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July 27, 2011     Hays Free Press
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July 27, 2011

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t Hays Free Press * July 27, 2011 NEIGHBORS Page 3C The Nacogdoches ayuntamiento Although Piedras believed he or town council issued an bent over backward to be fair in his urgent appeal for armed assis- enforcement of the unpopular law, tance on July 28, 1832 in an imminent showdown with the Mexican army. Five years earlier, Col. lose de has Piedras established a permanent mill- tary presence in the crossroads com- munity called "The Gateway to Texas" much to the displeasure of the fiercely independent inhabitants. They had gotten along very well without a gar risen and suspected the commandant had come to keep them in line rather than to protect them From the beginning, the Mexican those singled out for punishment felt he was picking on them. Critics retaliated with an avalanche of ac- cusations charging the commandant with everything from false arrest to cattle rustling. The Nacogdoches garrison re- ceived marching orders in Iune 1832 for Anahuac, where an American- born bully had pushed the coastal colonists too far. Piedras did not arrive on the scene in time to prevent a violent clash- the first involving ; =EKIN request for help. In the meantime, Piedras pleaded in vain for reinforcements and questioned the loyalty of his own men claiming they were "willing to join anybody's cause." He also complained the garrison would soon ock demanded that he rescind his the night leaving behind his dead gun-confiscation edict and proclaim and wounded. Seventeen riders, his support for Santa Anna, then in including lira Bowie, galloped off in open revolt against the centralist hot pursuit, caught the retreating regime. The colonel had four hours Mexicans at the Angelina and drove to give up or fight. Piedras replied in the negative on both points and told the Texans, in effect, to come and get him. He posi- tioned his troops in the Stone House, known today as the Old Stone Fort, a church and his headquarters in the Red House and awaited the attack. Bullock entered Nacogdoches at two o'clock in the afternoon with the bulk of his force. The Texans were colonel and the mostlyAnglo-Amer- government troops and Texas civil- run out of supplies because every greeted by gunfire and scattered by ican populace rubbed each other lens-- but managed to avert further merchant in town had locked his a cavalry charge, but 100 regrouped the wrong way. To Piedras the locals bloodshed by replacing the merce- door and hidden his invento~: and fought house-to-house seizing were foreign riffraff with insolent nary with a mean streak, John Davis Except for Stephen E Austins San the Stone House, two stores and a tongues in their heads and giant Bradburn. Felipe, all the settlements answered saloon. chips on their shoulders. To them Piedras enjoyed the role of peace- the call to arms. Ayish Bayou The plainclothes reserves marched the spit-and-polish intruder was a keeper so much he decided to play mustered the most recruits, two full down North Street and triumphantly snob and a snoop, and they had no use for either. The Law of April 6, 1830 mandat- ing a clarap-down on immigration from the United States heightened tensions in the Nacogdoches area. As squatters with no legal claim to their land, the majority of residents worried that the new policy provided the part for the hometown audience. To spare Nacogdoches the strife suffered by Anahuac, he insisted everyone turn in his firearms. Piedras' clumsy attempt at gun control was the last straw. The ayuntamiento defiantly refused to comply, hurriedly organized a militia and sent messengers scurrying across eastern Texas with a desperate companies, while the Neches, Sabine and Shelby communities responded with one each. The volunteers met at Pine Hill east of Nacogdoches and chose as their leader ]ames W. Bull- ock, who fought Indians in Florida and the British at the Battle of New Orleans under Gen. Andrew lackson. In an ultimatum delivered to Pie- dras on the morning of Aug. 2, Bull- turned