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July 20, 2011     Hays Free Press
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July 20, 2011

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THEY REALLY SAID THAT? think, p ryI la ed cotton right. It }just the beast,, of being a dryland farmer in Central Texas. -J.R Jansen, Kyle farmer Page 4A Hays Free Press July 20, 2011 + The growth and change in Hays County over the past decade have made this year's redistricting process especially difficult. The law requires that county precincts have approximately the same population. Because Precinct 2 has grown faster than the rest of the county, by law, its population will have to decrease by about 13,000. Difficult choices will have to be made about how to redraw the county's precinct boundar- ies. By law, some neighborhoods currently within Precinct 2 will have to be represented by neighboring precincts. A county redistricting committee and anoth- er commissioner have proposed five redistrict- ing plans, all of which I consider unacceptable for Precinct 2. In one way or another, these maps would move the following unincorporated areas into a com- missioner precinct anchored by Dripping Springs: Leismewoo~, Hays Country Oaks, Ruby Ranch, MeadowWoods, Chaparral Park, Marlboro Country, Oak Forest, Elliot Ranch, Indian Hills, Crosshouse Estates, SouthemWoods and Huntington Estate Because these are unincorporated areas, they rely on the county and not a city government for important services like road maintenance and drainage improvements. For example, I am currently overseeing thee drainage projects in unincorporated areas. In addition, these maps would move part of FM 1626 and the entire Hays County portion of SH 45 Southwest into another precinct. The expansion of FM 1626 and construction of SH 45 are critical projects for the entire Kyie and Buda area. I am ex- cited about the progress being made on them, and it is imperative that they remain within Precinct 2 that I can continue to fight for them. My redistricting priorities are dear. First, it is important that Precinct 2 retain jurisdiction over as many of the unincorporated neighborhoods .as possible. Second, FM 1626 and SH 45 are critical for our community's transportation future and must remain wholly within Precinct 2. I have recently proposed a redistricting'plan (Plan M1) that accomplishes these goals while meeting necessary legal criteria and respecting the basic integrity of our current predncts. Unfortunately, it is impossible to draw a legal map that does not shift some areas to another precinct. I have minimized the effect of these changes by reducing the number of unincorpo- rated areas affected by them. Certainly, no redistticfing proposal can make everyone hapl~ especially after a decade of major population change. However, by retaining unincorporated neighborhoods like those along FM 1626, FM 967, and Jack C. Hays Trail, and by maintaining jurisdiction over critical mad projects like FM 1626 and SH 45, my proposal is the best option for the entire Kyle and Buds community. Over the coming weeks, the Commission- ers Court will hear citizen input on all of the redistricting proposals. Public hearings will take place at the county courthouse in San Marcos on Monday, July 25, at 6p.m.; Tuesday, August 9, at 1:30 p.m.; and Tuesday, August 16, at 1:30 p.m. [ encourage you to make your voice heard. If you would like to view the proposals, you may do so at my office at 111 N. Center Street in Kyle. As always, I welcome your questions and feedback on this or any other issue. Mark Jones is Hays County Commissioner serving Precinct2, which includes the dties of Buda, Kyle, Mountain Ci~ Hays, Nkdenmld and Ohland LEll'ER TO THE EDITOR DRIFTWOOD IS CHANGING Today (7-4-11) I was trying to get organized, the many articles, obits, neighbor's news for my 3 adult children, since moving out here August, 1976. I believe I owe ScottRoberts an apology. Among the stuff I have found a"Public/Legal Notice," dated 2-17-11 in the Dispatch News. Halfway scanned it when I first saw it. Thought it was about the 500 acres west of Onion Creek that Scott planned to develop. Not sure what area the "District" covers. This article was strictly for contractor's bids, saw nothing about anyone being able to protest this new entrance. I have known Thurman and Hisiko Roberts since I married into the Roger's family 2-19-54. Joe worked for Thuman in road construction from about 1957 through the births of our 2 daughters in 1958 and 1961. I have known Scott since he was a small child. Yesterday (7-3) I was on SH 1826 approaching FM 967 to make a left coming down the hill. I always start using my left turn signal way before Thurman's Mansion. I was stopped, waiting for 2 cars I was meeting. Suddenly I looked in my, rear view mirror and saw I was about to be rear-ended. I inched forward and threw up my arms in frustration. Luckily the woman driver stopped! Mrs. Joe R. (Betty) Rogers Driftwood This is a critical time in our history and many Ameri- cans, including elected officials, do not understand the workings of the current national debt issue. Some members of Congress owe their allegiance to groups within the Republican Party more than to the Constitu- tion of the United States. Raising the debt limit means that it is necessary to borrow money that has already been spent. It allows borrowing, but only for a specific purpose. Those monies have been spent over the years by both parties for vari- ous items - financing two wars, a prescription drug program, the Raising the debt ceiling has bail-out of banks, the stimulus nothing to do with cutting the money to curtail the recession and income tax reductions introduced in the George W. Bush administra- tion and continued in the Obama administration. Republican m'~lflbers of the House of Representatives and some U.S. senators have signed an oath to Grover Norquist, president of a tax advocacy group, that under no circumstances will they raise any taxes or revenue enhancement of the tax code. By signing that oath, they are mak- ing the Constitution of the United States secondary to the wishes of this man and his group. The "tea-party~ group is also holding swayover members of Congress. Many of them cam- paigned on allegiance to the "tea-party" and Freedom Works. Both groups have threatened the Congressional members with "pri- maries" if they do not follow the demands of the groups. Do these groups really under- stand the issue? Really? costs of government. We need the money- the debt- to pay what has already been spent. The tion pertaining to expenditures