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September 9, 2015     Hays Free Press
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September 9, 2015

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Page 3A THEY SAiD THAT "Ultimately, TxDOT felt that the signal warranted a faster solution than waiting on funding for a roundabout." -Scott Sellers, Kyle City Manager, story on page 1A Hays Free Press September 9, 2015 Baptist minister, priest and a abbi walk into a bar... Aw, shoot, this joke might of- fend someone. How 'bout, "What do you From the Growls Nest by Clint Younts call anAggie shepherd?" Naw, this might also be offensive to some folks. Hmm, let's see... Knock, knocld Who's there? Hadji. Hadji who? Hadji come up with such a dumb joke? Okay, I think I just of- fended a mess of Muslims. Dang it! These days, I can't even open my mouth without offending some group of people who walk around with their pant- ies in a wad. It seems like every day I hear about some group of disgruntled malcontents who are objecting to American traditions. Religious extremist are of- fended by Halloween and atheists complain about nativity scenes. Grossly undereducated whiners are trying to purge anything related to the Confederacy while Native Americans and their lawyers claim certain professional sports teams have derogatory mascots. A wackadoodle with wild hair offends Mexicans, women reporters and intelligent voters while his fans who can't distinguish a Tootsie Roll from a cat turd get offended at folks who poke fun at their beloved purulent postulator. Oops, I might've just offended somebody who owns a the- saurus. The popular term that keeps popping up like a poot in the pool is "political correctness". These days, we all am supposed to alter our vocabulary in order to be politically correct and not unintention- ally offend some group. One misguided word can potentially hurt a thin-skinned bellyacher, and sud- deniy you are labeled as a racist, sexist, communist, extremist or another term than would be politically incorrect to list here. Oh, believe me, I know. In the past, I have insulted all sorts of people, from apicul- turists to vegans, yet it was all in tim. But nowadays, I wonder ifI too Should be politically correct. Hmm, let me ponder over this. Should I change the way I write this column in fear that I might offend someone who might have a different view on,my selected subject matter? Do I need to tone down my off-beat humor and soften my hard language? Maybe take the edge off my sword to prevent any cutting remarks from inflict- ing pain? Should I practice political correctness? These are all good questions I must ponder over, but first, let's talk about being politically correct. First of all I believe "political coffectness" is an oxymoron, and, no, I am not insulting all you morons out there without a dictionary. Of all the people in the world who should know the cor- rect way to speak and behave, politicians are way down on my list. I'll put the pope at the top of my list followed by southern gentlemen. I previously had Santa Claus at #2, but I didn't want to offend non-believers.You'll have to scroll way down past divorce lawyers, local school administrators and used car salesmen to find my ranking for politi- cians. Do y'all need examples of politicians being politically incorrect? Alrighty then, saddle up! I won't dwell on such fine politicos from genera- tions ago, such as the boozehound, Ulysses Grant or the amorous Thomas Jefferson. Let's chat about presidents in our lifetime, shall we? How politically correct was John Kennedy's clandestine birthday gifts from Marilyn Monroe? How can we forget the Watergate scandal and President Nixon misin- forming American that he was not a crook? Jimmy Carter lusted after women while Bill Clinton made a mess that the dry cleaners couldn't even launder. Now, if these men of dis-stink-tion weren't wor- ried about being politically correct, why do we even use the term?Why not say "morally correct" or "ethically correct"? In my opinion, being politically correct isn't always the right thing to do. Pleasing one small group of people while punishing another group is shamefully incorrect, or, as we say down here in the South, just ain't right! So, back to my dilemma. Should I change my style of jocular journalism? Swap sassy satire for cordial compositions? Should I take a fiat iron to my warped sense of humor and work on being po- litically correct? After some soul-searching and dev- ilish deliberating, I have reached a decision. I will not knuckle under to any group of sad- sacks wear- ing uncomfortable undies who might be offended by my rustic charm, and I'm not just whistling "DLx- ie". If roy"Views from the Crow's Nest" bother you, well then, don't read it. Skip over to the classified ads and see if someone is selling a sense of humor. Clint Younts developed his warped sense of hu- mor as he ran through the pastures at Old Mountain City chasing, or being ehased, by his cousins, rattlers, wary bulls and his grandparents. / CANNOT 15SUE YOU A IviARRIAHE UCENEIE, GET THEE HENCE, ,ODOM/I"Eg/ \ "ere's something that seems to get ,overlooked in all the chatter about the Iran nuclear deal. Who is our worst enemy? Is it Iran, with its well-educated, pro-Amer- ican population and repressive government? Or is it ISIL, the self-pro- claimed Sunni caliphate with its gospel of pure hatred and its twisted view of the Prophet Moham- med's teachings? Is it Shia support for Hamas and Hezbollah, or is it Sunni Wahabbism, that inspired the creation of A1 Qaeda and all the violent Sunni extremist groups, includ- ing ISIL? As for me, I consider the latter to be by far the greater menace to the world. ISIL is basically just a nihilistic organized crime syndicate operating in the holy name of Allah. It's the closest thing to pure evil God and Country by Phil Jones that exists on the planet. They use Sura 9 of the Quran to legitimize slav- ery, which was outlawed worldwide as of 1954 (the last signatory being Saudi Arabia, by the way). They finance themselves through the sale of stolen antiquities, while defacing and destroying other trea- sures of the ancient world. They practice