territory that the "half-gover- nor" governed, Seward's Folly, would have to be returned to Russia and they would have all that oil. There would be no commons on which to hold meetings to protest how big the government is or should be. While those folks were there invok- ing their First Amendment rights, they would have been denied that as well since those first ten amendments were compromises to get the Constitution ratified. There is much that I am afraid we Americans don't really understand about the documents by which we are govemed. The governor of Texas and other states have invoked the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution but they have not mentioned what is commonly referred to as the "elastic clause" also known as the necessary and proper clause in the powers grant- ed to the Congress. Many of the protests are out of fear, not out of a constructive debate. Let us say what we want and how to do it and debate that issue. A repub- lic functions best based on compro- mise, not dogmatism. Let us meet on the "commons." non-law judging r W alone. Let is "fog of war" y's news. are what make a nly relevant but s about to nom- lace the very "eative jurist. eme Court 'ens, though Ford, ha been "of the court t Time maga- "classic ex- ; common-law tat? ns has sought functions of slative branch- to so-called ! - conserva- Court who have reasing execu- was on the reme Court ministration's s violated the tary Justice and ms. tg launched ices concerned with terrorists' rights." We hear you, Liz Cheney. But as W'tlkerson has testified, the administration had no grounds for broad-brushing the guilt of its detainees. Just as was the case with the individuals terrorized in Abu Ghraib, many- most?- of those at Guan- tanamo are or were simply people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, you tell me: Is it not the function of the law to try to ascertain these facts? Or is that the function of the politi- cally juiced executive branch? And so we seek a new Supreme Court justice. I am thinking that we want one who, like Stevens, is not afraid to be denounced as "support- ing terrorists" when a ruling is aimed at finding truth and administering true justice, rather than responding to the impulses of the harried crowd. That's what a judge does. Isn't it? Now, put yourself in Obama's shoes. Suppose you could nominate a jurist who would give you more power, as did Bush's picks. Why not pull that triggeff The legislative branch be damned. I guess you don't do that because you remember the excesses of the past, of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld; of Oliver North and Richard Poindex- ter; of Nixon, Haldeman, Ehrlichman and Liddy. Choose another conservative like Stevens, Mr. President. ]ohn Young urrites for Cox N. POLL QUESTION THIS WEEK'S POLL QUESTION Are you interested in the hie- tory of Hays County? A. Yes. It's important to preserve our history for future generations. B. Sort of. I mostly think-of Buda and Kyle as commuter towns and don't really think about their history much. C. No. All those stories of frontier days aren't relevant to modern life. LAST WEEK'S POLL QUESTION How do you feel about the interstate frontage roads be- tween Buda and Kyle going one-way in May?. A. About time. Those two-way frontage roads are dangerous and outdated. 88% B. Not happy. The one-way access roads will make it harder for me to access the interstate on-ramps or frontage road businesses. 12% C. 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