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May 25, 2011     Hays Free Press
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May 25, 2011

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~ialJJUlilmj~]l~ill[[ij Ill ][ ill Hays Free Press May 25, 2011 THEY REALLY SAID THAT?. "We're going to see other specialists come this "way. " -- Buda Economic Development director Warren Ketteman on growth in the local healthcare industry sector kickstarted by the opening of Seton Medical Center Hays. Page 3A + r O In CAPITAL AS~nateCtions taken by the state House and point toward the possibility completing a state budget on or before May 30, the final day of the session. House Speaker loe swam and LL Gov. David DewhursL who presides over the Senate, sent out press releases late in the week indicating negotiatious were going well enough m pass a balanced budget that relies on historically deep cut~ The House did pass a Senate "fiscal matters" bill- one just for public educa- tion- but House members attached amendments to the bill. The Senate, in turn, refused to concur on those amend- ment~ A conference committee of five House members and five Senate members has a shrinking window of time to come to an agreement on the final language. Another Senate fiscal matters bill, one that deals with budget areas other than public education, was scheduled for cousider- ationin the House on May23. Texas Comptroller Susan Combs on May 17 generated optimism about the state's financial health a few days before the Legislature entered the final week of the 140-day session without a finalized state budget for 2012-2013. "I am misin_g the general revenue estimate for the next biennium by $12 billion," Combs said, estimating that sales tax, oil and gas production tax and motor vchide sales tax should bring in more revenue than trends indicated earlier. of the projected $12 billion, the largest component is $400 million in oil and gas production tax Whatever the real nmuber rams out to be for oil and gas production taxes,.75 percent of those are constitution- any reserved for deposit into the states so-calied' my day" fund. Even th0t~h the budget is expected to total m6r6 tii $160 billion,the rainy day" fund remains a bone of contention. Some Texans sayitis"ralnii ' now, so it is dine to use most, if not all of the fund to shore up cut-back public education and health care pmgtmx~ And some Texans stand with Gov. Rick Perry, who said he would any plan that 0mpl th0 in 2012-2013. House Bill 1 in its present form does not use rainy day funds. Perry, now in his eleventh year as govemor, recently has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2012. And although he's been shruggiz~ Off the idea while mak speeches that seem national in scope, Perry's pressing task is to scrutinize the gzowing pile oflmssed legis- lation on his desk. Ho has unm]une 19to sign, veto or let bills become lawwithout his signature. Here are a few of the 180 bills the governor had signed as of May20: HB 16: relating to informed consent to an abortion. HB 558: rel~ng to payoff statements pro- vialed in connection with certain home loans. HB 613: relating to unauthorized harvesting of standing timber. HB 1806: relating to f~ing touman'w3~ fraud. ~ 18: relating to use of eminent domain autho 'y. SB 894: relating to employment of physicians by certain hospitals. SB 1160: relating to the liability of landown- ers for damage or injury, including liability for harm to a trespesser. SB 1269: relating to transportation, lodging, and meals offered to and accepted by public servants In other recent action, the House approved Senate-originated redistrict- ing bills for House districts and Senate districtx Those bills may get the governor's signature, but there already are indications from certain Democratic lawmakers that redrawn maps that cut up communities of interest and disenable minority opportu- nity distticts will be challenged in federal district court under the U.S.Voting Rights Act of the mdistn'cting bills, only the one that redraws State Board of Education districts was on the govemofs desk as of May 22. That bill will take effect, without the governor's signatur~ on Au_g. 29. TAX HOUDAY 1HIS WI~(BID State sales tax holidays put a