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May 12, 2010     Hays Free Press
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May 12, 2010

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Page 4A q] THEY REALLY SAID THAT?. "I believe that this particularproposed high00oay has many, many unans00oered questions." - Travis County Commissioners Karen Huber, on her move to kill SH-45 SW Hays Free Press May 12, 2010 Where's th e outc ry? . LETTERS FROM ,i UNDEN , he phrase "too big to fail" is being used today to refer to companies, namely banking and insurance companies that are so large, if they fail, it will affect the global economy. We saw that happen in 2008 and are still recovering from the near economic catastrophe. We are also now hearing that our government is too big, too intrusive, too unconcerned. It is time to ask those who are saying that our government is too big, what they want instead of what is happening. If the government is too big, what aspects of it do the protesters want abolished? Is the government too big now that it is involved in the massive oil clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico? While screaming for less government, does it not seem logical that the protesters of big government should now be protesting what the government is doing to help alleviate the damage to free enterprise? Is it fair to protest big govern- ment only when it is trying regulate? Those protesters cannot use the excuse that the mishap is a disaster and therefore needs the help of government. That mis- hap is the result of free enterprise. If free enterprise means that one makes money from investment, then it should follow that the same enterprise be responsible for the mistakes and losses. Would the protestors allow the natural environment to be mined in the name of free enterprise? Would they be amenable to the beaches becoming oil soaked, the killing of waterfowl, and the destruction of the means of others to make a living? That is what would happen if big government did not step in and help those that caused the problem. Many of us on the liberal side of the table want that big government to step in and do the saving, but we also want that big government to regulate industries so that it doesn't have to come to the rescue. We want to be able to enjoy nature in its natural state. We also recognize that too often in our history, we humans have desecrated our landscape, our waterways, and destroyed wildlife. We have come to depend on government to protect us from ourselves. As the famous cartoon character Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and it is us." While I hear no protest about big gov- ernment intruding into the oil spill now the size of Connecticut, or any outcry from the anti-big govemment people about the immigration law recently passed in Ari- zona. How much more big government is there when a police officer with reasonable suspicion, can ask you for your citizen- ship papers? Adding insult to injury, there is also a section of that same law that says one can file charges against a police officer for failing to carry out his legal duties if it is believed he or she is not enforcing the law. Where is the outcry? Would you, if white, be offended if a police officer asEed you for your papers merely on his suspicions? These two problems are real and need to be solved, if in fact they are solvable. Yes, big government has an obligation to help in times of catastrophe, but it also has an obligation to attempt to ensure that such catastrophes do not occur. If those who are opposed to big government are true to themselves, they will demand that the people responsible for the catastro- phe pay for the damages. Those damages must include the payment for potential eamings by those who the catastrophe affected. How do you put a price on the death of wildlife and the environment? I don't have an answer; a guilty conscious is not enough. As for immigration, yes, we need a policy. The federal government has an obli- gation to securethe borders, but it cannot be based on"nable suspicion" and cannot just em border. Let's b o ourselves in trying to solve the problems facing the nation. In the meantime, let's don't pick and choose when it comes to economics. We are either for some government intervention or we are not.We can't be for on the one hand and not for on the other. CHISPA KYLE'S FULL CYCLE Everyone was feeling good - and a little feisty- at the Historic Kyle City Hall Grand Re-Opening. Adell Hurst, who has worked tirelessly through the Kyle Area Seniors Zone to make sure old City Hall was remodeled, took the mic and looked at former Mayor Mike Gonzalez. Hurst said she had emailed Gonzalez in regard to his support, or lack thereof that Hurst supposed, telling him "You don't value old buildings - or old people." "I'm sorry about that, Mike," Hurst said. Gonzalez quipped back, 'Tve still got that emaill" Later in the program, former Kyle City Manager Tom Mar,is was presented an award for his work on the City Hall. He took the mic to make his thanks, and told the senior citizens that he thinks they have everything they need now. "I think we've covered everything now... We've got three pharmacies, a hospital- and now a funeral home." OPEN 00R TEX]'8ooK5 Pray it ain't so tion of a woman comes from defect in the active power." And, "How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all madly in love with the same God.") should serve in his place. Vague Christian "influences" on the nation's Founding Fathers, but without the stabilizing ballast of the separation of church and state. The board is refusing to teach students that the folks who wrote our Con- stitution'actually worked to protect religious freedom by forbidding government from promoting or con- demningany religion over another. Heralding the unquestionably bi- ased Heritage Foundation, the shriek- ing Phyllis Schlafy, and Jerry Falwell's Clfyou're not a born-again Christian . then you are a failure as a human being.") Moral Majority as heros and icons of American liberty. McCarthyism as a defensible and actually justifiable piece of our his- tory. I'm sorry, I just can't add to that. It makes my mind reel. The concept that the struggle for equal and civil rights was somehow overplayed in traditional history. And, get this, that we should actually be thankful to those generous white men who were so gracious in extend- ing our civil liberties't0'iis (eVen as the courts threatened Sanctions).: I Tt's taken me three weeks to cull | this column down into something .Lmat is even plausibly printable. rve neen gnashing my teeth. Tossing ana turning. Trying to make sense of mls whole State Board of Education aeDacJ which is garnering interna- tional headlines as well as making texas the butt of punch lines from coast to coast these days. Worse, it's mreatening my children's education. vmm what I've gleaned, in Janu- arv and in March the Texas Board of tmucadon