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July 29, 2015     Hays Free Press
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July 29, 2015

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+ Page 2C COMMUNITY Hays Free Press July 29, 2015 + Ask Mick Continued from pg. 1C Tabasco and Yucatfin it is an ingredient in a green liquor calledVerdfn. While most often used fresh, hoja santa can also be used in dried form, although drying subdues much of the flavor and makes the leaf too brittle to be used as a wrapper. Hoja santa is a member of the pepper family, so there is a slight peppery element to the flavor. It contains some of the same aromatic oils found in sassafras (safrole in particular), hence the root beer smell. The taste is unique, with definite root beer nuances and a sweet anise edge; immediately apparent when you crush or nibble on a leaf. It is complimentary to the basic Mexican flavors of cilantro, lime, garlic, and chile peppers, and when cooked, sort of lurks in the flavor background rather than dominate. If you are going to use it to wrap a food, the leaf either has to have been picked far enough in ad- vance to have sufficiently wilted, or the veins will crack and the leafwiU split when you try to wrap with it. An alternative is to soak the leaves in hot water to make them limp enough to fold, although this reduces the flavor intensity slightly. Hoja santa grows very well in the Austin area, preferring a rich, moist soil with lots of compost, and morning to midday sun with afternoon shade. It will freeze to the ground with the first frost, but re- emerge late in-the spring and rapidly grow to 6+ feet in height. It spreads by un- derground roots, so it can be a little invasive; give it plenty of room to grow. To cook with hoja santa try wrapping fish fillets, shrimp, scallops, chicken, or pork in a leaf with aro- matics like garlic, shallots, or grated onion, using a little white wine, butter, and citrus. A Mexican verde sauce made from roasted tomatillos, garlic, and scallions, cilantro, Serrano chiles, and lime pairs well with the leaf, as does aVeracruz-style sauce of olive oil, tomato, garlic, white wine, capers, olives, green chiles, pars- ley. cilantro, and butter. It also works reasonably well in a pesto, or minced and tossed with pasta. Grows like a weed, makes a dramatic accent in the landscape, and tastes great on the plate; what more could you ask for? Mick Vann is a food writer, chef, restaurant con- sultant, horticulturist. Check It Out Continued from pg. 1C during World War I. The major change is that the "Darwinist" British focused scientific progress towards creating modified beasts to perform labor and act as war machines. The Ger- man"Clankers" develop steam-powered machines. The series follows the Austrian prince Aleksander, trying to survive, after the assassination of his parents and a Scottish girl, Deryn, trying to pass as a boy so that she can fly in the British Air Service. They meet on the great air-beast Leviathan, a giant whale with an integrated ecosys- tem that allows it to act as anairship. In the Clockwork Cen- tury series, the CivilWar has been raging for two decades. The series starts with Boneshaker, which takes place in Seattle. After a maniac with a drilling machine destroyed the city and released a gas that made people turn into Rotters (essentially zombies), Seattle has been largely abandoned and walled off, to contain the blight gas and the Rotters. Zeke, son of the maniac that destroyed the city, goes in the city to look for clues to clear his father's name. His mother Briar follows, trying to find Zeke before he is killed by the Rotters or the criminals that make their homes inside the walls. Connect with altemate histories with the Buda Public Library! Texas History Continued from pg. 1C Zamudio. "I was sleeping ripped it and she stum- when the crash awakened bled loose." me," she told a reporter "The only way out was from her hospital bed.through the mashed- "My mother and father in front part of the bus were standing in the aisle where the windshield had because all the other seats been." The trio escaped were occu- through the pied. "Thecrash TheNaUona[ opening.waco threw me to ambulance the floor andSafety driver Nathan the bus was Soloman filled with Council removed screaming and charred crying people, confirmed corpses from The young girl the red-hot sitting next to the carnage wreckage. 