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July 27, 2011     Hays Free Press
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July 27, 2011

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+ Page 4A THEY REALLY SAID THAT? "You're going to tell me that it's not transt ent to have two Demoouts and t oo Republicans in a roo Vwo femahs, males, vwo minorities, cauca- siam fAnd tbat there's something rong going on ? Ijust disagree ith that. -- Hays County Pct. 3 Commissioner Will CoNey on the redlstrlctlng debate Hays Free Press July 27, 2011 + W:ThiS redistricting important? e redistricting map adopted by ays County determines your represen- tat?on for the next 10 years. The final redistricting map must comply with the Voting Rights Act and each county commissioners precinct should con- tain approximately the same number of people. As residents and taxpayers of Hays CounW, your input should be first and foremost in the minds of those dedding how to re-appottion our county. Pct. 2 Commissioner Mark Jones has correctly asserted that not all proposed maps will make everyone happy;, however, we need to impress upon our com- missioners and the county judge that they work for the people and that our taxes pay their salari~ A local non-partisan group of citizens from all over Hays County has proposed an altema- five (Map N) redistriOing plan. Hays Citizens for Liberty and Fairness feel the time has come for the Court to place our concerns before politics. Map N meets the legal criteria with respect to popula- fion and minority representation. It also protects "communities of interest" without having to gerry- mander precincts. Jones' most recent proposed map (Plan M- 1, Revised Version 2) barely meets the necessary legal criteria and fails to protect those "communities of interest" currently in Pct. 2. While we appreciate his efforts, he has failed to lis- ten to and address the peoples' concerns through a week-long series of town hall meetings. Jones has made it dear that he would like to '~'etain jurisdiction over as many of the unincorpo- rated neighborhoods as possible" as they rely on the county for public services, but dty residents pay county taxes, too! And we pay them on top of our dty tax burderu We are rightfully entitled to public services and representation from Hays County. Plan N proposes to keep the majority of the city of Kyle where it is and keeps Hometown Kyle and Mountain City within Pct. 2, as well as all of the city of Buda and most of its ETL Yes, there is a small portion of unincorporated sub- divisions along FM 967 West that may go to Pct. 4, but with additional revisions some of these areas may be brought back within the boundar- ies of Pct. 2. It will just take more work. Jones also states it is important to him to maintain "jurisdiction over critical mad proj- ects." The city of Kyle has made investments in local roads and mobility in excess of $40 million, including improvements to FM 1626, Kohler's Cmssin~ Interstate 35, and the FM 150 realign- ment; Buda has made similar investments. There are other projects that our cities have built in partnership with Hays County, but the aforemen- tioned thoroughfares bear traffic from all parts of the county, even though much of the costs for these improvements are paid by city taxpayers. Some folks are quick to shift the focus of redis- tricting from the issue of representation to the prioritizing of transportation or water projects. Some have even been misguided enough to sug- gest that all of our transportation ills will be fixed by attempting to influence upcoming elections in a neighboring county. Don't be fooled. Red?s- tricting is about your voice in your local govern- ment, not about funding pet projects or includ- ing precincts to ensure a future re-election. Is this goIng to be a difficult process? It has been so far. Should it be? Not if our elected officials focus on serving the best interests of the residents they are supposed to represent. By the time this article makes it to press, the commissioners court will have held their first "official" public hearing on redistricting at the county courthouse in San Mareos. You have two more opportunities to make your voice heard on the record - 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 9, and 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 16. Ifyou cannot attend one of these public hear- ings, write your county commissioner and the county judge. You have the power to demand accountability from your Hays County Commissioners Court. David Salazar is a former member of the Kyle City Council has served on a number of local and regional boards and committees, and is the current chair of the Hays Education Foundation~ daelaz~e~u~aar~am LETTER TO THE EDITOR FAIR AND UNBIASED PRESS Perhaps I am a bit ngtve, but I have always thought the press should be impartial in report- ing news and publishing opinions. Sad~, I am discovering the opposite seems to be tree with the "Hays Free Press."Weekly you publish bla- tantly "liberal" political views by local as well as out of state contributors without giving due con- sideration to any"conservative" views. While your contributors can name names and espouse their lopsided opinions I am prohibited ftom doing so. Suffice it to say that I am becoming increas'mgly disenchanted with the "Hays Free Press." And no, despite your guidelines for letters to the editor, you may not edit this letter for clarity. I should think it clear enough. Publish it in its entirety, if you dare, or do not publish it at all! L D. Lindgens Kyle w Is XtME HOrN TO P, EIXIE TI4E DEBT,.. WHere does evil come from? umanists say that man basically good and that evil comes from hissurroundings, his culture. Who makes up his cul- ture? Other people do. SO that ism doesn't work. It's a fact that man is born with a sinful nature. We enjoy sin. Ah, the lusty appeal of an affair; the secretive theft of goods and ideas; the plotting of revenge; and the worst: Pride, which puts a man in the insidious psychological, destructive and covetous competi- tion with every other human beIng ... and God. We live in a fallen world in the midst of fallen people. What's on TV and the movies and what we read in the daily newspaper con- firms it. We sin and don't fret about it unless we get caught. There are those who think there is no hell. But when asked if Jesus was a liar, most will affirm that he wasn't. He spoke of hell more often than he described heaven, so hell must exist. The Bible says man was created innocent. The Creator walked with him and they shared ideas. When mah decided he wanted to have the knowledge of good and evil and be like God, he certainly got his wish. Since man was made in the image of God with enormous intel- ligence and the ability to reason and Create, he has the ability to make sIn with infinite depth. There is no limit to the havoc and deprav- ity that he could be responsible for. So, what to do? Australian men will bond with a best friend they will call a mate - the kind of fellow that will jump in front of a bullet