Titanic-ed a year's worth of work by teachers, scholars and other Curriculum writers in unin- formed and tyrannical changes based on their their personal, religious beliefsL They shunned historians, economists, sociologists and even classroom teachers, as reference and resource, as they rewrote the cur- riculum standards to fit their oddly constrUed version of reality. To add insult io injury, last year they made catastrophic changes to the science curriculum as well, questioning the validity of evolution and our influ- ence on global climate change. Fun- damentalist Christians on the board pushe d through creationist and intelligent,design curriculum over scientifically proven standards. And sometlow, this flew under our radar? Scay enough, but get this: Next week, this same board is slated to vote on social studies curriculum which includes; The idea that although the term "demOcratic" simply means social equally, our form of government should be refelqed to as a"constitu- tional republic" for some odd reason. The/pxoposal that Thomas Jef- am not kidding. I wish I was. . /. fersonlbe removed entirely from the i Luckily, some folks,were actually discussion on the Enlightenmemand , paying attention out there because at that it$1ian Thomas Aquinas [who: : least three out of fiveiof the fanatical grace d this pipet in the 1200s and i-: right bloc will not beComing back left usith thejewels; As regards ::i, wnen the newboard convenes in the indlvidual namre; woman is ' IanuarywhenDonMcLeroy, Cynthia defective and misbegotten, for the ae- Dunbar and Randy Rives take their tire POwer of the male seed tends to long awaited leave. McLeroy just last the production of a perfect likeness in week stated that he',loved" science the masculine sex; while the produc-' (winkwink, pokepoke), and Dunbar [ ,i , i , , prayed before a national audience in Washington that God would "invade" our schools and homes and country and churches (I'm assuming that she's speaking of her "god" because if she was invoking Allah, I betcha there would be hell to pay on all kinds of levels if he were invading anything in America), and Rives who, as a school board trustee, rammed through his abstinence-only sex ed agenda into a district that has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state. I could not make this stuff up. In one ray of sunshine, future Gov- ernor (if there is a God, like all these folks are professing) BillWhite, in his renowned rationality, suggests that the SBOE wait to vote on the Social Studies curriculum until the newly elected members of the board are f_rmly in place. Now that the prima- ries are over and the general election is just over the horizon, he proposes a delay of the ludicrous May vote until January 2011. The voters of Texas spoke resoundingly at the polls and will continue to do so in November. There's a rally at the Texas Educa- tion Agency in Austin next Wednes- day, May 19 at 1 p.m. to give us all an opporttmity to stand up to this extremism and implore that these decisions be postponed until san- ity prevails on the board. Take a late lunch and make your voice heard. Even if you don't have kiddos of your own, the children being educated today will be tomorrow's doctors and lawyers and architects and educators. It affects you. Now's the time to pay 'attention. I think it makes sense. The voters don't want these three making any decisions which will affect the school children of Texas. We have spoken loudly and clearly. Let's let these three fade quietly into this good night. And pray like hell that the board we elect in November will have sense and rationality and a fervent passion for the truth. And act accordingly. Don't drill baby, don't an you imagine anything worse than being in the pa,th %,..,,J 0f an atomic bomb as it ex- plodeS? IfWiUiam Rivers Pitt is right we'll have oceans of oil instead of salt and this is a fact, the oceans will die and everything in them. And after that, the earth. This is how it will happen if an immediate solution is not found to the present crisis in the Gulf of Mexic o where a British Petroleum oil rig exploded and sank off the Gulf Coast On April 28th, according to the MObile Press-Register as reported in Truthout, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Response document reads, "Two ad- ditional release points were found... the flew could become unchecked resulting in a release volume on or- der ofrmagnitude higher than previ- ously. This means ten times higher. When the oil rig collapsed and sank, reports Pure Energy Systems, it flippel over and landed on the drill hole. it is estimated that 200,000 bar- rels of oil a day are being released by a drill hole sitting under the wrecked oil drilling rig 5,000 feet under the ocean. "It would take years and hun- dreds of millions to accomplish... If we can't cap that hole that oil is going to destroy the oceans of the world. It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wild life." If they are unable to cap the well- head "you can turn out the lights, because we are all done. Birds, bees, you, me, and everything else on planet Earth could be facing mass extinction." Whatg if's. I was so horrified by the abinformation I was com- pelledt o pass it on. lwant 6vene ': to recognize how seriously we are all involved. Now is the time to believe in miracles.The Gulf Coast ihome to i more than 400 species ofdlife, some already threatened with extinc-' ' tion. And s is the spawning and breeding season! The larvae of blue, fin tuna, grotfper, shrimp and oysters are floating on the surface, espec!ally vulnerable now. : . , You can forget ur favorite soft shell crab.,Like thwonderful blue- point oysters of Chesapeake Bay, it .i may be a long time before we taste them again. Always before, when writing this column, I could find a cause that could be corrected, some hope that the worst could be avoided. My best hope now is that we all hang together and do everything we can to help the people who are living in the misery of this tragedy. POLL QUESTION ? THIS WEEK'S POLL QUESTION DO you think CAMPO should drop plans for SH 45 SW, e road propoeed to connect Hays County to MoPac Boulevard? A Yes. It's too expensive, may not be necessary and could hurt the environment. B. For a while. This isn't the time to spend $80 million on a new road. C. No. That connector road is desperately needed for mobility. LAST WEEK'S POLL QUESTION Are you happy with the con- version to the new one-way access roads between FM 1626 and 2001? A. Yes. Besides the safety issues, it's really cut down on traffic at intersections. 73% B. Sort of. I know it's safer, but it makes it harder for me to ac- cess on-ramps and businesses on the frontage roads. 17% C. No. They should have left it the way it was. 10% TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR WEEKLY POLL GO TO WWW.HAYSFREEPRESS.COM 00ree___00ress MANAGEMENT Barton Publications, Inc. 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