damper on the intake of state and local taxes, but strangely enough, they survived the I tur s revenue hunt~ and budget writing proce~ In fact, Texas' fourth annual "Energy StaY' Sales Tax Holiday is May 20-30. "You can save water and energy by purchasing effident, ENERGY STAR appliances," said Comptroller Combs 'And during the EN- ERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday' you won't pay state or local sales taxes on your new appliance~" Ed Sterling works for the Terns Press As- sociation and follows the l_egislature for the associatio~ edt~min~DteBomn Ilboard ia Kyle .... Ooopsl A~lkss most native Texans know, TV issuing weather forecasts e seldom on the money. There are lots of gullible people who alter their entire weekend plans because of some prediction made by some nard standing in front of a map, but I just don't put much faith in these prognos- ticators. But the local weather wizard isn't the only soothsayer causing folks to fret the future. Back on May 21, we were all supposed to die.Yup, that was the day that we were all supposed to meet our maker. I heard some talk a while back about this day of doom, somebody saying that we'd FROM but I figured it was because of all the seaweed. Had I known that we were all about to be swallowed up by some cataclysmic tsunami or fried like a skillet of calf flies, I would're worn my new bathing suit. I wouldn't want to be wearing my old faded trurd~ with bin- better be wearing our comfortable shoes ken elastic and tar stains while meeting because thetes gonna be a long line with Saint Peter. Thafs one fella you re- waiting in front of the Pearly Gate, but ally want to impress. Thafs why I got a I didn't mark the day on my calendar, haircut before we headed tto the beach. According to Christian radio personality Plus, ff I was going to spen,d eternity Harold Campin~ Judgment Day was wearing white and sporfin~g alabaster definitely going to occur on May 21, wings, I wanted to have a taice tarL 2011 and then on October 21, the end of Despite an my preparatiions and the world would occur. By using some hair-brained mathematical equation, pulling numbers from the Bible and other sources, this rust-bucket of nuts said, without a doubt, the Rapture was going to occur on the 21st of May. Now, whyweren~ we told about this sooner. How come there wasn some telecast from the Oval Office like in those sci-fi flicks? IfI had known that I'd be dead on the 21st ofMa~ I wouldn't have paid myWm bill the week before I could're saved all that money and where is the Mayan empire toda~ Huh? Accordamto the Mayans, we may or may not all croak right before Christmas 2012, so go ahead and buyyour nephew that expensive video game he wants, but just in case Mayans were a bunch of pot heads, keep your receipt. Guess who else predicted the end of the world? Charles Manson.t Yup, he claimed there would be an apocalyptic race war in 1969. He thought he'd get the ball rolling by murdering a couple of people out in LA., but it tumed out that old Chuckywas just a psycho and not a psychic. Television evangelist Pat Robert- son, the same fella who tried to run for president back in 1988, predicted the end was near in either October or November of 1982. You gotta wonder if his failed predictions contributed to his failed political career. Besides, if you are predicting the apocalypse, pick a spe- cific date like theganja-pufiTng Mayan consternations, I woke upto a beautiful priest did. Don't straddle the fence and sunrise on Sunday, May 22. or Rev- sway back and forth, making a predic- erend Camping musfve hald a much too much sacramental wirne wh~e he was doing his math. Maybe he forgot to carry a one or punched Ithe minus key instead of the plus. It aould've been some simple mis e, or this diviner DJ is nuttier than an Almond ]Joy. well, let's see who else has predictedl the end of the world, shall we? Most ofy'all have heard about the Mayan calendar that had naarked tion like"Urn, in October, no, maybe November, you will all perish and meet your makefl But if you are still around in '88, I'd sure appreciate your vote." Now, I've only listed the most cred- ible fortune-tellers here. The other soothsayers I researched were total morons. I'm sure some day there will be