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May 4, 2011     Hays Free Press
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May 4, 2011

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Page 6A # n Hays Free Press * May 4, 2011 + Ron Sherman running for Kyle City Council l.Whlch local cm'nmt or former elected officials (Hays Countyor any ,sctmlOi=rict or other political subdivision tbet ) doyou thinkmmt dosdyreflectvtmr senabint and/or st#in rn I reallylike Mark Jones because of his conservative approach to govern- SHERgtM/ ment. I also reallylike the fact that even those who did not support Mark in the last elec- tion still had a lot of respect for him. I spoke with many people that felt Mark was fair and would listen to the people. That is what I want to aspire to be like. I also thought that both Ray Bryant and Mark Jones ran very dean last election. They on their messages and refrained from attacking the other person. After all of the neg- ativity that went around in other races last election, that one was reminding me people can still respect one another even if they disagm on issues. That is the kind of reputation I hope to receive iflam chosen by our dtizens to represent them on council 2. whatyour mndl- daey is all about In 140 ekatac- te~orlem. I started attending council meetings about two years ago because the council wanted to build a 20 million dollar recre- ation centel: While that sounded nice, the impact on our taxes would have been significant. For this reamh I was opposed to the project. My candidacy is simple. Let's stop wasting time and money on '~eel good" projects and focus on improv- ing our infrastructure here in Kyie. That is how we will bring jobs to our dty. We need to add support to our police department. We need to balance our budget. 3.Size and scope ofgovtmm~ent ha~ bemlead lmm in reomt elections on the local, state and national level Do you think the city of Kyle Slmm~ too much in Its general ftmd budgetT If so, what specifically would you cut and how much money would this saver I believe there may be areas where spending can be cut, but council should refrain from dictating what cuts are made. Rather, all discretionary spend- ing should bejnstified. Council should direct our new city manager to direct that process and come back with recommen- dationg 4.What is the kleal tax rate for the cry of Kyie and how wouldyou get thettq The ideal taxrate is what bal- ances the budget whne keeping taxes low. I like the tax rate that we are currently at. However, our citizens are not being given the whole story on our current tax rats Our utility fund subsidizes the shortfalls in our current spending. In other words we are paying more for our utilities, so that there is a surplus of about 1.5 to 2 million dogars a year. The dty then relys on that money in order to break even. The dry should run a balanced budget, and either remm suiplus money from our utility fund backto the people, or put that money back into infiastmcture (roads, water, and sewage). I personally like the second option because this can be a source ofcorning up with the funds needed for added infrastructure pmject~ s. C, emmlly what is ~mu'plan for Improving Kyle area streets and roads and which three projects do you thinkare nmst presan# We need fix Burleson and Goforth roads first. Both of these streets have two way traffic and the roads are just too narrow and worn out. I also feel that we need to continue to improve the roads in old town Kyt~ 6.Do you O.mkK#elms emugh police offMzts on the stnm~ to mnintatn reasormble ofpub saety . I would like to see more police officelx If there are any spend- ing increases this is where the money should go. 7.What Is the most momt bookynu ha~ read~ "The Breakthrough Factor. Creating Success and Happi- ness Through a Life of Value" by Henry Marsh. I loved reading this book because it helped me identify the things that cause stress in my life, and helped me change how I perceived these events. It really changed the way I look at life and how I respond to di cnity &MacorP~ I am not sure what the rel- evance of this question i, but I use aPC. SEALs Commended Continued from log. 1A Burcbett, a realtor from Man- more than what I went through. "The training they go through - chaca, is the CentraITexas Chap- Our training was mostly physi- it's hard to explain how difficult it ter president of the ODT-SEAL cal. They still have the physical is. Very few make it." Association, a national group of aspect, but they have to have the AsfortheSFALswhokilledbin current and former SEALs, sur- tecknical training to go along Laden, Bumhett added that he's viving spouses and support staff, withit.Theweaponsaresomuch glad they're home safe. Much has changed for the more sophisticated." "I'mgladthisisover,"hesaid."I SEALs since Burchett left the Burchett met several current have to feel, likemostAmericans, team in1975, he said. SEAL team members during a there may be some retaliation "In my day; you lit the fuse reunionlastsummer. ~-atweneedtobeawamof.From and ran," he explained. "Today; "They're the same meax what I understand, thecountryas with the education these gentle- They're determined, they're awholeis already watching tbaL men have to have to become dedicated and they're fearless, or and our government is. 