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September 4, 2003     Hays Free Press
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September 4, 2003

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Page 2 The Free Press Current Events September 4, 2003 Buda council waits on changes to water rates BY DANIEL MICHAEL Staff Writer B UDA-The Buda City Council decided Tuesday night to take no action on adjusting the city's water rates until at least October so it can observe water consumption trends during cooler months. Many Buda residents have been irate over a spike in water rates -as much as 50 percent for some consumers. City Administrator Bob Mathis said the increase was necessary to maintain the city's water and wastewater infrasti'ucture over the next ten years, and to pro- mote water conservation. Councilmember Bobby Lane made a motion, which quickly diedl proposing that the council wait a year before making changes to the city's water rate structure. "Let this rate structure run for a year so we can get a full picture through all the sea- sons," Lane said. However, City Council- member Jeff Coffee said one of the reasons he is on the council is because of a letter he received in March inform- ing him of the water rate increase, which went into affect in April. COuncilmembers tossed around figures without calru- lating how those proposed rates would pay to maintain the city's water and .waste- water system. "The rates were designed for a reason and purpose," Lane said. "A lot of study went into it." In a compromise, Council- member Tom Crouse suggest- 7 '4' 4. ed that the council wait until October before reviewing the city's water rate structure. The motion carried 5-1, with Coffee dissenting. In other developments: The council approved the proposed budget for FY 20IM; which has a tax rate of 16.3 cents per $100 of assessed valu- ation. The tax rate will help fund city employee pay raises of two to four percent. The city will hire one part-time and two full-time employees for the public works department. The city also will also hire a part- time employee to work in the office at City Hall. The council voted unani- mously to establish a Transportation Committee, which would review the trans- portation plan adopted in the city's comprehensive plan. Mathis said the Transportation Committee would identify critical trans- portation issues, forlnulate solu- tions and create a funding strat- egy. The committee will consist of Buda residents who are will- ing to donate their time over the ' next year. Mathis recommended that the body consist of a diver- sity of Buda residents. The council appointed Carl Urban, a member of the Buda Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z), to chair the Transportation Committee. The council will hammer out the various details of the committee at a later date. The council authorized the mayor and city staff to negotiate and sign an agreement between the city of Buda and Cullen Country Ventures to allow the developer to construct an over- sized pipeline. The eighteen-inch pipeline would be able to serve any future development south of the Cullen Country property, near FM 1626 and FM 967, includ- ing the proposed Garlic Creek West subdivision. The council approved the final plat for Cornerstone West, a commercial development in Buda's extrateritorrial jurisdic- tion (ETJ). The office park will cover 9.32 acres located on the west side of FM 1626 and just north of FM 967. The council also approved the final plat for the Stoneridge Subdivision, which includes 23.24 acres and 78 lots. The council said "no thanks" to Lynn Parker, who made a presentation to the council on Aug. 5 in favor of establishing a Buda  police department. Several coun- cilmembers said the city can't afford a police department at this time. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO RAISE SALARIES AND ALLOWANCES OF COUNTY ELECTED OFFICIALS In accordance with section 152.0i3 of the Texas Local Government Code, the Commissioners' Court of Hays County is publishing the following increases in salaries and allowances for elected officials. These increases are proposed as part of the new fiscal year budget which would begin October 1, 2003. A public hearing on the budget and an expected vote on the budget are scheduled for September 9, 2003, at 1:30 p.m. at the Commissioners' Corm of the Hays County Courthouse. PROPOSED ELECTED OFFICIALS 2004 Treasurer 53,901 Longevity .1,055 Tax Assessor 57,285 Longevity 515 District Clerk 53,791 Longevity 440 County Clerk 53,791 Longevity 240 Sheriff 76,800 Longevity 935 County Judge 64,497 Longevity 240 Justice of the Peace 1-1 45,633 Longevity 855 Justice of the Peace 1-2 45,633 Justice of the Peace 2 45,633. Longevity 240 Justice of the Peace 3 45,633 Longevity 240 Justice of the Peace 4 45,633 Longevity 480 Justice of the Peace 5 45,633 Longevity 480 Constable Pct. 1 40,000 Longevity 1,200 Constable Pct.2 40,000 Longevity 1,200 Constable Pct. 3 40,000 Longevity 290 Constable Pct. 4 ,40,000 Longevity 540 Constable Pct.5 40,000 Longevity 1,200 Commissioner Pct. 1 51,945 Longevity 635 Commissioner Pct. 2 51,945 Longevity 240 Commissioner, Pct 3 51,945 Longevity 360 Commissioner, Pct 4 51,945 Longevity 660 Telephone Allowance 480 FY23 52,844 995 56,162 455 52,736 380 52,736 0 75,294 875 63,232 0 44,738 795 44,738 44,738 0 44,738 0 44,738 420 44,738 420 38,745 1,162 38,745 1,188 38,745 200 38,745 480 38,745 1,170 50,926 575 50,926 0 50,926 300 50,926 600 0 ANNUAL INCREASE 1,057 60 1,123 60 1,055 60 1,055 240 1,506 60 1,265 240 895 60 895 895 240 895 240 895 60 895 50 1,255 38 1,255 12 1,255 90 1,255 60 1,255 30 1,019 60 1,019 240 1,019 60 1,019 60 480 I I NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON HAYS COUNTY FY 2004 BUDGET Notice is hereby given that the County. o/Hay s will hold a public hearing on the proposed FY 2004 budget on September 9, 2003, at 1:30 pm., in the Commissioners' Courtroom, Hays County Courthouse. Prior to the adoption and thereafter, a copy of the budget will be'on file in the offices of ihe Hays County Clerk and the Hays County Auditor for public inspection. The people who know Kyle best strongly" support Mayor James Adkins, and they ask you to Just Say on September 13, 2003 The following are just a few of the people who publicly support keeping Kyle on the right track under Mayor Adkins' leadership, including the hundreds who signed a petition against the recall. We are proud of Kyle's record of accomplishments, including lower property tax rates, improved city parks, a new swimming pool, an HEB Super Store of our very own, and the hiring of an experienced and efficient city manager. Former Kyle Mayors David Murray Pete Krug David Ortiz James Miller David Saucedo Sandra Tenorio David A. Salazar Ed Winn David G. McGehee David Ray Wilson Former Kyle Debbie L. Sandoval Council members Debbie L. Saylor Abel Tenorio Deborah King Aubrey Bales Deborah Melendez Bias Tenorio Deborah Moore Bobby Joe Dabelgott Debra Cordova Debbie Munoz Dee Dees Delbert Moore Delia Ramirez Guajardo Donn Brooks Diana Daniels Chevo Pastrano Diane Lewis Crayton Gary Hutzler Diane Lynn Johnson Jean Bales ' Dixie L. Dabelgott John uaderson Douglas Edward Ross John R. Groos Dolores Morgan Smart Kirkwood Domingo Medina Domingo Olvera Adelina Ortunio Valdez Domingo Reyna Adolph Garza Domingo Reneteria Pompa Al White Jr. Don Chumley Alan Edward Duerr Don Crumley Albert Arredondo Donna Squires Albert Martinez Donna Tonovitz Albert Martinez Jr. Donna C. Bryson Albert Busse Dora Ramos Albert Sandoval Dora C. Pompa Albino Rodriguez Doris Delgado Aleio CastiUo Doris Cummings Montague Alfonso Castillo Dusfin Gann Alfonsa Mosqueda Eddie Aleiandro Alfred Dees Eddy Etheredge Alicia Falcon Elaine Wildenburg Lawry Alicia A. Villarreal Elena Delgado Alifonsa Perez Elida