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May 17, 2017     Hays Free Press
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May 17, 2017

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+ Page 2C COMMUNITY Hays Free Press May 1 7, 2017 SPanish authori- ties banished Father Juan Manuel Zambrano from provin- cial Texas on May 22, 1814, but the combative priest stood his ground and forced his earthly adversaries to rescind the order. Gov. Manuel de Salcedo succeeded in sending Zambrano into exile in 1807. After three long years of isolation in the Mexican imerior, the penitent priest was permitted to return to his native San Antonio over the strong objections of the governor. Zambrano's homecom- ing coincided with the most serious challenge to Spanish rule since Cortes' conquest in 1521. Three centuries of pent-up hos- tility erupted into armed insurrection inspired by another political priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Castillo. The revolt rolled over the Rio Grande and into Texas, where Salcedo was outmaneuvered by a re- tired army captain. Sup- ported by the common soldiers, Juan Bautista de las Casas took power and the governor prisoner on Jan. 22, 1811. Casas at first claimed that his coup was neces- sary to better battle the Hidalgo hordes. But the two-faced tyrant soon showed his true colors by jailing Europeans and confiscating their property. While his two brothers stayed in San Antonio to keep tabs on the upris- ing, Zambrano hid out at the family ranch. Told the time had come to save the day, the fugitive slipped back into town in late February. Zambrano secretly huddled with four trusted friends, all well-to-do Texas History by Bartee Halle By the summer of 1815, Zambrano considered himself immune to the laws of man and God. But a lowly lieutenant came within a whisker of cutting him down to size. pillars of local society. He told them to recruit a small cadre of like-mind- ed comrades and to meet him the next night at the military barracks. The counter-coup was bloodless child's play. The sentries gave up without a fight as did the officers, who sheepishly surrendered in their pa- jamas. Concerned only with winding up on the winning side, the fickle troops repledged their allegiance to the crown and mother country. Once the city was secured, the five-man junta dragged the de- posed dictator out of bed. Capt. Casas begged his captors to spare him the indignity of parad- ing half-naked through the streets, a reasonable request they readily granted. When several min- utes passed with no sign of the prisoner, Zambrano suspected subterfuge. Breaking down the bedroom door, he caught Casas in the act of burning a pile of incriminating papers. The priest put out the fire and placed the devi- ous despot under con- stant guard pending his transfer to the interior for trial. Casas was convicted of treason and executed according to custom. He was made to kneel and to kiss the death decree before being shot in the back. His severed head was shipped to San Anto- nio as gruesome proof of his fate. Father Zambrano presided over a caretaker government until the last pockets of Hidalgo resistance were crushed. He then astonished his old enemy Salcedo by dissolving the junta and graciously relinquishiilg the reins of power. Zambrano's reward for rescuing Texas was a commission as a lieuten- ant colonel. Reveling in his new role, the friar fought a holy war against the outlaw gangs terror- izing the eastern edge of the province. The bandits pulled back beyond the Sabine River and laid a trap for Zambrano. When he rode into their fool-proof ambush, 25 riflemen opened fire and all 25 missed. His miraculous escape convinced even the most skeptical cut- throat that the reckless priest had an angel on his shoulder. But peace brought out the worst in Zambrano, whose wild and wicked ways produced a public outcry for his permanent iii!iiiii! expulsion from Texas. The governor issued the order but could find no one with nerve enough to carry it out. By the summer of 1815, Zambrano consid- ered himself immune to the laws of man and God. But a lowly lieutenant came within a whisker of cutting him down to size. During a quarrel over a gambling debt, Zambra- no challenged the young officer to a duel. His quick acceptance should have alerted the cantan- kerous clergyman to the danger, but he was more surprised than alarmed that his bluff had finally been called. His sly opponent was an expert swordsman, who proceeded to carve Zambrano like a side of beef. Bleeding profusely from a dozen wounds, he was saved from certain death by soldiers who stopped the illegal com- bat. The painful encoun- ter did not cause Father Zambrano to reform, though in the future he was more selective of the fights he picked. Never- theless, he evidently re- peated the same mistake and on that final occa- sion paid the ultimate price, i While the details of his demise have not sur- vived, his passing rated this comment by the San Antonio postmaster in a letter to his wife. "Don't be afraid of the beat- ing Father Zambrano threatened you with. I've heard he died recently in an exemplary way. May God keep him in his heavenly kingdom!" Bartee's three books and ten "Best of This Week in Texas History" column collections are available for purchase at barteehaile, com. 4-. PHOTO BY AMANDA MOON Hot lips salvia plants are very popular with hummingbirds. Ask Amanda Continued from pg. 1C -- even in a neighbor- color when many plants hood where no outside have finished their bloom watering was allowed last cycles for the year. summer. 