an end to this planet, but I dont see any reason to get your panties all bunched up. When it happens, it happens, and bought some good beer instead of that December 21, 2012 as our kast day there's not much you can do about it. case of MiNmakeds Best. I would~e had on planet Earth. Now, some scholars Keop paying your mortgage and credit dessert with myhuge steak dinner on have claimed that the calendar inay be card billa IA, e life to the fullest. Enjoy tbe 20th, knowing that Visa bill will never flawed a bit' and the apocalypse may today like there will be no tomorrow, show up in my mailbox in a f~v weak~ actually occur much, much later. All this and if some ignoramus predicts the end If I had known the end ofmylife was a fuss about a calendar draw up by some of the world, just ignore him. Even ffhe few days ott; I doubt I would~e spent dude weadng a loin doth and buzzard gets it right' he won't be around to say, last week deaning my pooL I know I femthers in his hair whose dayjob wns "I told you sC wouldn't had spent so muchtime work- maid.herbal medicine for all the fd- ing in the yard if I had known ttmt there low mtmmmn. This is the same goober Clint Younts likes to ,r~ his own wouldn't be anyone around on May 22 who thought' "He~31 bet if we toss beau- pmdictions, butwedontalwaysprint to comphin dmt the grass is too high. lfful, ymmg virgins into that volcano, it themuntilwefindouthowmany I was actually down at Port Aransas may stnp that bothersome rumbling" PearlHghtshedrant:beforewritinghis on May 19 when I wns rerninded lhat If he was a really dever gu~. Mayans column. Doomsday was comingr I had noticed wouldk, e tussed the ugly, otd nags in the them werefft many folks on the beach, volcano instead, if they Were SO smart, rcckytop70~10~yahoo.oom Bs anl One of the etemal questions about life which plagues us is why, in a crisis situation, some people live while others cUe. Many years ago, I knew lean palmiter quite wen as he was a member of the church I was serving as Senior Pastor. lean was a quiet, unassuming person. He told me of an event that changed his life. In 1945, he was a sailor on the U.S.S. Indianapolis, which carried the first atom bomb. On the ship's remm to a U.S. base, a Japanese submarine sank it. Suddenly more than 1,200 crewmembers were in shark-infested water. Due to a lack of communication, no other ship received the message of the hit. Nearly a thousand crewmembers perished in the three days before a ship did arrive. PERSPEffrNF Palmiter saw his mates sslip below the waves. He wondered ttnen as he wondered always, why he llived and others died. This is a questiion that seeks an answer, but in vaim. We just have to live with the myste it carries over into other areas oflife~.We see fate strike one home or person t and spare others. It certainly isn't beceause one is better than the other. Scores of people were killled in a rash of tomad0es that recently swept through the south. At the same ~me we hear about scores of people li~ing neax people who were Some of them question why they ~ and other died, just as Palrniter wondered why he lived while "better" sailors died.Onem gwe know for certain is that Godloves those that died as well as th0se who lived. The Psalmist said it best in Psalm 91: 'A thousand may fall a ten thousand at your ri~, hand, but it will not come nearyott' 0fcoune, the bedy maynot survive but t~e spirit is eternal. This makes all of life vmthwhlle even when the mystery sta~ with ug Ed Chmyholmes s~ed as pastor of the ICyk United Me~odist Church until his retirement. LETTERS TO THIE EDITOR TEACHERS PUT CHILDREN FIRST The school year is drawing to a dose, and I thank everyone who supports public education. You realize howim- portant a strong educational system is to the continuation of our democrat. Our children are our future. You recognize that putting children first is not only hu- mane, but makes good economic sense. While lawmaker politicians, and business people continue to posture for power and gain, teachers continue to work daily to educate their smdent~ As a supporter of education, you realize that teachers want what is best for their student. Teachers are a diverse group, but our commonality is our desire to see each child reach his/her