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August 17, 2011     Hays Free Press
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August 17, 2011

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Hays Free Press n August 17, 2011 NEWS P~e5A ~d. nOV. Rick Perry declared candidacy for pmsi- t of the United States on Aug. 13 at Red State Gath- ering, a Republican blogger convention in Charleston, S.C. Perry's declaration ended a period of many months of public speculation over his intentions. In declaring, Perry expressed his intention to export Texas ideas on governance to the rest of the nation and told the audi- ence he would work to make Washington, D.C. as "incon- sequential" as he can in the lives of Americans. He sam his campaign would focus on jobs and budget cuts. While Perry was in South Carolina, most other Republi- can candidates were in Iowa, competing to win the non- binding 2011 Ames Straw Poll, a GOP fund-miser that allowed Iowans to make a $30 donation and pick their favorite. U.S. Rep. Run Paul of Texas placed second in the poll, next to winner U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, an Iowa native. Former Massa- chusetts Guy. Mitt Ronmey, who last week was the leader in national polls, placed sev- enth. As a write-in candidate, Perry placed sixth without exerting any on-the-ground effort in Iowa. He traveled to Iowa the day after the poll to make public appearances. Perry's third full term in office as overn0r will at the end of 20]~4.With more than 10 years already to his credit, he is the longest-serv- ing governor in Texas history. COURT RULES AGAINST CARE ACT The Eleventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta on Aug. 12 affirmed a lower court's ruling that the federal Patient Protection and Af- fordable Care Act's individual mandate is unconstitutional. The court called the law ers' compensation data free of charge at we/data.ham1. On Aug. 9, the workers' compensation division of the Texas Department of Insur- ance announced the avail- ability of the agency's semian- nually updated System Data Report that contains data on income and death benefits, dispute resolution, medical fee disputes, designated doc- tor appointments and medical benefits. INMATES TO PAY MORE FOR CARE Each state prison inmate, requiring citizens to put- beginning Sept. 1, will be chase health insurance or be charged $100 for the first penalized "an unprecedented health care visit they request, exercise of congressional pursuant to a new law. power" that "exceeds Con- gress' enumerated commerce power." The state of Texas, led by state Attorney General Greg Abbott, is part of the 26-state coalition that challenged the federal law. Abbott hailed the outcome as "an important ruling for freedom and limited govern- ment." The Act, which is still in effect and may be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, was passed by Congress and signed into lawby President Obama in 2010. Bills to repeal the Act have been filed but not taken up. WORKERS POMP DATA ONLINE Computer-users who have an Internet connection can access state-mainteined work- The fee covers all health care visits requested by an inmate for one year, but the Texas Department of Criminal Justice clarified that the fee won't be charged for an emer- gency or life-threatening situ- ation, follow-up services rec- ommended by the health care staff, chronic care (including communicable diseases such as HI~, AIDS and TB), pre- natal care, health screening and evaluations related to the diagnostic and reception process or health care services necessary to comply with state law and regulations. Ed Sterling works for the Texas Press Association and follows the Legislature for the association. Finally, after six long, pain- fat months of absolutely nothing, the drought is over. We have been wait- ing for months for relief from these blistering dog days of summer, and on Thursday, August 11, the drought was broken. At last, I was able to pop open a cold beer, plop my sweaty backside on the couch and watch football. After six FROM THE months of seeing angry rich Here aresome examples housewives and ill-tempered of howyoud score points in chefs slug it out on Bravo, and Fantas); Football a fii If your player tests positive realtors trying to sell fancy homes to indecisive rich folks on some other useless network that gets sucked in through my satellite dish, I was thrilled to see that the NFL was back on my 13L. OK, so it was an exhibi- tion game, but even that is better than seeing some show about hoarders or wee little people. If it hadn't been for SharkWeek, I think I would're gone insane. An exhibition game may seem like nothing to some folks, but to me, it's like smelling a plump turkey cooking in the oven, knowing kicking field goals or intercept- Lug Peyton Manning, but for being stupid in the off-season. for a banned substance, you receive five points. flyour player