must originate in the House of Representatives. It doesn't mat- ter if the President or the Senate presents a budget. If they do, it is a wish list. The Republicam in the House of Representatives have the power to appropriate tile' monies to run the federal govern- ment. Granted, the Senate and the President must go along with that budget or the compromises that are made. The major argument by those who oppose raising the debt is that the government wig merely spend more. Those in the House should do their Constitutional duty and cease authorizing the expenditures of money. They can- not argue that by merely cutting programs, the debts of the United States will be reduced. How many Congresses prior to this spent the families who incurred too much money and now we need to pay debt have had to seek second era- the bills. For those who argue that ployment by the wage earner or we could just pay the interest and his/her spouse seeking a job? We worry about the principal later, all know families like that. they are not facing reality. When By vowing not to raise revenue, the principal comes due, it is due. those people who have sworn There are plenty of examples of aungiance to anyone other than transactions that charge no inter- the Constitution are shirking est if the principal is paid by a cer- their duty. Some call people who tain due date. Pass that due date don't pay their debts deadbeats. It and interest is charged at a very seems to me that there are those high rate to the entire amount in Congress and the nation who borrowed. The same theory ap- are willing to have our country plies to our national debt. called the same thing. As to cutting costs, we must remember that the all legisla- JdUnden( "aving seen what I did of the CaseyAnthony trial, I .must agree with the general public consensus. Having seen, that is, zero sec- onds of the gripping proozedings, zero seconds Of the breathless analysis pre- and post-verdict, and having read zero words about the result save for headlines. Life is short, ff everyone says the lady is guilty, well, that settles it. And isn't that what American justice is about? At this juncture I am reminded of another televised event to which assailing government waste and I was considerabl closer. I wrot for the Waco, Texas, newspaper when the "Waco" incident unfold- ed in 1993. An oddly familiar condition reigned back then, the venting of a nation of experts. In the case of"Waco," no Casey Anthony consensus existed, but the expertise came flowing our way ILke floodwaters. On one side it was about jackbooted feds in- cinerating innocent worshippers. On the other, it was support for inerrant law enforcers who faced a deadly cult. In the swell of reac- tions, it seemed none could harbor any shades of gray. But, then, none were necessary. Why the certainty?Why so many experts from near and far?Why? Because they'd seen it on TE. .The purpose here is not to dismiss the swell of emotion in the Anthony case. Obviously people have a good reason. I just missed it (every second of it). Actually, the purpose here is to applaud the reaction. Outrage? The record will show that Americans had lost that capacity. We are told that in fact Ameri- cans can summon outrage. If not, what's a tea party for?You know, practice? Can you believe Ohio State coach Jim Tressel would cover up incriminating NCAA mat- ters? And yet, when it became clear that American forces had been and were being shipped to Iraq on a raft of lies: no outrage. When it was becoming increas- ingly clear that the justifications for that war were bogus, I recall the irony of someone getting called on the carpet for not telling the truth. Curiously, at the time it was Denver Bronco coach Mike Sha- nahan, and he faced a barrage of escalating debt. That would be criticism. And what had he done? more convincing if said outrage He had fudged facts on the pre- had swelled amid all the escalating game condition of his quarterback, debt and government overreach Jake Plummer. before a dark-skinned Democrat Meanwhile, about the same became president, time, President Bush was acknowl- After? That's phony outrage, edging (1) no WMDs had been Prove me wrong, but Americans found in Iraq; (2) any connection have shown almost no propensity between Saddam Hussein and for real outrage for years. Maybe 9/11 was nonexistent. The man 9/11 took it out of them, or before most responsible for weaving the that, O.J. latter fairy tale, Dick Cheney, was How possible for the saga of saying, "So?" And, by review, he-- football-hero-turned-Army Ranger they--were re-elected. Pat Tillman, a friendly fire vic- So, you say the the Casey Antho- tim on unforgiving Afghan hills, ny verdict was outrageous. Good to come and go without Caylee for you for caring, and saying so. anger? I'm just wondering where you were Used as a military prop in life for other outrages that affected so and death, what our government many lives and continue to cost us did at his family's expense with the in ways beyond imagining. facts about Tillman's death is the Correct me if I'm wrong, but I very thing he and others went to believe they were televised as well. fight over there. Evil. Outrage? It seems I recall some Longtime Texas newspaperman in recent years, but most had to John Young lives in Colorado. do with games. How dare the New England Patriots tape someone's COMMENTS FROM THE WEBSITE "That car brings back a lot of great memories of growing up. John Wesley and I spent many an hour p/aying Dukes of Haz- arc/around that ~ It's herd to balieve that Car 1 will be with anyone other than James. / hope it finds a good home." -JeffPeNkon=Constable~s clmmid' at haysfmeprssLcorn 'This is definitaly one of those 'You know you're from Kyle, Texas if you remember...' This green hornet was one of the most recognizable cars around that area when I lived there." -- Ron ~ on ~,onMabl#s dm c" st "In Buda, if you do not own a truck, or have access to one, there is no way to get your junk to the twice annual large item Spring~Fall cleanup that is sponsored by the ci~ paid for ' through our month billing, and conducted through the con- tract with garbage collection ~ervice for the city. In addition to recycling it would seem pru- dent and reasonable to have an actual curb side pickup at teast once a year for everyone to di~Jourage dumping and not non-truck owners." -- ~ by Choice on "Buda ado11)t= =Ingle stream recy- lktg" at MANAGEMENT BARTON PUBLICATIONS, INC. Co-PubUshers Bob Barton and Cyndy Slovak-Barton Office Manager Connie Brewer business@haysfi' NEWSROOM EdRor . 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