'A me hollered fireman and I for me to was the got 23 out by jump out the ourselves," he window and worst bus said. "Some she and the were so badly Negro soldiercrash on bumed they helped me out fell apart the window, record, when he "I was one grabbed of the first out them." of the bus. But those poor Thirty hours after the old women up front andtragedy, only seven bodies the bus driver- they were had been positively iden- screaming. I tried to run tiffed. The official figure back to help mother and of 28 dead was at best an daddy out of the bus, but educated guess. some folks held me back. The National Safety I think the bus blew up Council confirmed the with my mama and papa." carnage was the worst Matilda was right. Herbus crash on record. The parents were dead. horror on Highway 81 Adolph Simmank was was one fatality shy of the also on board the south- deadliest traffic accident bound Greyhound. "I in Texas history, when a woke up to the sound train struck a truck loaded of terrible screams. The with migrant workers in whole bus was on fire.1940 killing 29 near Alamo Flames were shooting all in the Rio Grande Valley. over the interior of the bus." Autographed copies Simmank dragged a of'Murder Most Texan," soldier with two broken Bartee's latest book, are legs toward the front,still available. Orderyours "Then I noticed a young in the "General Store"at woman whose dress or by was caught on a piece of mailing a check for $26.65 metal. She was screaming to Bartee Halle, P.O. Box and her dress was on fire. 152, Friendswood, TX I grabbed the dress and 77549. SUBMITTED REPORT The definition of extraordinary is "extremely good or impressive," which is an appropriate description of the talent displayed by Mathis Hearns, an offender serving the last six months of his sentence at the Kyle Correctional Center. The Kyle facility is a drug treatment facility that houses offenders from all over the state. The facility is operated by Management & Training Corp. (MTC) for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Hearns came to the facility and quickly stood out among his peers with his talent for art. The portrait (shown in photo) was an assignment given to Hearns, completed in mere hours. He was tasked with rendering a pencil drawing of the founder of MTC, Bob Marquardt, for display in the lobby area. When interviewed about his abilities and aspirations in life, Hearns admitted to having his talents realized at a young age. When he was in junior high school, he won several art contests at local rodeos. However, he was unable to fulfill his destiny. When he was 16, his mother passed away. He dropped out of school in the tenth grade and quickly turned to a life of crime to help support his older and younger sisters. He tried to get his life back on track by entering an art institute for photography but was unsuccessful in removing himself from his former activities. He was arrested and is now completing his sentence at the drug treatment program. Hearns, now 21, will be returning to society after completing this program. When asked what inspiration or words of encouragement he could give to someone, he said, "Think before you act." PHOTO COURTESY OF MTC Mathis Hearn, artist and resident of Kyle Correctional Center, shows off his pencil rendering of Management & Training Corp. founder, Bob Marquardt. Texas Crossword and Sudoku sponsored by Texas Lehigh , LP !iii i ~' .: iitii i iiiiiiii I+ ' ii: ........ ....... Tiiiiii'iiiiii ii I J iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii', i+iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii See Solution on 3C ACROSS 1 TXism: "got as much _, _ as a hibernating bear" 5 this Baldwin was in film ~fhe Aviator" about TX Hughes 6 in Hays Co. on 1-35 7 Roberts of 2007 film "Nancy Drew" with TX Kay Panabaker 8 eady TX land grants were made by this entity (2 wds.) 17 "walking on _~_" 18 Chireno's "Ginger- bread House~ has this facade (2 wds.) 21 ACU degree 22 for older TXns; Medi 23 hot dog 24 Hawaiian beach (without the first 'r') 29 1980 song: "Raisin' __ in Texas" 30 TX-made salsa 31 Nolle of film "North Dallas Forty" 0nit.) 32 not expecting? 34 trim off 35 TXism: "___ some gravel" (fell) 36 former TX pro DB for Detroit who is in Halt of Fame 37 TX-born fashion designer, OMtiam 38 TX or IA town 39 home of SFA 41 football, e.g. 42 Santa word 43 TXism: "1 took a "(drank) 44 A&M administrators 45 computer address (abbr.) 46 TXism: "take a look ......... 7 47 eerie sight near a TX ghost town: "The ~ Light" 48 TXism: "Well, I___V (exclamation) 50 "Dallas" was a prime time '~ opera" 51 TX Tommy who won 10 Tony Awards 52 TXism: "blister " (handte) 53 TX Jeannie C. Riley's "Harper Vattey" DOWN 1 TXism: "it __ to rope him" (large man) 2 TX Rachel McLish was 1980 & 1982 "MS. 3 community coltege in Corpus Christi 4 Old _____, TX 9 TX Sly Stone's "_ to Take You Higher" 10 saddle 11 TXism: "tough row to ~" (difficult) t2 thts Durning was the coach in "North Dallas Forty" (init.) 6 i 13 bounty hunter's quest in early TX 14 how TX tea is best served (2 wds,) 15 ~ .~.=~ O'Danlel was 34th gov. of TX 16 South TX rancher: Mary __ West 19 middles 20 "Texas Troubadour" __ Tubb 22 Pale Duro, et a,I. 24 this co. no longer sends telegrams tn TX (abbr.) 25 TXism: "if I was -- better. I couldn't stand It" 26 Hereford AM/FM by Charley & Guy Orbison ~pyllght 2015 by O~btson Bros. lg 20 3t P-~231 27 Belfast Army (abbr.) 28 Creek In Pale Pinto County 29 TXism: ~trust every* body but always cut the " 30 football protectors 33 TXism: '~h~o-bit ~' (bad horse) Red Steagall: "Official Cowboy of Texas" 35 Fort Worth Star- Telegram lounder: _ Carter 37 another TX dance 38 TX radio feature: From Baseball's Past" 40 female univ. student 41 brand the hide 44 long curtain 47 this George was Oilers' Ist QB 49 TXism: "could__.._ the drops" (little rain) See Solution on 3C + ,3 i! Ihl] ! , i'