for him. Well, that's the plan. Find someone who will take the punish- ment that we deserve for our sins. The acceptance of this gift is not for sale nor can it be earned. It's free. On the other hand it can be rejected. Every day a person makes hundreds of decisions that will determine if he wants God back in his life- or not. A person in the fallen state doesn't have to stay there. Ac- knowledgement of the fact that he is a sinner and a willingness to reverse that trend is called repen- tance. And God made a promise to forgive. Better yet, He forgets it ever happened! And the punishment has already been paid in full by the death of His Son. C.S. Lewis says there is no way he'll ever understand why the Redemption plan was done this way. In the same wa~ ffhe'd been responsible for a plan of how humans make little copies of them- selves, the way in which we do it would've never occurred to him. Once repentance is initiated and forgiveness accepted, we go from being a creation of God to being a child of God. We become like a child to his daddy. What sweet memories that digs up! Unfortunately man still carries the sinful nature and it is a battle to the death. The Apostle Paul in Romans Ch. 7 agonizes over this dilemma. "....what I do not want to do, I do; and what I want to do, I do not do. But when I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who am doing it; rather it is the sin living within me that does it." A non-believer will oft times have a bad impression of Christianity when he sees a so-called Christian screw up. The difference, though, is the changed heart. Before repen- tance, the man sinned and enjoyed it, but now, when faced with the deed, he hates what he did and repents. Once again, as promised, it's forgiven and forgotten. When this "new person" dies in this redeemed state, the sinful nature is removed and once again that purpose for which he was cre- ated is re-established - to walk with God and share with each other their most intimate thoughts. Each human is invited into this personal relationsliip - the privi- lege to converse with the Creator of the universe. This is the boiled down essence of Christianity. With repentance and the acceptance that the punishment has already been paid in full, the relationship begins. Amen. I'm wrong about a lot of things, but not this one. 4 7 Face it. Regression is in. Let us remm to yesteryear. Actually, let's return to the day before that. A marginal candidate wins the Senate seat from Kentucky saying the Voting Rights Act is obsolete. An even more marginal candi- date emerges as the.Republican presidential favorite in Iowa. Her husband makes his living advertis- ing his ability to pray homosexual- ity away. She calls climate change "a deliberate hoax." I didn't know hoaxes came in any other flavor. Speaking of climate, and regres- sion, the governor of Texas (lurking nowin the presidential powder room} says big polluters bear not on climate, but prayer does. He called for Texans to pray for rain. The petition has summoned most- ly perspiration, but in big drops. Each of these figures is emblem- atic of a politics that has left reason behind. Their party, one that has at least even odds of governing the nation in 2012, has come to be what H.L. Mencken described of a tent revival in 1925 when he was in Dayton, Tenn., for the Scopes monkey trial. Mencken described a worship- per who refused to touch anything comporting itself as literature: "Why, indeed, read a book? If what was in it was true, then everything in it was already in the Bible. If it was false, then reading it would imperil the soul." Would that Sarah Palin had such a rejoinder for Katie Couric. If you listen to what's said by these people who would govern America, supported by Americans who subscribe to a mid-1920s vi- sion for us all, you can get dis- couraged about the capacity of public policy to summon anything approximating progress. And then you read about a Re- publican like Mark Grisanti. Grisanti was one of two GOP NewYork state senators who broke from his party's ?dee-clutches of re- ligious passion and voted with the majority to legalize gay marriage. He said something amazing in so doing. "I apologize to those I offend. But I believe you can be wiser today than yesterday." Surely that is impossible today. Well, maybe not. Look around and realize that wiser heads can bob to the surface in a churning backwash. The U.S. military is about to let gays and lesbians serve as if they have the very rights the preamble to the U.S. Constitution says they have. The plights and progress of gays and lesbians could not be more analogous to those of blacks and Hispanics 50 years ago, and before them women in general - demeaned and diminished for generations in the name of the law. Somehow, reason prevailed on their behalf, and it will ulti- mately for homosexuals and the transgendered. Reason will prevail as well one of these days for the children of undocumented workers, they who broke no law being born here yet who face extraordinary barriers against making the best of their situations. That's something the DREAM Act is written to address. It will prevail one day. Because wisdom will. Reason will win out over the voices of fear that today dictate crazy overreaches like Arizona's SB 1070. At some point, better guest- worker programs and orderly and reasonable paths to citizenship will become the way we deal with the shadow population that does so much heavy lifting under an increas'mgly scorching sun. We will be wiser than the eth-' nocentrism and hatred that swells in times of trial, be it manifested in Japanese internment camps or a months-long tempest about an Islamic community center near Ground Zero. We will be wiser. Believe it. The tent will always be set up to gather those who wish otherwise. They will always be a presence, and always a political force. It's worth remembering that in that"monkey trial" Mencken covered, biology teacher John Scopes was convicted of break- hag Tennessee law by teaching Darwin's theory. As history proves, ultimately, we were wiser. Longtime Texas newspaperman John Young lives in Colorado. , COMMEm roOM THE WEBSITE "About the money to restore this wonderful building, the City of Kyle is using money received through the hotel/ motel tax. It did not come from anyone who lives in Kyle .... I know some of you are shocked at the amount of money that will take to restore this depot, but rest as.sured, the taxpay- ers of Kyle will not have to pay one penny for this projecL But I will be asking people to give money who believe that the history of Kyle is Jmportant. " -- KATE JOHNSON, cheir- man of the Kyle Depot Board, on =Facelift In depot's future" at haysfreepres$.com "This is not an eppmpriate issue for the people to decide. The people have elected a council and they should make that decision. The decision to maintain assets currently in the inventory is not appropriate for referendum. We need to take care of what we have. Period. This is not an issue about enthusiasm. 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