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April 28, 2010     Hays Free Press
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April 28, 2010

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Hays Free Press April 28, 2010 NEIGHBORS Page 3C Central Texas gardeners go green! has There never an been easier time to go green; And you know what? It s about time! Thank goodness gardening products like malathion, durs- ban, diazinon, spectracide, tri- forine, and a thousand others are no longer viable options to combat our garden pests. Thank goodness also that we no longer have to rely on toxic chlorinated hydrocar- bons and organo-phosphates to do the simple job of con- trolling a few pesky insects. Today, enviro-friendly choic- es abound. No longer are they hard to find. They flU garden center shelves everywhere. At the forefront of the green gardener's arsenal are benefi- cial insects. You can buy lady- bug beeries, praying mantids, lacewings, trichogama wasps, .......... ........... , IT S ABOUT THYME and beneficial nematodes to kill grubworms, aphids, leafminers, spider mites and caterpillars (larvae). Biological sprays also abound. Spinosad, a soil bacterium, is an effective, broad spectrum insecticide that controls just about every garden pest. Thuricide (Bac- cilus thurengensis), a beneficial bacteria, targets the larval stage of insects. If it's a caterpillar it doesn't stand a chance. Serenade (Baccilus subtilis) is a beneficial bacteria that controls fungus such as early blight on tomatoes and pow- dery mildew on roses, squash, and crape myrtles. All are rated as organic and safe. (Be sure to following instructions on the labels.) There are also choices such as soap and oil sprays that suf- focate insects. Diatomaceous earth, for example, scratches the outer shell of most crawl- ing insects. Neem oil from the Neem tree (Azaditachta indica) smothers insects and also acts as an anti-feedant. When in- sects sense Neem, they go the other way. How does Neem oil work? It enters the system and blocks the real hormones from working properly, ac- cording to the Discover Neem website. "Insects 'forget' to eat, to mate, or they stop lay- ing eggs. Some forget that they can fly. If eggs are produced they don't hatch, or the larvae don't molt." With today's organics, it simply doesn't make any sense to choose the more toxic option. Make the right choice, and feel good about your con- tribution to a safer, greener, less toxic environment. As always, if you have ques- tions about any of these prod- ucts, please give me a call, send me an e-mail, or just come by for a chat. Happy gardening everyone! If you have a question for Chris, send it via email to Or mail a postcard to It'sAbout Thyme: 11726 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748 www.itsaboutthyme. com PHOTO BY JIM CULLEN Negley goes green Among the throng of participants in Negley Elementary School's "Negley Goes Green" celebration of Earth Day 2010 were siblings (left to right) Ava Parra, Max King and Emma Para. Ava and Emma are Negley first- graders (and, yes, they're twins). Character assassination compliments of Minute Women n attorney acting as the front man for anonymous antlcom- munists turned the May 4, 1953 meeting of the Hous- ton school board into an inquisition by accusing the new deputy superintendent of political heresy. Sen. loseph McCarthy was in his heyday working frightened followers into a frenzy with his reckless claims of insidious sub- version. For many appre- hensive Americans, it was easy to believe that the government and important institutions were crawling with commies. After all, former diplomat Alger Hiss was serving a short prison sentence for spying, and the Rosenbergs were only a month away from execution for sharing atomic secrets with the Soviet Union. The Wisconsin witch- hunter had devoted dis- ciples in every community in the country, but few were as rich and influential as the Houstonians who sang his praises and imitated his tactics. Chronicle publisher ]esse ]ones, an FDR cabinet member, used the power of his press to promote the crusade, while oil tycoon and philanthropist Hugh Roy Cullen hailed McCar- thy as "the greatest man in America." Doctors' wives and the spouses of oil company executives gave the lo- cal chapter of the Minute Women, an anticommunist lobby created in Connecti- cut in 1949, its missionary .eal and pit-bull tenacity. Compared to the well-to-do vigilantes, frontier lynch mobs seemed downright timid. The school board had a history of succumbing to pressure to keep ideologi- cally objectionable mate- rial out of the classroom. A civics textbook was trashed because of a trivial refer- ence to public education and the postal system as examples of socialism. A gung:ho administrator, who purged the United Nations from the curricu- lum and banned art books containing nude paintings, was congratulated instead [ THIS WEEK IN of canned. Dr. William E. Moreland, superintendent of Houston schools, searched far and wide before offering the job of deputy to a Portland, Or- egon educator in July 1952. He was delighted by George Ehey's acceptance and even happier when the board unanimously endorsed his choice. But a wary watchdog was far from pleased and promptly published a mimeographed critique entitled "We've Got Your Number, Dr. Ebey." Citing his encouragement of "non- discriminatory behavior" in the racially mixed Portland schools, the author warned the newcomer would deny Houstonians the right to "cherish their prejudices." In defense of the segregated status quo, she maintained "responsible citizens of both races prefer the tra- ditional American manner of living to that advocated by Socialists and Commu- nists." The Minute Women turned out for the deputy's debut but, as always, spoke as "concerned citizens" rather than sorority sisters. The finger-pointers were shocked by the hostile reaction from school board president ]ames Delmar, who chastised them for their "underhanded and un-American" comments. Ebey enjoyed a relatively rancor free autumn, as the Minute Women concen- trated on the school board election. Two members and the husbands of two oth- ers, all of whom carefully concealed their secret con- nection, conducted a scare campaign under the slogan "Keep America strong by keeping your schools safe from creeping Socialism and abortive Communism." Half of the slate succeeded in winning the voters over to their side. -,: ,,,ii;,i:i,iiiliii!i,iiii,l,i!iii,!i!iliiiii,, ! ,,!, ..... 11726 Manchaca Rd. Austin, TX 78748 (On the corner of Frate Barker Rd.) 512-280-1192 Visit: Email Chris Winslow at: In January 1953, the pro- lific pamphleteer penned a second attack. This tirade took Ebey to task for his involvement in the Ameri- can Veterans' Committee, a liberal alternative to the American Legion and VFW. As California chairman, he was accused of coddling known communists. Ebey acknowledged the presence of "reds" in the AVC but emphasized the participation of Ron- aid Reagan, Henry Cabot Lodge and Harold Stassen. He resisted an attempt to kick out the communists because, in his opinion, the struggle would have wrecked the organization. The Minute Women recruited a willing attorney to serve as their surrogate for the next phase of the character assassination. In a May 1953 appear- ance before the board, he added Ebey's opposition to . the France fascists in the Spanish civil war and state- mandated loyalty oaths to the list of reasons for not renewing his contract due to expire in August. After a heated two-week debate, the boardhired a team of former FBI agents to investigate the besieged deputy. On July 10, the sleuths submitted a 348- page report that cleared Ebey of communist sympa- thies but documented his New Deal liberalism. Five days later, the board convened to decide the educator's fate. Ebey rejected a last-minute plea from the panic-stricken su- perintendent, who begged him to resign rather than risk putting his neck on the chopping block. The school board presi- dent broke a 3-3 deadlock by voting to give George Ebey his walking papers. He rationalized the decision by blaming the victim rather than the witch-hunters for the controversy that "has split our entire community." Bartee Haile welcomes your comments, questions and suggestions at haile@ or P.O. Box 152, Friendswood, TX 77549. And come on by for a visit! 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