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June 17, 2015     Hays Free Press
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June 17, 2015

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THEY SAID THAT Hays Free Press June 17,2015 "We are giving up our ETJfor a lifetime for one street repair? I don't get it." -Mountain City resident talking about inter-local agreement with Kyle, page 1A Page 3A Wi are not far from the real beginning of the residential campaign. Yes, we have had a ot of Republicans running for the office and more indicating that they will join the fray. Already, I hear people saying they are tired of the political ads and political dis- cussions. The old saying "you ain't seen nothing yet" is certainly apropos now. But there will certainly not be a way to really look at these candidates. Lettersfrom Linden by Jack Linden While there is a lot of politicking going on, there will not be debates until the two parties choose their candidates. Everyone needs to quit talking about the upcoming "debates." Any high school freshman on the debate team will tell you that the advertised "debates" are really question and answer periods. Why no true debates? First, the Republican National Committee has limited the number of the question and answer programs. They learned a lesson from the last presidential race by having too many programs and participants, Secondly, they have also decided which correspon- dem will ask the questions. They don't want some uppity journalist asking uncensored questions. They want the participants to be able to view the questions before the program. Thirdly, they have informed the participants that they are to appear only on those programs that the RNC has approved. At this point, only Fox News Channel and CNN have agreed to these "debates." The Republicans have or will have upwards to 20 possible candidates for the primary election. Obvi- ously, all 20 cannot fit on a stage. Fox has come up with a possible solution by limiting the number to 10. They will select the 10 lucky participants based on the highest poll rating in five different polls. The network gets to pick the polls. I assume the network believes we will get a fair showing of the most likely winners in primaries. But history shows us that early polls do not accurately predict the actual candidate. How can we judge the remaining potential can- didates for the presidency? Personally, my favorite Republican is now at the 1% polling level and I have told friends that he is the next president of the United States. If Fox chooses to nm a successive night with the remainder of the contestants, what is the viewing audience going to be? Are the American people ready to sit down two nights in a row listening to political questions and answers? I doubted it seriously and thus, those contestants for the second night will be at a disadvantage. CNN has not formally announced how they are go- ing to run the programs, but they are already restricted by the Republican National Committee. So, we won't get an honest appraisal of the candidates. I don't know that I have a better answer or solution. Probably the best way to choose a primary candidate will require work on the part of the electorate. We, the people, are going to have to read, do some research, ask some questions, and talk to some supporters of a candidate. We have become lazy in our elections, expecting others to do the work Only when we do our own analysis will we be able to make an intelligent decision when we enter the voting booth. lack Linden is a retired college professor living in Seguin. Thank you Kyle Police -Zoe Marble Fallgrenon on Facebook re: hood scene of armed robbery Kyle neighbor- Congrats DMS...Proud to be a 90s Stang myselfl!! Lots of great middle school memories. -Melinda Johnson on Facebook re: Something good to start your morning: Happy 30th birthday Dahlstrom Middle School This is my neighborhood and these same 4 dogs had a history of getting out. It was on going. Sad someone had to get hurt to bring notice to the issue. -Sandra Dee Merritt on Facebook re: A Kyle woman ... and her dog were attacked by what are believed to be four pit bull mix breed dogs. Praying for the lady,.there are way too many dogs run- ning the streets here approaching responsible pet own- ers that walk their dogs on leashes or chasing the kids on their bikes. Animal control needs to start picking them up and charging owners to get them back, maybe then they will learn how to be more responsible -Kelly Rojas on Facebook re: A Kyle woman ... and her dog were attacked by what are believed to be four pit bull mix breed dogs. 2016 II ~gUSt when you think that big can of assorted nuts that we call our feder- ovemment couldn't screw up any worse, some court jesters in Wash- ington introduced a bill asking to change the face on the twenty-dollar bill. Apparently, some con- glomeration of desperate housewives and pompous politicians were sipping mimosas on the veranda and came up with the idea of putting a woman's face on the twenty instead of Old Hickory's stoic portrait. Okay, now I feel like I may get some estrogenic hate mail over my response, but, dang it, this is just plumb ridiculous. First of all, Andrew Jack- son was a great president and a good o1' southern boy from the Carolinas. If you're gonna drop some- one's ugly mug off our currency, make it Ulysses S. Grant instead. That no- count booze hound should never have been placed on our fifty-dollar bill. Maybe on aYankee dollar, but nothing bigger than a ,five. I still refuse to carry a $50 bill in my wallet, but I carry a few twenties with From the Crow's Nest by Clint Younts southern pride. There is other paper money we could change instead of the twenty. Alexander Hamilton wasn't even a president, and he's on the $10 bill. I can't even recall what Hamilton did to deserve this honorl but it must've been newsworthy at the time. Shoot, Salmon P Chase is on our $100,000 bill (if you don't have one in your wallet, take my word on this) and he was never elected president