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September 8, 2010     Hays Free Press
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September 8, 2010

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THEY REALLY SAID THAT?. "Do "we need things ? Yes, but need to be realistic about 00ohat kind of debt our base sul>I00orts. " - Buda City Councilmember Sandra Tenorio on Pelt-tightening at City Hall. Fiscal restraint has dominated budget talks this summer in both Kyle and Buda. Page 4A EDITORIAL I II I I Satisfying to most readers Call this newspaper e Hays Free Press r several reasons. For the first half century of its 107 years of life, we were the Kyle News because founder Thomas Fletcher Harwell chose that rather common- place moniker. In the summer of 1955, con- vinced that the whole county was our oyster, the name was changed to the Hays County Citizen and we began strug- gling to make the newspaper a good citizen, committed to reporting news, good and bad, that occurred in and around Central Texas. We even proclaimed for a while that we were "Inde- pendent In All Things and Neutral In None," which is a courageous and somewhat braggadocios proclamation for anyone to live by. We soon switched to a takeoff on The New York Times, changing one word to proclaim 'All the News that's Fun to Print." Then, the week after No- vember 23, 1963, we gave up on that too. The assassination of lack Kennedy didn't leave many folks with much taste for "funning" any more. We made another change in 1986, when we surrendered the"Cit/zen" moniker in a complicated business deal and shifted our operation to north of the Blanco River again, calling it the Hays County Free Press. The choice of that name was twofold. First we wanted to honor Isaac A. ]ulian who operated The Free Press in San Marcos. ]ulian ran Hays County's best newspaper from the early 1870s until the Great Depression of the early 1890s turned him asunder. Secondly, we fervently believe in "free" expression of ideas and try to practice what we preach. (We don't think it incongruous to charge 75 cents for a copy. That partially covers the cost of producing and dis- tributing our newspaper.) We limit opinion pieces to our editorial pages, which also contain a variety of individu- alistic columnists. We encour- age letters to the editor, and welcome provocative articles that challenge and sometimes infuriate some of our readers. We do require that letters to the editor be signed and we need a daytime phone num- ber to verify the author. This year our peers in the newspaper business have be- stowed 10 separate prize-win- ning awards on this newspa- per. They were for appearance, advertising excellence, news reporting, sports, photography and column writing. It's the nature of the human animal to seek approval from its peers and we are no excep- tion. We are realists, however, so we accept as a given that we aren't going to please all of our readers from an edito- rial standpoint. However, we are absolutely certain that the other 85 percent of our news- paper is fair, accurate and, with some regularity, both fun and satisfying to peruse. We'll settle for that. EDITOR'S NOTE II PULLING THE POLL Effective next week, the Hays Free Press will replace its regular weekly online poll with excerpts of the best reader commentary on our stories. The Hays Free Press, since its founding in 1903, has sought to nurture dialogue about issues impacting the community. The launch of our new website in ]anuary helped amplify the voice of read- ers who choose to become engaged. Highlighting the most insightful and thought- ful of those comments on the Opinion pages of the print edition is another way we hope to encourage meaning- hal discussion. -- Brad Rollins, Editor Hays Free Press September 8, 2010 Racist ,:ard 'm proud to say that I the first TEA (Taxed E] Party rallies in San Ma 15, 2009. It was less than after the second so called was passed by Congress law by President Obama. opposed to that legislatio: tttended one of rough Already) rcos on April .wo months stimulus bill nd signed into i was just as l as I was to the first stimulus bill that President Bush in the fail wasteful, out of control fe ment like ours, the worst do was to give it more mo promised "economic pro[ Obama, but all the econo: since then have shown th sn't work here Opposition to the TEA Party is following a predictable pattern that Mahatma Gandhi identified long ago, "First they ignoreyou, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." The first stage is clearly docu- mented in archived media coverage, or more correctly lack of it, from 2009 was signed by )f 2008. With a :leral govern- hing we could ney. We were ,Tess" by Mr. nic indicators opposite has Gras crow( Everyone tened to sr heard one when they of trash. M extremely] been the case and all that money was wasted just as we said it Would be. I still recall the TEA Party rally like it was yesterday and the thing that stands out in my mind the most is the people it drew, who they were, and how they behaved. There were people