kidnapping and systematic rape, and proudly and publicly mur- der people Whose faith they reject, which includes everybody in the world, except themselves and their extremist followers. Although they are geo- graphically isolated, they have terrifying reach into all corners of the globe, for one simple reason. They have declared their leader to be the Caliph- the Sun- ni equivalent of the Pope. All observant Muslims who accept this claim- and there are lots and lots of those, believe it or not- are required to rally to the caliphs side and join him in his struggle. Sunnis did not have a Caliph in more than 80 years prior to ISIEs proclamation in 2014, and this is a very exciting devel- opment to a lot of Muslims. For this reason, there are people all over the globe trying to emigrate to ISIL territory. ISIL is savvy, they are savage, and they are implacable. Who or what will stop ISIL? The Iraqi government is a bad joke. Syria is in tat- ters. Turkey is reluctant to pick a fight with ISIL, and the Saudis dare not, for fear of angering their own very powerful religious conser- vatives - the very people who invented Wahabbism. No, my friends, whatever your view of Iran, they are by far the strongest coun- terweight against ISIL, and the only regional power capable of contesting them on the ground. ISIL is an even greater threat to Iran than to us. I'm not suggesting we form an alliance with Iran generally. As long as their government denies the ho- locaust, rejects Israel's fight to exist, and suppresses the legitimate democratic as- pirations of the remarkable Iranian people, there is no chance of that. But just as we allied ourselves with Communist Russia to win World War II, we can ally ourselves with the Iranians to obliterate ISIL An obliteration which ISIL fitly and correctly expects. MAKING HOLIDAY MEALS HAPPEN As I am sure everyone knows, 2015 has been a very bad year for poultry with the avian flu outbreak. Poultry and egg prices have risen, and availability of turkeys is limited. For the past eight years, through the generosity of our donors, the Hays County Food Bank has provided a frozen turkey and traditional nonper- ishable trimmings to food insecure families at no charge. However, in order to do so this year would cost the food bank an extra $20,000 more than what it would cost to provide fro- zen hams. We have polled our supporters asking what they think of us providing hams instead of turkeys, and overwhelmingly we have received positive feedback to make the fis- cally responsible choice. The Hays County Food Bank wants to ensure that all food insecure families who need a holiday box for the season are taken care of. Family and celebrating the holiday season togeth- er is incredibly import- ant, especially in light of the recent flooding that affected so many in May. The holiday ham is just as important to the holiday meal as the turkey, and it will fill bellies just as well. We hope that everyone will continue to support the Hays County Food Bank and our decision to be Pro Ham this year. It really is all about the clients, and the more money we are able to save on the holiday boxes, the more people we will be able to help throughout the year. We wish to provide nutritious food for the food insecure in Hays County all year, regardless of the season. You can find out more about our holiday meal boxes or make a contribu- tion at www.turkeystack- Denise Blok Executive Director DON'T UNDERESTIMATE KIDS Were you suggesting that high school students have never studied the Civil War? What are they learning in school then, nothing at all, or only what the teachers believe they should learn? If these teenagers' brains are not fully developed, as you suggested, why are they being issued a driver's license to drive a vehicle? Many of these high school students have jobs, pay for their own clothing, and gas for their car, or maybe even help support their family. Why are some of these teenagers allowed to vote in elections that will have an effect on our communi- ties, economy, judicial sys- tem, Congress, and even the Presidency? Why are they allowed to sign up for the military? You said their brains are not developed enough to vote on a school fight song, but yet look at what they are allowed to do, and capable of doing. "what were we thinking"? While change is some- times necessary and sometimes good, it should be done for the right rea- son. Statues are removed, mascots are changed, and a school fight song is changed, all in the interest of being politically correct. What does being politically correct mean.., that it offends no one person. Ev- erything offends someone. So we learn to compro- mise. So many problems in society, communities, and government, yet we choose to focus on a school fight song. If anyone is going to be offended, I think every parent should be offended by the comments that you have printed. The students should feel offended as well. Maybe they are not as worldly as you or the school administrators, but I'm sure they can stand up for their beliefs, and are ca- pable of making a decision about a"tight song", just as the classes of 1969-1972 were capable. I think the Hays High School students deserve a chance to decide on their own tight song. This is one opportunity to teach them to be responsible and pa- triotic citizens. Aren't these skills that these young folks should be learning? Listen- ing to both sides talking about the issues, and mak- ing informed decisions for when they will be voting in a presidential election, or any election? Please do not underesti- mate these students. ]udy Marshall Barton Publications, Inc. News tips: Opinions: 113 W. Center St., Kyle, TX 78640 512-268-7862 122 Main St., Buda, TX 78610 * 512-295-9760 Publisher Cyndy Slovak-Bart0n News and Sports Editor Moses Lees Ill Reporter Paige Lambert Columnists Clint ounts, Chris Winslow, Bartee Haile, Phill Jones Proofreaders Jane Kirkham, Debbie Hall Marketing Director ]'racy Mack Marketing Specialists James Darby Production Manager David White Production Assistant Christine Thorpe Office Manager Connie Brewer Circulation/Classifieds Suzanne Hallam Distribution Pete Sizemore, Nick Hallam Gabe Oranelas, F:T: i .... I !