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May 24, 2017     Hays Free Press
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May 24, 2017

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK "He's taken it beyond what lever did... I'm living vicariously through my son. I never raced and never desired to, but he's taken a liking to it." + Paul Greenfield, father of Lobe cyclist Justin Greenfield. See story on page 1 B. Hays Free Press May 24, 2017 Page 3A "f ever there was a char- acter that exemplified ,the bully mentality, Scut Farkus from '~k Christmas Story" is prob- ably one of them. Farkus, along with his toadie Grover Dill, were the bullies that terrorized Ralphie Parker and his friends, using intimida- tion tactics to get what they wanted from their hapless victims, as is what most bullies are wont to do. Seems Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has taken a page out of that playbook. While Patrick isn't wearing a raccoon-skin cap, he has, however, used threats of a special session to get his way in regards to the so-called "bathroom bill." On Sunday, the Tex- as House approved an amendment to Senate Bill 2078, which creates re- strictions for transgender bathroom students. Under that amend- ment, students in public schools who don't want to use bathrooms based on their biological sex could be forced to use single-stall bathrooms, locker rooms and chang- ing facilities. But according to a Tex- as Tribune report, Patrick wasn't happy with what he called "ambiguous lan- guage" in the amendment and wants the House to address it. It should be difficult for any Texan, much less leg- islators, to justify some- thing that screams of the "Separate, but Equal" mentality that took place in the Jim Crow south. Supporters say the move is done in the name of "safety." This, despite the fact there are few, if any, stats to back up claims that allowing transgender people to use bathrooms of their choice leads to an increase in as- saults, sexual assaults or child molestation. This piece of legisla- tion paints our leaders as intolerant buffoons who ensure a bill with little meaning in the operation of the state goes through. Regardless of how it's worded, the amendment to SB 2078 is a toxic fire- ball that is dangerous to our state. To employ intimidation tactics to further such a cause is downright tragic. Ironically, state leaders earlier this session passed an important anti-cyber- btfllying law that tries to prevent bullying from tak- ing place. But it seems our legis- lature is operating under the "do as I say, not as I do" mantra. Perhaps that's the tragic takeaway from all of this. It seems like there's a lot of talk these days about legaliz- ing marijuana. In a few states, recreational use of pot is now legal while in many states, it's only used for medical treatments of certain of potential side-effects maladies. Now, I am from that drug. I doubt not gonna give y'all my you'll ever see any opinion on legalized commercial pro- marijuana. I person- moting marijuana ally don't care if some for dogs, so y'all Texas toker is lighting who do treat o1' up a doobie as long as Bullet for seizures it's not around me. If with a giggle stick I smell grass burning, need to know the I'm grabbing my garden side effects of pot. hose. Since I have over Not only are red-eyed 20 years of experi- Americans puffing on ence in the veter- skunk weed, but recent- inary field, who's ly, marijuana has been better to provide used to treat certain ill- this critical infor- nesses in dogs. Pot has mation to you been found beneficial dog owners? in treating seizures and So, here is my severe arthritis in some list of 10 dogs. It is also found Signs Your to help ease pain in Dog is a canine cancer patients. Pothead: The verdict is still out 1. Fide if marijuana actually becomes helps dogs as reported very in- by some vets who prac- active, tice holistic medicine, refus- I just wonder how they ing to train a dog to hold a go on roach clip. walks or As y'all all know, play catch. anytime a new drug He'd hits the market, ads rather appear on TV and, in just lie these ads, there is a list on the fll (AKA Mo) John- son, Hays CISD )erintendent for umpteen years, once noted that of the 16 graduates in his 1947 Buda High School class, 11 graduated from col- lege. That's an astound- ing 69%, and it hap- pened before a college education was touted as the sure way to a make more money. The reason was large- ly the influence of a single teacher, or so said her students. Young, dedicated Jimmy Porter was determined to in- troduce them to a world beyond their tiny, rural hometown. Apparently she succeeded. Making money was not her agenda. College grads often (though not always) begin at higher salaries and make more money over a lifetime, ABOUT SANCTUARY CITIES It just riles my heart when Republicans like our governor, Gregg Abbott, pass such irre- sponsible and frivolous laws like the one they just passed on sanctuary cities. Mr. Abbott, if you re- ally want to curb crime, you and all your fellow Republican cronies should all go back to Europe where all your ancestors came from (many undocumented). It is a well documented From the couch with a bag of Cheetos. Crowls ~ 2. Your dog no Ion- Nest ger gets hyper hearing the word "squirrel" but by Glint his ears pop up like a 'Counts Toaster Strudel when he hears "Mary Jane". 