Soto Alifonsa Rodriguez Gonzales Ella Randow Herzog Allan Tirk Eluterio Regalado Allan Roy Gasch Jr. Elydia Saucedo Amelia Melendez Emilia Cisneros Angel Rodriguez Emily Oberer Roberts Angel Rodriguez Jr. Enrique Castillo Angie Falcon Eriberto M. Deleon Angie Tobias Eric Eugene Castillo Anita Aguirre Eric Paul Davis Anita Melendez Erica Lynn Marfinez  Anita RuiZ "- "" ' et G. nio ', A]ita Tienda lber   stella Romero Ann Eskew Ayers Estella spin0za Castillo Annie Aguirre Esther Falcon Antonio Gonzales Esther Hicks Antonio R Aguirre Ethel Coffee Banks April Lowe Ethelene Dunham Armando Chapa Eufemio Castillo Ashli N. Alejandro ,\\; Eugenia Crumley Johnson Ashlie Bryant Eva Manning Asie Smith Eva Ortuno Audelia Reyna Evangelina Paulita Chapa Augustine Cademal Evelyn Briston Schmeltekopf Barbara Baromeo Castleberry Federico Falcon Beatrice Delgado Felix Heysquierdo Becky Kirkwood Florence Ophelia Montague Benita T. Martinez Frances Lopez Benito Zavala Frances Dunn Sledge Benjamin Falcon Francisci Vela Falcon Jr. Benjamin Gonzalez Frank Ortunio III Bernardino Melendez Franklin Delano Herzog Berta Crayton Fred Rothert Betty Brooks Gail Walls Betty Castillo George Saucedo Jr. Betty Smith George Saucedo III Betty Zollman George Wesley Whitaker Betty D. Moore Georgia Magee Vivian Betty M. Cardenas Gerardo Cavazos Bill C. Stephens Gilbert G. Tenorio Blanca Tucar Glen Edward White Bob Barton Glenda Holt Dees Bobbie Jo Martinez Glenda Pearl Guy Brenda Stewart Glenn whitaker Brenda T. Delany Gloria Gonzales Brittany Zerr Gloria E Rodriguez Bruce Milton Banks Gloria G. Mosqueda Buford Arlen Groos Gloria Hemandez Ortunio Burnes Wilson Burr Gordon Hall Calvin Kirkham Guillermo Tenorio Jr. Carey Tonovitz Gustano Delgado Carl Ray Davis Gwendolyn Eileen Johnson Carlos Cordova Harry Pineo Carlota Sanchez Castilleja Harvest Trammell Carmen Zavala Heather MacKenzie Kumpe Carol Whisenant Helen Joyce Young Carolina Garza Hilario O. Castilleja Carolyn Gill French Hilda Barrera Carolyn Louise Cagle Hilda M. Rios Catarina Romo Hilirine Wade Lockhart Cathy M Shaw Ignacio Falcon Chasady C. Guy Iguacio Prado Pineda Cheryl Johnson Irene ViUalpando Ortunio Chris Carrizales Irma Tortes Christina Falcon Isabel Arredondo Christina Falcon J.E Montague Christina Trejo Jack B. Turner Christine E. Ross James McDonald Christopher Crayton James Perez Christopher John Chomel James Roberts Jr. Christopher Lee Tohill James David De Long Cindy R. Mendoza James Dennis Tyler Connie Heysquierdo Jan Elise Parker Burks Consuelo V. Ortunio Janie Torres Corienne Gonzales Jason Splawn Cristoval Gonzales Javier Rios Crystal Espinoza Jean Bryan Winn Curtis Guy Jeanie Marie Fullinghim Cynthia Cavazos Jeffrey Gonzales Cynthia Mitchell Herrera Jennifer Carrizales Cynthia Zerr Roach Jennifer Beth Stock Daniel Ortunio Jesse Espinoza Dalila Delgado Jessica-Yvette Perez Daniel Ortuno Joan Searcy Daniel Trejo Joanna McClendon Daniel Villapondo Arredondo Jodi Scott Atldnson Daphne Tenorio Joe Arredondo Darron Edward Roach Joe Calderon David Barrera Sr. Joe Cardenas David Cisneros Joe Hernandez David Cisneros Jr. Joe Pena David Dunham Joe E Munoz David Gonzales John Campos David Mendoza John Cisneros Jr. John Cisneros Sr. John Ortuno III John Ramos John Emesto Ortunio John Howard Ayers John Nathaniel Lawry Jr. John Paul Hemandez John S. Dees John Weston Dixon John Zapata Cardenas Jose Martinez Jose David Gonzales Joseph Arredondo Josephine Arredondo Josie Hernandez Josie Regalado Joy L. Gonzales Joyce Merchant Morris Juan Carrizales Juan Carrizales Sr. Juan Torres Juan Hernandez Molinar Juan Ramon Zapata Juan U. Torres Juana Torres Julia Martinez Julia Quintero Julia Ann Martinez Julian Romero Julie Castillo Julie Hernandez Julie Romero Julie Ann Albertson Karan Diane White Katie Arnold Kenneth Van Winkle Kenneth Evans Rutledge Kerri Dale Jones Kevin Foley Kim Morgan Kafka Kristina Davis Kristine M. Hughes Latisha Cisneros