full potential. We do not have time to'~ait for super- man" because we are being super teach- ers every day. As a supporter of public education, you realize the importance of every child's education- If one child's education is compromised, every child is affected. Thank you for continuing to advocate for public education. Our future depends on your supporfl ]ayne D. Ba~r, Teacher, Hays CISD San Marcos DIFFERING OPINIONS Last week in your Opin~ion page Brenda Stewart makes heer case against corporal punishrment in schools. In her 5th paragiraph she shows her deep concern ffor children and her bitterness toward those of Texas politics who wouldl vote for school paddling as good ffor the child yet cut funding for prognains which benefit children. In pointting out that inconsistency she awkardly displays a major one of her own. But first, she cites smdiies that show that paddling is bad for kids, causing increased dropomt rates. When I taught at Hays Hilgh School (one year only) I saw the :good it did in changing for the bettmr a behavior problem. I have my own ~experience as a recipient in high schmol and it did make me aware that may behavior before that moment was not tolerat- ed. I had received multiple warnings before the visit to the vice principles office. I never went back there again and I didn't drop out. Donne under the umbrella of love and necessity, it is an effective behavior tool. And I can cite studies that show the op- posite oflaers. Brend~set a snare for herself in her alaci towards her compas- sion for fadren. She has written at least tw, pinions expressing her anger 1 rds Texas politicians who would ; a law that mandates that w( ~n get a sonogram before an abm n procedure. She paints herself m abortion advocate via a womm ght to choose. Roe fade is the law of the land. Can't h that. This sonogram is a step i e direction of informed conser could be argued. The patien~ law, must know the risks of the p edure in order to give inform~ onsent. Abortion is a seri- ous sur [ procedure for a woman. It is mu aore serious for the baby. Herei ;s her own trap. So suffer- ing and )passionate she is toward the brul ~ of paddling a child, she forgets hrnbivalence towards the taking oiocent nves. Her dt!ity may be the source of her inne~oil which is so palpable in her p~ opinions. Ray W~cht DDS Kyle I COMMENTS FROM THE WEBSITE "As one who endured lots of bullying as a youngs~, l twe cometobelieveU~t~sedoing the bu~g often do not rse~ how much lwm is being done, and on~ ~=y have been rnade aware of it ~y cut it out It is a dffcult proposi~ for the school ' dL~cL A~ ff~e way emund it is tough and you have my sympa- (hy. Many times ff~ese ~ngs work ~emse/ves ou~ but it is tem't~y fmstraffng. " -- dasaroom teecher on "Don't alow bul#~' at "Once l caJ/ed a /awyer and asked what my opffons were and then ca/k~d back to b~e d~-ict and informed them of my options, a// of b~e sudden P~y deck~d to take cam of ff~e pmblem. So my answer to you is c#/ a ~awyer for frse advice, lt is a si'Bme you have ~o go to Uds measure but for some resson that is the on/y way peo can ex se day " -- Get a Ufe on "Don't allow bu n ' at eom ~JI schoo~ have pulMng proems. We do not know why, exacUy, but some studants are more prone to being bullied than oltmm. Th~ rant that somo stu- dents aro mo~ 0rono than othom to bo victimizod dose not make it ~ht. I~ it does mak~ it real.', - SCb on ~Don~ ~low ImlIp z'at eom MANAGEMENT BARTON PUBLICATIONS, INC. Co-Publishers Bob Barton and Cyndy Slovak-Barton Office Manager Connie Brewer NEWSROOM " r Editor Brad Rollins Staff Reporters Jennifer Biundo ~ean ~lmmons Wse Ferguson School Reporter Jim Cullen Community Reporters Sandra Grizzle Myrtle Heideman Pauline Tom Brenda Stewart Sports EdRor Jason Gordon Columnists Bob Barton Bartee Hails Phil Jones Clint Younts Donn Brooks John Young Brenda Stewart Prcofmadem Jane Kirkham Brenda Stewart ADVERTISING Tracy Mack tracy@haysfmepress corn Delilah Reyes CIRCULATION Circulation Mgr. Suzanne Hallam CLASSIFIEDS Suzanns Hallam Distribution Gigi Hayes Carolyn Harkins Pete Sizemora PRODUCTION Production Mgr. David White Assistant Designer Jorge J. Garcia Jr. Contact Us: BUDA 512-295-9760 KYLE 512-268-7862 METRO AUSTIN 512-262-6397 ~vw.~re88,com +