4. May Night (Salvia 2. Salvia namiensis nemerosa) is a beautiful is another trooper. (No early season bloomer. common name for this; I It is a shorter sage with call it oak-leaf sage.) This spikes of dark purple or low evergreen sub-shrub pink flowers from early is a very unusual sage. spring until the heat of The leaves are lobed like summer. Although it can an oak leaf, and it has get a little rangy in the a more prostrate grow- extreme heat, it bounces ing habit, reaching only right back with little as- 18"- 2' tall, but can grow sistance. to a width of 5'. The pale 5. Salvia discolor purple flowers attract (Andean sage) is a tender butterflies and bloom perennial with gray most of the growing sea- leaves, white stems and son. This is another salvia almost black flowers. It that survived the last has a semi-trailing habit three years without any and looks beautiful in assistance at all, making a container or flower- it through last summer in bed in morning sun. In full sun on a corner of a the full sun it gets too yard without irrigation.., woody, so a bright porch and it still looks great, or protected location is 3. Forsythia sage (Sal- best. The flowers ap- via madrensis), named pear consistently from for its lemon yellow late spring until frost, flower spikes, is another or beyond if kept from top performer. It loves freezing temperatures. the shade and grows Happy gardening every- quite tall, so it makes for one! a beautiful backdrop to other shade loving plants If you have a question (like majestic sage). An- for Amanda or Chris, send other survivor from the it via email to iathyme@ last few years of extreme Or mail a Texas weather, this salvia postcard to It's About typically blooms later in Thyme:11726 Manchaca the season and into the Road, Austin, TX 78748 winter time, giving extra www. Texas Crossword and Sudoku sponsored by 51 ............ ilizii! iiii i,i,i ; i!iiii!iiii!iiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiii)ilii - ! iiiiiii iiiiii i i i i ilililiiiii!li i i i iJi!ig .................I ............. - i!i!i)i)iiii~i!i~);iljlji .......................................... ::,:.::: iiiiiiiii!i!i!iiiiiiiiii)i 9 7 4 85(5 ...~: .... ................. ; i: i i iiiiiiiiiiii:!:: iiil;i ii)iii!liiiii)iiiiiii)i~iiiiiiii'i)iiiiiiiii~ ::.:.::::::::: See Solution on 3C 9 ................................. 2 6 ................... 1 4 ACROSS 42 in Shelby County on 1 many TX cities U.S. 84, 59, & 96 have Mardi __ 45 TXism: "busy as _ _.z celebrations armed paper hanger" 5 Livingston is the 46 three feet (abbr.) seat of this county 47 TX Candice Earley was 6 LBJ alma mater this Donna on "Atl My before TSU Chiidren~ 7 Cowboys first 48 TXism: ".~_ buster" coach, Landry (init.) (farmer) 8 TX-born actress 49 uppermost spar on Charisse a traditional sailing ship 9 "friday Night Lights" oity 15 TXism:" mama" (waitress) 16 YXism:" your teeth l (threat) 19 describing 7-across 52 TXism: (2 wds.) enough to = 21 "you can __ ___ it" pucker .... " (certain) 53 TX-based chain 22 1980s hair style restaurant: for guys " Star" 27 TXism "squeaks 54 TX~sm: "-horse like a rusty " town" 12 28 TX Patrick Swayze 55 "Stop''" starred in 1992 13 " Joy" I)OWN 29 a very old gold coin 14 in several countries 1 U.S, geolocation 15 30 this is affecting TX system (abbr.) beaches 2 TXism:" gut" 32 Ford subcompact (tiquor) 16 33 nonTexas fibbers?3 Van ______, TX (2 wds.) 4 unscrupulous acts 36 past tense of tear 8 you can use 1 -down 17 37 federal ID (abbr.) with a ~ phone 38 person from a 9 Highland Park 18 Persian Gutf country Village is the 20 39 "Decatur Antique " Auto " center in Ameria" 22 41 acquisition at South 10 TX ID card (abbr.) Padre Island 11 TXism: "let ' tip!" where the Sabine Lake goes into Gulf proofreader's "let it stand" lawyer (abbr,) Laguna Medre is between TX ------- and Padre Island TXism: "he'll kick you _._._ a funeral home (mean horse) TXism: flake a -__- _ "(investigate) "baby" in French TXism: "still wet behind the" this Floyd won 1977 Byron Nelson Classic (init.) 23 snowcapped mountain 24 TXism: "a liking to" 25 freshwater fish 26 respiratory tract 28 Comanche's "Otd "is oldest TX courthouse 31 __ Park, TX by Charley & Guy Orbison Copyright 2017 by O bi$on Bros. P-132A. 34 TX Audie Murphy was a WW hero 35 Cowboys play in "Stadium" 37 LBJ's last words: Mike immediatelyV 40 debatable 43 "Sweet Thang" TX singer, Stuckey 44 TXism: "confused as AstroTuW' 50 this Sai was in TX epic "Giant" 51 Ken Paxton's"lX title (abbr.) See Solution on 3C