3. You find Spot star- 9. Instead of going ing at the screensaver up to a strange dog and on your computer all sniffing its butt, Rover day long. on reefer tends to run 4. Instead of a and hide, scared that normal bark, a dog on strange mutt is the drug marijuana tends to dog. softly utter "Bow wow, 10. Lassie has lost dude!" interest in her chew 5. Your dog might be toys but constantly a pothead if he will sit stares at her owner's on the couch and watch bong and wags her tail. all of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" Now, there are with you. probably other side- 6. If o1' Duke effects from using stops chasing the marijuana that aren't neighbor's cat listed here, and maybe when he hears a few that are actually the ice cream harmful. I advise you truck, he's high to consult with your on ganja, veterinarian before 7. You come treating for beloved pet home from with wacky tobacky, .... ......... work to find and I strongly suggest your dog playing that you don't light up a Bob Marley a fatty for your seeing- song on your eye dog before heading bongo drums, out for a stroll. 8. A neutered dog suddenly Glint Younts does goes crazy work for a vet looking for and has probably his missing seen a few of these testicles, symptoms. Or, he smelled that wacky tabacky on its .:. ol~ners. Tutta's Take by Wyne~e Ba~on but unless we've turned into an entirely materi- alistic society, education isn't meant to train peo- ple to get rich. Money is the sometimes-failout, the unintended result of learning about the world. World literature ex- plores the nature of truth, integrity, treach- ery and tomfoolery. Art trains eye and brain to observe carefully, develops recognition of form and color intri- cacies, and stimulates imagination. History teaches us who we are, where we came from, and how to learn from mistakes, tragedies and thought, decision anda reading consultant victories of others. Mu- action of its people,impatiently tapped his sic trains young minds When the so-called pen. "It's all very well in the eventual rewards "Back to Basics" move- to talk about teaching of practice and patience ment was just begin- engineering to second and develops a part of ning, educator Haroldgraders," he said, "but the brain closely related Westgate spoke to thewe have to teach the to mathematics and log- Texas Education Agen-basics." ic; and that's even if you cy, describing a child "Ah, the basics," think music's beauty who had zero interestreplied Westgate. "I and order are worthless, in reading and flatlycouldn't agree more. Debate teaches students refused to sit in reading And the basics are love, to see many sides of group. Lots of thingstruth, beauty, justice every issue and spot could have resulted, but and faith." fallacies in arguments a wise teacher intro-As 2017 graduates that make green appear duced him to set of in- exit, a new class enters to be red. tricate building blocks, school. With $46M in These are not "frills", For days he examined new bonds, building as some people are fond them and played at ahead and a superinten- of calling them. They constructing ever more dent to be chosen, we are basic to a demo- elaborate structures.The must ask ourselves if we cratic society. Weapons short story is that when can afford the time to may protect a nation, his teacher offered him consider seriously edu- but they cannot build a book about shapes cation's larger purpose, or sustain a democ- and bridge-building, he or if we can afford not to racy. Ask the People's became an avid readerconsider this question. Republic of China. Ask (and later, an engineer). Both are costly in Russia. Ask North Korea. Dick and Jane hadn't in- their own ways. We only Democracy is depen- terested him. have to decide which dent on discriminating As Westgate talked, price to pay. LETTER TO THE EDITOR est living while helping our economy at the same time. Have you listened to the news lately about how many businesses are short of workers? Who is going to put the food on your ta- bles now? Many of those "illegals" are only trying to escape persecution and crime from their countries. What I can't believe either is how most of your fellow Republicans always seem to want to put party first and people second. Can't you see you all are only fact that most of the Europeans who came to OUR country from England were a bunch of misfits, thieves and mur- derers. Only the worst of the worst were shipped out to America where they continued to rape, kill, plunder and take our lands from the Na- tive Americans and from our Mexican ancestors from the southwest. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for being a bunch of racists who have yet to grow up and face reality. I went to school back in the 50s and 60s with your ilk, and many of you still don't know or don't want to get along with your fellow human beings. Maybe that's why God has punished you for the darkness that lurks inside your heart. Most of the people you all call "illegal" are only coming back to THEIR lands where our ancestors grew up and raised many of us. How dare you try to drive us away from OUR lands. And many of them are decent families, only trying to make an hen- aiding and abetting our enemy, Russia? I can see how rich and intelligent Republicans vote for Republicans, but the pooff Maybe they still think the "South will rise again." With all the "red meat" being fed to them by sly politicians, they will probably al- ways remain loyal to the Republican Party. I hope and pray not because our country is in turmoil right now and the Repu- licans should shoulder most of the blame. Ezekiel Enriquez, Sr. San Marcos Barton Publications, Inc. News tips: Opinions: 113 W. 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