'The team members, Serg, much th ywoul tlzgE ,"h l& ,ta t, in l:asitshoul&"' Becky Selbera running for Kyle City Council l.Which local current or former elected ofltdals (Hays Cmmty or any d~ sdmohDstrlct or other political subdivlaon themin) doyou thinkmost do,dyreflectyour sm Ibgitim and/or styieingomm Judge Howard Wamer, Hays County Court at Law No. 1. Wh~ I had the pleasure of first SELBERA meeting the late Judge Warner in 2000 during one of our community events in Kyie. Hewas awann and thoughtful man as well as a tireless public servant. To this day, his passion and commit- ment to the children and fami- lies of Hays County inspires me to devote time and energy to local non-profits and other community-based organiza- tions helping our population in need. He was a great mentor and friend not only to me but to the countless number of people he helped with dignity and respect. Judge Warner will be missed, but never forgotten. 2. ~matlm what your eandidacyis all about in ]40 dmnmters or kin. Becky Selbora is committed to QualityofLife, Public Safe , Improved 1Pansportation, Ac- cess to Health Cam, and Revital- izing Downtown Kyie. 3. Size and soope of govern- ment ha~ betm leadingissues in reomt dections on the local, state and nmional level Do think the dry ofl0yie spends too much in Its gen- eral fund If so, what slmcifimllymmid you cut and bow much moneywould this save~ No, a 20% cut in general revenue does not mean the Citywill have to cut 20% of its total budget as general my- as well as the proposal of a debt management policy. 4.What Is the ideal tax rate for the c/tyofKyle rand howwouldyouget Wearefadng important choices as a cityand I am confident that we will find reasonable solutions th~ will allow us to maintain a manageable tax rate while not cut- ting services to our resident~ I believe that it is unrealistic to expect a City our size to be able to maintain roadg water and wastewater infrastructure, and public safety without at least a .40 per hundred dollar valuation taxrate. Businesses looking for new locations weigh whether a potential site has both the population and infrastructure to support and sustain the opening of new store or restaurant Again, in this economy, Kyle has been ex- place to work, play and live. t thlnkK#ehm enough police officers on the streets to maintain reasonable levels of public mfety't No, I do not. I believe that Kyle's growth is a major concem and more officers are in need to help maintain our safe environment. We have enjoyed the luxury of reporting a crime rate much lower than other cities our size; however, with increased urbanization it is incomprehensible to believe that this will continue. Making sure we have a professional, fully-staffed Police Depart- ment trained in up-to-date law enforcement techniques and equipped with the tools to handle the day-to-day chal- lenges in keeping residents in a city our size safe should be one of our top priorities. 7.What is the nmm reomt bookyou have read't "Fireproof' 8.MacorPC~ tremely successful in attracting PC economic development with even more exciting develop- : : i~ ~::: i!~!~iii!i: i' :i~! i ii~:!:i i-:i!,:; i: iii( i:ii~ ii~i ~ ~ ments on our horizon none of ii!i i i iii i which would be possible with-:~ :.i;i~? i~ i~!ii;i:~iii out those initial investments in Our infl'asffucture. :::i. i~i~i ~,~i~~ ~::~::~i: 'i~:~~::~:~:;:i~}i~ii~!~i!~ii~iiiiii!iii!iiii S.C, mem what is your plan for improving Kyie area streets and roads? First and foremost, we need to prioritize the implementa- tion of the tramportation piece of our adopted Com- prehensive Plan that so many of our citizens provided input or~ I thinkwe have done a good job with the roads that the City has control over and have partnered with the State and County to develop and maintain the transportation system to meet the cunent and forecasted needs of Kyle, such as etticient tlaffic flow, enue is only a subset of our improved uamcsafetyand :~,~::total budget. Given the state of addressing the pace ofpopula- i~: the economy, we have had to tion growth. As always, there deal with a number ofissues is room for improvement, but and have worked to meet the committing to our Transporta- challenges ahead to ensure our tion and Comprehensive Plans continued success. TheCity are the fast step. has worked to balance fiscal Which three proje~ do you austerity with retaining the level thlnkare mint ptmsingt of services we provide to our A larger facility for our police residents through the imple- d t, work with the mentation of~-~mea- La SalhMUD Distri~ and sures in p~ teehnolog~ .m .aking~axre that the families of and stmamlln our p cesses coihnue to have a"SAFE" Old Fashioned Soda Fomataia Treat, 203 Railroad St. Buda Pharmacy 312-2111 Fountain 312-2172 Fountain Hours: Mon-Sat, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.; Closed Sunday Pharmacy Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Fast friendly service with an dd-fasldoned fla~m" t DISTRIBUTED MAY 25 FOR JACK C. HAYS, LEHMAN & LIVE OAKACADEMY HIGH SCHOOLS This special edition will indude class favorites, baby photos, class songs and much more. Ad deadline is May 6 at 5 p.m., so don't delay. Send in your photos and message today! l Lehman High School Graduation: May 27, 8 at Shelton Stadium Jack C. Hays High School Graduation: May 28, 8 p.m. at Shelton Stadium Live Oak Academy Graduation: May 28, 2 p.m. at the Hays Performing Arts Center Purchaser's Name: Address: Phone: E-Mail: Graduate's Name: Congratulatory Message: or use separate piece of paper Size ofad: Payment form: Check Enclosed MC,VISA, Discover CC#: Exp. Date: __Z__ 3-Digit Code: Signature: Mail this form and payment to P.O. Box 2530 Kyle,Texas 78640 or e-mail to paper@haysfreepress, com +