Laura Perez Laura Elizabeth Tortes Lawrence M. Schmeltekopf Leah Morgan Leah Rene Hamann Lee Warren Johnson ': ' Leonard Da,id Li/{dgens Leopoldo Melendez ....... Liia Etheridge ght Lily R. Mendoza Linda Cruz Lisa 3[rk Lisa C. Moore Lisa Marie Sindermann Lora Maddux Groos Lori Lineman Crayton Lucio Mendoza Jr. Luis Garza Lupe Tortes Lydia Gonzales Cisneros Mabel Fields Manuel Gonzales Marc Castillo Marcelina Martinez Regalado Margaret Marie Holt Margie Anderson Margie Hemandez Maria Lopez Maria Ortuno Mafia Pineo Mafia Zavala Maria Antonia Trejo laria Del Socorro Gomez Mari8 Elena Diaz Maria Esperanza Orosco Maria Isabel Ochoa Mario U. Torres Mark Britt Mark Gillette Jones Martha Van Voorhis Martin Alejandro Martin Hemandez Martin Velasquez Martina Flores Rodriguez Mary Arredondo Mary Cisneros Mary Martinez Mary Saucedo Mary Soto Mary Torres Mary E. Saucedo Mary Ellen Miles Mary Fulton Mattis Mary Jane Canning Mary Jane Cisneros Mary Selbera Martinez Mattie Crenshaw Brownlow Max Soliz Maximo Trejo Maxine Gilford Melinda Burge Christ Melissa Foley Melissa Peveto Chomel Michael Griffin Michael A. McNabb Michael Adam Krug Michael Anthony Conte Michele Greenfield Castillo Michene Anderson Matthews MicheUe A. McGehee Miguel Delgado Miguel Trejo Mildred Taylor Minerva Deleon Misty M. Brast Monica Perez Myrtle Kelly Turner Myrtle Lann Bander Natividad Melendez Natividad R. Olvera Nava Barrera Ned Arcides Nicki Mrtinez Norma Torres Ofelia G. Tenorio Olga Haehud Oliver Taylor Oralia Alvarez Sandoval Oscar Mendoza Pamela Brown Pat Van Voorhis Patricia Gilmore Widdowson Patricia Sanchez Castilleja Paul Castillo Paul Hernandez Paul Mendez Paul Marcus Johnson Paul Roy Matthews Paula Falcon Paula Torres Pauline Saucedo Paulino Hernandez Pedro Romero Cisneros Penny Tompkins Krug Pete Sandoval Pete V. Martinez Peter Loomis French Petra Hernandez Phillip Hughes Rachel Hinojosa Maldanado Rammzuss Lazzarro Solares Ramona Arredondo Raul Romero Ray H. Kuhn Rebecca Chapa Rebecca Darney Splawn Refugio Castillo Guajardo Regina B. Dixon Reynaldo Deleon Reynaldo Selbera Jr. Ricardo S. Villareal Richard Romo Richard Serna Richard Bolivar White Richard Valde Garm Ricardo E. Castillo Rita Cuellar Rita Velasquez Robbie Elaine Hager Robert Garza Robert Turanyi Robert Conley Young Robert I. Tenorio Robert L. Shaw Robin Watson Robin Velasquez Burr Rod Walls RogeliTv0r : .... Romanita Barbosa Ronald Hardaway Ronnie Rivers Rosa Lca S'aucedo Rosa S. Pompa Rosalinda Hernandez Rosalio Guardiola Jr. Rosalio Tobias Rose Falcon Roseanne W. Alejandro Roxanne Castillo Roxanne Wright Gonzales Roy Brock Roy Crayton Ruben Barbosa Rudy Martinez Jr Ruperto Arredondo Ruth L. Herzog Sabino Castillo Jr. Sabino Torres Salina Perez Salvador Lucita Sam Cisneros Sandra Rogers " San Juanita Zavala . Santos Ortega Santos Sanchez Sarah Kaye Hernandez Scot Squires Sergio Lopez Sharon Cozad Shirley Rivers Sonja Marie Gasch Spencer Thomas Schwarz Stanley Edward Morris Steve Carson Stevan Melendez Steven Lawrence Kafka Sue Sanchez Martinez Sunny Vickers Fitzgerald Susie T. Fuantes Sylvester Diaz Jr. Sylvia A. Ruiz Sylvia Moreno Arperso Tamie Fuston Teresa Medina Teresa Melendez Tex O. Smith Theodora Delgado Theresa Villarreal Thomas Cisneros Thomas Ortiz Thomas Kenneth Burks Thomasa Saucedo Cisneros Timothy Martin DeLano Tom Atkinson Tom Searcy Tomas Ortiz Tomasa Ortega Tony Melendez Tracy Dale Glass Teresa Annette Touchstone Veronica Cardenas Victor Medina Victoria Olvera Victoriano Medina Victoriano Medina Jr. Victorio Trejo Viola Whitenburg Whitaker Virginia Moore Virginia Rodriguez Virginia Trejo Wallace Peterson Wanda Gann William Aguirre William Mose Johnson Willie Tenorio Wynette Word Barton Yolanda Heysquierdo Yolanda A. Varela Zaragoza R. Pompa Vote Against The Recall Of Mayor Adkins VOTE NO On September 13, 2003 Pd. Pol. Adv. by Citizens for the Unification of Kyle; Lila Knight, Treasurer; EO. Box 784, Kyle, TX 78640