the tables on the Mexican horsemen, who joined their dazed and demoralized comrades in the cuartel or main fortification. When the shooting stopped at sunset, practically the entire town was under Texan control. Early the next morning, a recon- naissance patrol learned from a priest that Piedras had fled during the pretext for a mass eviction. them back upriver. A captain assumed command from the discredited colonel and sur- rendered on the spot. The 300 sur- vivors of the Nacogdoches garrison were escorted to San Antonio and released, and Piedras was dumped in Stephen E Austin's lap. He soon went lmme to Mexico and died seven years later in the fighting between centralists and federalists. In the end, Jose de las Piedras proved to be a better fortuneteller than a soldier, h few months before his embarrassing departure from Na- cogdoches, he wrote in a prophetic report that the Anglo-Americans' "scorn displayed toward the Republic of Mexico leaves no room for doubt they will soon be the masters of Texas." Commemorate the Civil War Ses- quicenwnnial with "Secession & Civil War"from the "Best of This Week in Texas History"collection. Order today at or mail a check for $14.20 to Bartee Haile, RO. Box 152, Friendswood, TX 77549. Wlssqth reeethe summer heat lyupon us, this time to give a tali glass of iced tea to gardeners ... and compost tea to plant~ This tea contains millions of beneficial organisms, and plants love it. All you have to do is fill an old pillowcase with some com- post and a few other ingredients, use some simple aquarium pumps to keep everything mov- ing.., and let it steep overnight. Compost tea is truly amaz- ing. It's highly nutritious, adding beneficial bacteria and micor- rhizal fungi to the soils. It has fungiddal properties as well. These beneficial bacteria and micorrhizal fungi increase the surface absorbing area of roo This, in turn, increases a plant's ability to absorb nutrients. Theredpewe use atthe musery (see below) is on a fairly overnight. By next momingit large scale. It yields 55 gallons of will be ready to use. Compost tea, which has to be used almost tea should be used within a day. immediately. If this seems like it's too much, you can halve the intpt=dients, or get your neigh- bors and community garden friends involved. ingredients: 1. A barrel to hold water. We use a 55-gallon rain barrel. 2 Water Rainwater would be the best If you have chlori hated water, let it sit a day or two before starling your project. 3 A giant tea bag, such as an old llkmv.ase, a tea towel, era sto&mg__ 6. A cup of Bio-Start by Es- poma (beneficial bacteria and micorrbizal fungus}. 7. Half a cup of either dry or liquid molasses to feed the beneficial bacteria. Phce the earthworm cast- ings, molasses, Bio-Star~ and the air stone into the tea bag and secure open end with string or robber bands. Place the tea bag into the bar- mlwith water and plugin the re- circulating pump and air stone. Allow the system to run its she]f e can be extended for a day or two with the addilion of more molasses and continued aeration. You nowhave 55 gallons of compost tea that can be sprayed on plant foliage.and drenched at the root zone and added to the garden soil. I can't think of anything better for the enrich- ment of your garden and stress relief during the hot summer days. Nowwhere~ my glass of iced tea? Happy gardening everyone! 4. Two small pumps, avail- able in aquarium shops. One will re-circulate the water, the other will run an air stone. 5. Compost:we use2 or3 pounds of store-bought earth worm castings. If you have a question for Chri send it via email to iath3ane Or mail a postcard to IfsAbout Thyme: I 1726 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX78748 Kyle Parks & Rec Continued from pg. 1C Kyle lifeguards must meet strict employment require- ments in order to serve as lifeguards. Some of these requirements are: American Red Cross Lifeguard Certifi- cation, CPB/AED/First Aid Certification and continuous training. There are currently 18 lifeguards working at the Kyle Pool this summer, with 6-8 on duty at any one time. This summer is the 8th summer the Kyle Pool has been open to the public