gets mar- lied during the off-season, that's five pts. It's worth 10 points if he gets married on the Saturday before his team's ' playoff game. if he marries a Kardashian, you'd get an extra point. If your player gets tossed off an airplane for displaying his dirty drawers, it's worth 10 points. Making an appearance on a sitcom: 10 points. If he gets murdered on CSI, it's 15 points. that Thanksgiving dinner is about to commence. Five points to the player with the best tattoo, ff the As I was watching unfamiliar player asked Jim Tressel where players wearing Dallas Cowboy to get the tattoo, then you'd be uniforms, I was salivating like awarded an extra point. a rabid dog staring down a Twittering negative Com- mailman, Last Thursday night ments about other players or was like Christmas Eve. Visions coaches is good for five points. of Tony Romo tossing touch- Getting arresting for enter- down passes to Dez Bryant ing a night club with a pistol is danced in my head. Am I ready worth 15 points. If your.player for some football? Heck yeah! shoots himself in the leg while Aren't you? If not, then I reckon showing off his pistol in a night club, that's a whopping 25 points. ffyour player gets pulled over for DUI, it's five points. If it happens in the middle of Lake Travis, then you'd receive an additional two points. If some female reporter there's something very wrong with your genetic code, or per- haps yon aren't from around here. As all Texans know, there're only thsee seasons in a year: spring, summer and football. Now that football season is within sniffing distance, there's receives an explicit picture of a horde of fellas gearing up yeur drafted quarterback, or for Fantasy FootbalL For you what I like to cull'junk mall, newly arrived folks from across then you'd get 15 points. the pond who think football Getting arrested gambling at is played with a round ball, a dog fight is worth five points. Fantasy Football is a contest If the dog fight was in his own between guys (mostly) who backyard, then you'll be re- creme a league, draft their warded with an extra point. favorite players in the NFL and If your selected running then collect points for certain back gets his Heisman Trophy achievements by their players taken awa~ that'd be 10 points. each Sunda~ Personally, I no If your player legally chang- es his name, it'd be worth five points. OK, let's start our draft, shall we? For quarterback, I select the photogenic Brett Favre. At running back, I take Regale Bush since I suspect Cedric may have some ligament dam- age from a cup's nightstick. And for my wide receiver, I want Plaxico! He may not score many touchdowns this season due to his lingering bout with lead poisoning, but I suspect he will make the headlines a couple of times during the season. Oh, the best thing about my Fantasy Football League is that we can play it year-round, for all three seasons. And dunng football season, we won't have longer participate in these fan- tasy leagues since I found my- self roofing for guys on teams that I despise. Plus, I was really lousy at picking good players. As I was pondering one evening out on the Crow's Nest, sweating under the bright stars, with thirsty mosquitoes asking for a sip of my beer, I came up with my own Fantasy Football League. The concept is the same as all those other leagues out there with one exception. Instead of receiving points for stuffyour draft choices achieve on the gridiron, you get points for things they do offthe field, in their not-so-private lives. No points for touchdowns or sack- ing Tom Brady. No rewards for to worry about trades and substitutions, who's injured and who's in a slump. As long as we have cold beer and our wives pay the cable bill, we'll be as happy as blue-tick hound chomping on a beef rib under the porch. Now if it would only rain, we'd all have a ver~ merry football season. rolo City of Notice of PuMic lleadng on Tax Illl(WMse The City of Kyle will hold two public hearings on a proposal to increase total tax revenues from properties on the tax roll in the preceding tax year by 15.53 percent (percentage by which proposed tax rate exceeds lower of rollback tax rate or effective tax calculated under Chapter 26, Tax Code). Your individual taxes may increase at a greater or lesser rate, or even de- crease, depending on the change in the taxable value of your property in relation to the change in taxable value of all other property and the tax rate that is adopted. The first public hearing will be held on August 17, 2011 at 7:00 PM at Kyle City Hall, 100 W. Center Street, Kyle, TX 78640. The second public hearing will be held on August 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM at Kyle City Hall, 100 W. Center Street, Kyle, TX 78640. The members of the governing body voted on the proposal to consider the tax increase as follows: FOR: AGAINST: PRESENT and not voting: None ABSENT: None Mayor Lucy Johnson Mayor