from every walk of life there that you would prob- ably never see together under normal circumstances. From hippies to busi- nessmen, infants to grandparents, you name a group, they were represented. Their behavior was what really struck me. I've seen a lot of crowds in my day, from anti-war protests to drunken Mardi s, but nothing ever like this. .'rived, held their signs, lis- eches, and behaved. I never trofane word. What's more, eft there was not one piece tke no mistake; everyone was assionate about our out of when the movement began. Today they are in the attack stage, and calling us racists is their strategy. When someone makes an allegation like that the first thing I always do is ask for the evi- dence. In this case who is a racist? What did they say? Where did it happen? Is there video? Is there audio? The answer control anq no one us to misbeha In 2009 t collection ( common p control, wa govemmer ofindividu pose, but s didates hax that banne groundswe president a to be reine wasteful government. But t that emotion as an excuse ge. ae TEA Party was just a loose f individuals united in the trpose of stopping an out of :teful, power hungry federal :. Today it is still a collection Is with that common pur- veral national political can- won major elections under , They have tapped into a of public opinion that our .d federal government need in immediately. to all these is that there is none. In this day and age of video cameras in cell phones it is unbelievable that no one has video of one of these alleged TEA Party racists. One other thing that is obviously missing here is a valid counter argu- ment to what the TEA Party stands for. None of the opposition will come out and say they stand for bigger govern- ment, more wasteful spending, more oppressive control of our businesses and lives, government takeover of pri- vate industries, and failed programs. So they call us racists. Ber'm e the l00rban Dictionary A colleague of mine recently made tionary. We scoffed at the offer of ABC a brash statement about his "old gum (already been chewed) and avoided n i & ]kbraln theory con( ;ruing not be- the bum who only smoked OPs (other ing able to teach rams ol "certain age" much about computers and their ap- plications. Their brains just aren't wired that way, Won't make the jump. Can't, ahem, compute. I bristled. It made me think, though, about a field trip we took when I was in elementary school and seeing this computer the size of a Volkswagon housed in this freezing metal room and we were told that this was the "wave of the future.," I think they called it Hal or something, i punched my name into a keyboard and it said "Bah Ren Da" and we all gasped. Magic. But that was about it forla while. All the way through college we were }ound- ing out our term papers on Selectrics and looking things up inWorld Books, the Yellow Pages and street maps. Lick- ing stamps to mail our bill s. My kids, on the other haJad, grew up on my lap as I toiled a_way,, front e Mac. They had electronic lap tops with t kindergarte sandwiched They are wi ally bilingu eign techno off in respm how to oper But what shorthand t versalized. I YY4U (too , (brilliant mi and the sar dyslexiaL El In retrosp acronyms w t l00|00llllllll,l, l I Illllll| sang. In , computer instruction was next to ABCs and recess. :ards on the computer. Actu- I in terms of this totally for- agical language they rattle se to my question about a zip file. :racks me up is the on-line tat has been somehow tmi- e culSr (see you later) and ise for you). I liked BMTIPG lds think in parallel gutters) anic DAP (parents against wer. .ct, though, we had our own ly before the Urban Dic- people's cigs). We asked you to RSVP and then BYOB and rolled our eyes at PDA after which you might should XYZ and wondered if you got your degree from MSU (making stuff up) because it was getting PhD (piled high and deeper) so, cut the BS. Our love letters were SWAK until some loser came up with SWAL- CAKWS (sealed with a lick-cause a kiss won't stick). And that ended that. So, I guess my colleague is correct in some regards. This old brain has selec- tive memory and, regardless of the quick access to the world wide web beckon- ing me from my computer screen, I still instinctively reach for my old Websters. And from what I understand, this is re- ferred to as "Book Googiing" these days. I am so uncool. So, 10Q4 your time.find, ::poof:: (I'm gone). POLL QUESTION THIS WEEK'S POLL QUESTION Do you think the city of Kyle's adopted budget for next fiscal year Is rs- sponMble? A. Yes, it makes sense to spend less in times of eco- nomic downturn. B. No, they're cutting infra- structure and programs the city needs to grow. C. Don't know LAST WEEK'S POLL QUESTION Did District Attorney Sherd Tibbe do the right thing by refusing to let law enforc- ment officers with blemished records testify as witnesses for the prosecutlon? A. Yes, she is holding law enforcement to a reasonable standard. 33% B. No, she is overstepping her authority. 53% C. 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