and each year our certified life- guards go through strenu- ous training and testing. It is wonderful to see them receive recognition and awards for their knowledge and dedication. The patrons of the Kyle Pool should feel good that the staff are some of the finest in the state of Texas. For additional information about the Kyle Pool visit the Kyle Parks and Recreation department website at www. lo] or call (512) 262-3939. i221 295-9444 Omn 295-6008 , , , ,, ,,"", , Buda Bits Continued from pg. 1C Buda Public Library and Hays Free Press is Monday, August 1st. Buda Library card hold- ers between the ages of 9-18 and living in Hays County can enter the Young Writers Essay Contest. There are two age divisions 9-13 and 14-18. Choose one of the themes, "What the Library Means to Me," "My Favorite Activity at the Library" or "The Future of Libraries." Start writing and just maybe you will be a ' cash winner. For information concerning the contest visit . endsofthebudali- or call the library at 512-295-5899. Rounding out July, birth- day wishes to Mike Manning and Ralph Pfluger on July 30; Eleanor Earley, Ginny Harlow and 96-year-old Helen McCaughan on July 31. Starting out the first day of August with birthday wishes to Jesse Logan; Jeff Barton and Butch Grizzle on Aug. 2; Andrea Bishop, Alice Chisholm and~Marguerite Giliis on Aug. 3. Congratulations to Steve and Charlotte Quisenberry on their 21st wedding anni- versary on July 27. Also best wishes to Buda City Council member Todd Ruge and wife Elizabeth on their fifth wed- ding anniversary on Aug. 1. oeo Don't miss the last free movie of the summer at Buda City Park on Frida]6 !,~y 29. The PG rated movie Yogi Bear will start at 9 p.m. q%dffional Piano essons Nancy Cavendisb 30-plus years of experience cavendishn@yahoo.eom 512-295-3045 Texas Crossword and Sudoku sponsored by See Solution, page 4C ACROSS 44 TXism: "wonl work and 1 TXism: "happy as ._ too lazy in a candy store" (dead beat) 5 actress Turner of 45 Capt. _ _ Lucas drilled '61 film "Bachelor in "Spindletop" well Paradise" wltM TX 46 group of longhorns Paula Prentiss 47 TX "Piney Woods" has 6 '08 Eastwood film: tong-_.__._.__ pines " Torino" 40 much of early TX before 7 TXism: "went to the the Texas Rangers well ~ too often"52 ex-Stars goalie Betfour 8 antique auto 53 =to .__ is human ..." 9 TXism: "big ..__.. small pond" 27 16 TX Vikki Carr album: hombres" 18 TXism: "_ ____ like a mermaid needs a bicycle" 21 neighbor state (abbr.) 54 22 TXism "_..~ jerker" (sad movie) 23 he took title from TX Foreman in '74 24 competition between fuel stations (2 wds.) 30 Spur & May Nick Van = is i Exel was several times "60 34 this Lucas produced 61 "Temple of Doom" film with TX-bom 1 Kot a0 aw (init) 35 in Milam Co. on 79 2 ______ 36 TXism: "does a cat 3 have a climbing ___7" (yes) 4 37 inspect the books 39 TXism: "a shy ___ 9 biscuits" 43 this TX Lisa was 10 once host of GMA 11 on ABC ;-V- -= E TX Willie's board game ' 4-7"-"- of choice 55 TXism: ~old me a bill (lied to) 58 UT teachers (abbr.) 12 noggin 59 agcyo of the '93 deadly Waco siege 13 TX Hagman show " of Jeannie" Chinese surname 14 Bible part (abbr.) ID no. 15 TX Dale Evans wrote DOWN "___, San Antone" TX George W. beat 17 one who brings drugs him in 2000 IRt6 trom Mextco City, TX19 Hedy Lamarr's debut TXism:" American film ('38) __-_- age" (rare) 20 sports bar found in actor Eric in "Grey's TX:" Kilt" Anatomy" with TX 24 Arlington has a Chandra Wilson auto assembly plant TX Roddenberry 25 TX Willie benefit genre: sci- concerts: "Farm _.__" =1" of IRS 26 TXlsm: "one-atmoO "beats anythingbandit" I've ever " (__..... machine) by Charley & Guy Orbison ~lt by Od,;son Bros. 9 2O 38 I P-1021 27 chuck ------ had trail drive food 28 TXism: "sling it on the wall __ __ if it sticks" 29 cheered 31 =take a look _._] 32 this singer Boone attended UNT 33 female Duke 38 prom -----_ 40 actor Beatly in TV's "Streets of Laredo" 41 "Tall Texas, ___._" 4t 17i m: u inside 46 TXism: "just a _.__ in the bucket" 50 TX Helmond show: "Who's the ~" 51 Travis & Bowie ___ Alamo troops 56 college social groups (abbr.) 57 TXism:" much to do as a hibernetlr~ bear" See Solution, page 4C l +