Pro Tern David Wilson Council Member Diane Hervol Council Member Russ Huebner Council Member Brad Pickett Council Member Jaime Sanchez Council Member Becky Selbera None The average taxable value of a residence homestead in City of Kyle last year was $127,513. Based on last year's tax rate of $0.415399 per $100 of tax- able value, the amount of taxes imposed last year on the average home was $529.69. The average taxable value of a residence homestead in City of Kyle this year is $127,330. If the governing body adopts the effective tax rate for this year of $0.419363 per $1,00 of taxable value, the amount of taxes imposed this year on the average home would be $533.97. If the governing body adopts the proposed tax rate of $0.484500 per $100 of taxable value, the amount of taxes imposed this year on the average home would be $616.91. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the hearings and express their vbews. Notice of Public Meeting to Discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate The Hays Consolidated Independent School District will holid a public meeting at 6:15 PM, August 29, 2011 in Hays High School Career & Technology Building, 4800 Jack C. Hays Trail, Buda, TX 78610. The purpose of this meetimg is to discuss the school district's budget that will determine the tax rate that will be adopted. Public participation In the discussion is Invited. The tax rate that is ultimately adopted at this meeting or at a : separate meetins at a later date may not exceed the proposed rate shown below unless the district publishes a revised notice containin~ the same information and comparissuns set out below and holds m,.othn.r public meetin~to di~uss the.revised notice. Maintenance Tax $1.0400/$100 (proposed rate for maintenance and operations) Scbonl Debt Service Tax $0.4213/$100 (proposed rate to pay bonded indebtedness) Approved by Local Voters Com_nartisan of Proposed Budget with Last Year's Budget The applicable percentage increase or decrease (or differencre) in the amount budgeted in the preceding f~cal yea~ and the amount budgeted for the fiscal year that begins during the current tax year is indicated for each of the folloswing expenditure categories. Maintenance and operations -1.73 % decrease Debt Service 7.52 /.o increase Total expenditures -0.16 % decrease ' Totml Auuraised Value and Total TaxabhValue (ant calculated under Section 26.04, Tax Code) l~crtml~dJl.Xt~ f,,tmt_Xax.Zt~ $4,348,258,307 $238,175,091 $3,828,906,440 $141,152,048 Total appraised value* of all property $4,.,218,901,81 l Total appraised value* of new property** 52t69,560,113 Total taxable value* * * of all property 53,,704,761,752 Tdtal taxable value*** of new property** $1i83,812,590 Appraised valhe is the amount shown on the appraisal roll amd defined by Section 1.04(8), Tax Code. * "New property" is defined by Section 26.012(17), Tax Co*de. ** "Taxable value" is defined by Section 1.04(10), Tax Codle. eml Uaabt . Total amoamt of outstanding and unpaid bonded indebtedness* $298,495,869 Outstanding principal. Last Year's Rate Rate to Maintaln Same Level of Malnteuanta & Dperaflone Revenue & Pay Debt Service Propo~ Rote Comnmrison of Pro_nosed Rates with Las! Yesr's Rat~ Maintteuauee & Interest & Lecal Revmue State Revenue Ieinl Par Studm P, tr_Smaml $1.04000 $0A213' $1.46|3 $3,745 $5.428 $1.04337 $0.5440* $i.SgTl $3,916 $5,155 $ 1.04000 $0.4213 * $1.4613 $3,668 $5,031 *The Interest & Sinking Fund tax rcvunun is used to pay for bt)onded indebtex~ss on construction, equipment, or both. The bonds, and the tax rate necessary to pay thoee bonds, wer~ approved by the voters of this district. Com_nurisou e Market Value of Residences of Prm_m~ed Lew with Last Year's LeW on kver=ge Residenee lmst_Xr~ ~m2ltar 513;1,060 $131,807 Average Taxable Value of Residences511 t 5,976 $116,754 Last Year's Rate Versus Proposed Rate per $100 Value $1.44613 51.4613 Taxes Due on Average Residence . $1,6694.76 $1,706.13 Increase (Decrease) in Taxes 511.37 Under state law, the dollar amount of sehool taxes impesedd on the residence homestead of s person 65 yean of ege or older p" oflbe surviving spouse of such a person, if the surviving spouse was SS years of age or ekkw when the Imamn died, may not bemeraastd above the amount paid it the ftrst year after the person turned 65, rcgerdlees of changes In tax rate or property valdue. !Notice of Rollback Rote: The highest tax rate the dhtrict ctan adopt be-fete requiring voter approval at an electiee i ~Tlds elecflea will be automatically held if the district adopts a rate in exeess oftbe rollback rate of r $1.4613. I'he following estimated balances will remain atthe end~dte'.correntfiscalyearandarenctanctwdoered with or by a um'es~t~mgc~f, dangler's'tess es(wamet~ ~ 3ecessary for operating the district before receipt of the first snare aid payment. Vlalnteunnce and Operations Fund Balance(s) $24,945,354 interest & Sinking Fund Balance(s) $680,175 +