or even flew a kite in a thun- derstorm. I thought Salm- on Chase was some fishing tournament in Alaska. So far, a few names have been suggested to replace Andy Jackson. Harriet Tub- man and Eleanor Roos- evelt have been nominated as suitable candidates. I'm sorry if I sound mean, but seriously, couldn't those legislators find some wom- en who weren't as homely as these two? IfI had some twenties in my wallet and had those faces looking up at me every time I reached in for my beer money, I'd be too depressed to drink. Why not put some portraits of ladies who didn't have to sneak up to mirrors? Betsy Ross, Clara Barton or Amelia Earhart, for example. Or even bet- ter, how about putting that famous portrait of Farrah Fawcett on the twenty? You guys know which one I'm talking about. That poster graced my dorm rooms for seven years until I left school as a 5th-year soph- omore. It has also been suggest- ed to place the picture of a famous female Cherokee chief, W'flma Mankiller, on the $20 bill. I'm part-Cher- okee and I don't even know who this woman was, but with a surname like hers, I doubt she'd make the cut. Can you imagine overhear- ing some fella at the bar asking the bartender if he has change for a Mankiller? Why must we replace Jackson with a woman anyway? There are lots of male American icons we could choose over the un- sightly list these politicians devised. Since the only real criterion to be met in order to get on U.S. currency is that the person has to be dead, I have come up with several appropriate names: Ronald Reagan, John Wayne or Tom Landry. Why not drop Grant from the fifty and replace him with Robert E. Lee? And in the furore, once Bill Clinton passes on, let's honor him by putting his face on the one-dollar bill which continues to be the bill of choice found in strippers' undergarments. Okay, ladies and ques- tionable gentlemen, if you must go and change our U.S. currency for some inane reason, go ahead. And while you're at it, to appease all the atheists and other non-believers out there, why not flip that bill over and erase "In God We Trust"? From the Crow's Nest, lo- cal columnist Clint Younts gets on his high horse a few times a year. He climbs on on that horse by stepping on all the money he makes as a columnist. LETTER TO THE EDITOR men TREAT US LIKE HUMAN I was taken to the prepa- and tell 'em I sent ya'all, face cancer-for better treat- BEINGS ration area. I knew going Richard M. Skelly ments, for more opportu- in, that the prep area was Martindale nities to prevent and detect It has been said that a two hour ordeal. But a the disease early and for human nature is so prone lady in that area, her name WHO IS YOUR ONE DEGREE? improved quality of life to criticize, it seldom takes being Beckie, told me to Your mom, an uncle, a for those already diag- time to say thanks - there "take off all my clothes" friend, a co-worker or even nosed. Yet federal funding is merit to that. After ex- and put on the hospital yourself?. Who is your One for medical research has periencing 75 summers, including the Vietnam era, gowns. Gads, I thought my Degree from cancer?With declined more than 24 take it as gospel. I've had blood pressure jumped up nearly 15 million cancer percent in inflation-ad- more than one occasion to 10 points! She told me, I'd survivors in America today, justed dollars since 2003, visit doctors and hospitals, be in the prep area two or we are all connected in forcing cancer centers to so hours and if there was some way to this disease, halt promising clinical Mercy! anything she or her coun- Despite the great prog- trials and drying up the Let me digress for a moment and realize there terparts could do for me ress being made against grant pool relied upon by are people out there who I was to just let'em know. cancer, an estimated 1.7 researchers. believe doctors and hos- Right they were. million more people inThe American Cancer pitals are only in it for the Finally it was my turnthe United States will be Society Cancer Action insurance money of the for treatment, my doctor, diagnosed this year. Can- Network is leading a prospective patient. Go to Allan Silberber~ assured cer continues to kill one nationwide effort to save either and experience the me "all would go fine." person for every minute of more lives from cancer by madness of all the paper- Right he was. The actual every day in this country, asking Congress to boost work you must complete treatment took 15 minutes. It's time to take a stand and the nation's investment in before you can see a doc- Because I was sedated, I ask Congress to help bring lifesaving cancer research. tor...think on that too! only recall being in recov- us closer to better treat- Join us at www.OneD- Recently it was nec- ely. Thank God for that. ments and cures, to share essary for me to receive The point is, if you want Federally-funded cancer your One Degree to cancer. treatment on my left leg to be treated like a human research is the engine be- Together, let's tell Congress area. My doctor sent me being and not just an in- hind our ongoing progress that we've had enough. to Hays Surgery Center in surance number, pleasein the fight against cancer. It's time to end cancer. Kyle.'After filling out a zil- see the people at Hays Sur- Research offers hope to Charlene Farmer lion pieces of paperwork, gery Center. Ask for Beckie the millions of people who Buda Barton Publications, Inc. News tips: Opinions: 113 W. Center St., Kyle, 13( 78640 * 512-268-7862 122 Main St., Buda, TX 78610 512-295-9760 Publisher Cyndy Slovak-Barton Editor Kim Hilsenbeck Moses Leos III, Sports Editor, News Reporter Paige Lambert, Reporter Columnists Ed Sterling, Chris Winslow, Bartee Haile, Clint Younts Proofreaders Jane Kirkham, Debbie Hall Connie Brewer, Office Manager Suzanne Hallam, Circulation/ Classifieds Tracy Mack, Marketing Director Michael Weeks, Marketing Specialist Miles Hanson, Marketing Specialist David White, Production Manager Christine Thorpe, Production Asst. 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