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May 29, 2013     Hays Free Press
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May 29, 2013

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Hays Free Press May 29, 2013 NEIGHBORS Page 3C PHOTO BY KIM HILSENBECK Big Sisterly Love: Rolanda's story Continued from pg. 1C Buda Fireflghters conduct Memorial Day cook-off at high noon Kyle Fire Department employees Lt. Susan Bauer and David Shultz battled Wade Ezell and Clint Williams, left, of the Kyle AMVETS in a chopped style cook-off at high noon on Memorial Day at the Kyle H-E-B Plus. The Buda Fire Department - last year's winner- also had a team In round one, shown here, Kyle fire fighters and AMVETS had to use chicken, corn and black bean salsa, pumpkin seeds and grape jelly in their concoctions. The judges gave the first round to the AMVETS, although they gave a big shout out to Kyle Fire Dept. for its kickin' mashed potatoes. Kyle beat out AMVETS in round 2, then triumphed over Buda with beenie weenies as the main ingredient. The Kyle Fire Department took home the trophy - and gloating rights for a year. Maybe the local police departments will try their hand next year? i_ Rolanda met her partner, a woman. They are going on four years together. When did she realize she was a lesbian? "It was always there - it wasn't something I ever really understood," Rolanda said. "There was always that one piece missing. The minute l met her, I knew. I thought, 'Oh, so this is what I've been look- ling for.' I felt complete and all my questions were answered and it was balanced." According to Sam, no one really has an issue with it. "It just kind of happened," , Sam said. i Many factors conspired to '~get Sam where she is today, but 'Rolanda believes Legare is a ivery big part of Sam's evolu- tion. i "Courtneywas verybright i and all about life and adven- was an opportunity to push her boundaries and be brave and dose her eyes and jump and see what happens when you're willing to do that," she said. Sam is now in a healthy relationship with a high school boy from Austin. They're taking it slow. '~ts long as you do better than me, I'm happy," Rolanda said. Both mom and big sister agree he's a really good kid. "I'm kind of a princess. He's really attentive," Sam said. "She's spoiled, but she's not spoiled rotten," Legare said. Rolanda said she really lucked out with her children. "They spent a lot of time having to raise themselves. They never really gave me a lot of trouble. They're very "There was once or twice where I thought, 'she's open- ing up to Courtney and not me.' But that got her to open up to me. It ended up working well - she probably would have kept a lot more from me. I truly feel like her complete change has a lot to do with Courtney. Nobody wants to do what their parents tell them to do. I always wished I was that cool mom. Because of Courtney I was able to do that." Legare said the BBBS match- es are most successful when everybody is game, the parent, the kid and the big, and the match support specialist. "It doesn't work if one of those parties doesn't support the relationship. We are com- mitted to keeping the family intact. This is what's best for strong and independent. It's a Sammy- staying committed to combination of a good support the relationship," she said. , ture. And then Sam was all, group - family, really- they're Rolanda and Legare don't t, , ,,, Dont take me out m the sun. all family at this point," she have a relationship beyond ! Legate asked Sam to get in- said, referring to Big Steve and their regular commtmication ~,volved with the Miss Kyie Teen i pageant. "It was all about body image ! and self-esteem. It wasn't a i traditional pageant. It was very much about empowering girls to embrace themselves as they i are," she said. "I kept dropping hints to i her," Legare said. I They were more like bombs, according to Sam. So they went I , , ' to the onentaUon. '~ Legare explained how Sam I said, "OK, let's do this." ~, Sam thought back to the , pageant. I "I kind of grew out of the ! dark clothes right around the time of the pageant. They also , offer a scholarship," she said. ~ Rolanda said Courtney got ~ Sam thinking she could do I more than work at McDon- i ald's. i. "That was literally a turn- ,mg point for Sam," she said. i "Courtney got her into her own '~ teen babysitting business; we ' had business cards and emails and she took a CPR class." ', Legare said Sam was a big I factor in her own transforma- ~Jion. "She was willing to trust ~- she's always game to try it. She's discovered how smart ~iand talented and capable she ~really is. She scored perfectly ,on her judges' panel on the ~day of the pageant. She made ~the top. five in her first ever ~pageant. It was an opportunity ! to see just how capable she really IS. We worked so hard - we did interview practice and I choreography practice and she ,, really committed and gave 150 b: percent," she said. I Legare said having the ** gumption to join the pageant *b was a turning point in Sam's , life. Legare. From watching her morn, Sam realizes she doesn't want to be a young mother. "My morn gave up a lot, including her social life. She struggled a lot," Sam said. Watching what her mom went through helped Sam make better choices, including about being sexu~y active. Sam had sexually active friends in sixth grade. There are about six pregnant girls just in her grade level- she's a junior at Hays High School. "I cannot imagine being pregnant or active at this age," she said. Legare addressed Rolanda, saying, "What's interest- ing about Sam is because she watched what you went though, she thinks about life differently than most kids. And she watched you not only struggle but she watched you accomplished. She saw you achieve your goals." Did Rolanda have any hesi- tation or reservations about BBBS? "Some. I had to put my trust in the fact that they do back- ground checks. But they were so strict on the rules. Because it was so strict, it was easier to trust," she said. "We have to check in monthly with a match sup- port specialist," Rolanda said. "They ask, 'How's it going, how are her grades, how do you feel about it all?'" Having both of her children in the BBBS program became a relief for Rolanda, knowing she had someone else there to help. "Every chance I get I brag about BBBS - everything they promise you they deliver. I feel totally comfortable," she said. Did she experience any jeal- ousy or issues with Courtney? , "Not because she won or ! ever did it again, but because it Publicize your engagements, weddings, anniversaries, new babies or birthdays to the Hays County community with about Sammy. "We touch base a lot, but we don't hang out," she said. "That's Sam's time." She added, "The best part about it is I still get to accom- plish everything I need to and Courtney is there for Sam," she said. 1 5 6 7 8 9 12 17 19 21 22 23 28 29 30 31 35 36 I II Reach thousands of potential customers for $25 a week in the Hays Free Press and All Around Hays Service Directory. 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