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October 13, 2010     Hays Free Press
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October 13, 2010

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.~dommqml Hays Free Press October 13, 2010 OPINION Page 5A In the 25 years we have lived in the ~ I~ I~f Gift I~0R g0Uh'~ JIJ0~ to upgrade the jail without throwing Buda area, we have found Jeff to be a Why would anyo~te not vote for Jeff money away on wasted projects; he's BRAD PIgKEI'[ IS RIr~ffl'l ! responsive, dedicated public servant. Barton? He and his~ have lived in negotiated partue shipswith landown- He is the best candidate for County Hays County for generations. He comes ers to conserve water for all county In reference to the artide"Kyle coun- cil awards co ,n,,'~., unity services grants Judge; he is qualified and experienced, from a family who h~s worked hard residents and future generations; pins to non-profits, I would like to saythat leffis committed to working with all of and contributed to I~ays County Heis he's refused to accept any pay increase Brad Pickett is absolutely right that gov- the factions involved in county govern- a good family man v~ith a working wife for himself., ment. and two great kids. I~ addition, just take I wouldnt ask my physidan toernment should not be allocating tax: An area in which Jeff has demon- a look at what Jeffh~s done for us. work on our cars o~ ask my dentist to payer funds for this purpose. ~ have no strated excellent leadership is that Accountability- Jeff sets the stan- fix a plugged up toilet. Hays County doubt that the charities are wOrthwhile ofenvironmental planning. Heled dard for transparenc~in government certainty doesn't need adoctor to take causes, but it ls wrong to take ~omeone the way in the efforts to preserve the and respect for taxp~tyers. Jeffhas charge of transportation, economic else's money to donate to cha~ty. It Dahlstrom Ranch and Jacob's Well, to refused the pay rais~ recommended by development, envi~nmental matters, should come right out of the l~tmkets of be certain they are available as natural an independent citizen review panel, or the myriad of other issues facing civil the donors. The mayor ackno~viedges resources for future generations. We who depend on Our Social Security servants in these times of economic "these tough economic timesl', but has no problem with contributing to the In this and so many other ways, Jeff checks appreciate that since we pmb- uncertainty. Pleas0 join me in electing tough economic times of the 0nwill- Barton has demonstrated that he ls the ably wont get an increase in our checks Jeff Barton as Cotmty donors. Charity should CO[he from person best qualified to be the Hays for the second straight year. Jeffhas PamNelson the person giving to it. It should not be County Judge. shown us his leadership and man- Buda i taken from someone else. The majority Bill and ]udy Burns agement skills as welhave seen Hays JOIN IN THE CROP HUNGER WAI.K f the council has taken OOR mneY Buda County growing at a~pid rate while he and given it to THEIR pet chatitie~ We VOTE FOR JEFF BARTON has held the line on ~axes. On behalf of theiHays County Food should be allowed to give our Irnoney Transportation- MY family prob- Bank, I would like to invite everyone to OUR pet charities. The charities in I appreciate JeffBarton's efforts for ably mirrors most families whb travel in Hays County to join us for a brisk question wili get more privat~ dona- better, safer roads in Hays County. Jeff FM1626 each mornibg~ rushing to jobs, walk that will be good for your heart, tions if the citizens have mo~ of their crafted and championed the 2008 road tmiversities and other schools. Jeff physically and spiritually. On Sunday own money to donate. It s a shame the NO CONFIDENCE IN RATHFF i bond pro grarn, and ~Js eft. ec.tive man- participates in many meetings deal- October 17, we willbe walkin gin the mayor and most of the council did not My name is Brace Boardmar~, ilam agement laas orougl~t major unprove- Ing with the infamous 1626, always Buda/Kyie CROP Hunger Wa k. seem to comprehend what Mr. Pickett a 26 year resident of Hays am ,ments.toIH -35 on s hed.ule and working to make this and other roads The CROP HungerWalkis reallysaid. a formerAustin Police Officer retieed auoger, nation atsoy.onllnues me tlgllt safer for us all. He has been our elected great community event- an i lpporttmi- PatsySwinson june of 2003 after 29 years servicei At to reep me SH45/FM1626 link alive, official who has n0 problem taking on ty tor everyone to show that t~ey reaUy Ky/e the Austin Police Department I was Terry. Capps 1 Travis County opposition andTxDot care about fighting hunger axed pover~, assigned as a supervisor in Intemal Buaa 1 delays in our effort to keep FM1626 and aiding refugees, and contribt~ting to the NOTFORACC Affairs from 1999 to 2001. I have known | SH45 alive, i vital self-help development p~ograms Jobs- So important to all ofus for for which Church World Service has The publisher of this paper makes and worked with every past Hays SUPPORTING ~ FOR JUDGE County Sheriff from Alfred Hohman, Who benefits when jeffBarton is our families to find jobs dose to home. been known for over 64 yeart no illusion to the fact that he is for the elected Hays Count~ Judge? Everyone Jeff has worked d0sely with Economic Church World Service iswOrking ACC annexation to where the average Paul Hastings, Don Montague to Allen will, of course.We h~ve lived in a num- Development folks to bring jobs to us. around the world, but 25 percent of homeowner in Hays CISD will pay $160 Bridges. I recently read a couple of articles ber of states and overseas and have Kyle watched closely as Seton Medi- what we raise by walkkn,g will go to per year in increased property taxes... in various local newspapers about our witnessed govemank:e in many fonns, cal Center- Hays rose up from a hare The Hays County Food Bank ~nd the FOREVER. (september 22, 2010) In sheriff hiring a new lieutenant in CID, Our 25 years in Bud~ has given us the hill t a state of the axt medical fadlity Food PanttY at Buda United Method- faint praise rebuttal to Bryce Bales' which includes the "Evidence Room" chance to see a variety of manage- bringing many go0d paying jobs to the ist Church, to help our neighl~ors right non-invitation to ACC (September 15, knowing that this man had been climi- ment/leadership st#es. Working with medical center and related service~ Jeff here in Hays County. ' 2010), this publisher says that the ACC nally charged with tampering with left Barton asCoun Commissioner, he!,pedmake that happen. Our afternoon of CROP Walking will campus (beginning when, completed evidence in another county previously. Precinct #2 tells me Bat he is the per- I mvotingfor Jeff Barton for Hays help families in Kenya tap into new when?) on the 93 acres (not 100) and on Tampering with physical evidence is a son to lead our continuing transition County Judge. sources of dean water, assist ~fugees land already purchased (actually only felony offense.when District Arty Sheri from yesterday throUgh today and AdeUHum ~ from Burma as they struggle to survive under contract, at $102,000 per acre Tibbe called our current sheriff out on tomorrow. [ Kyle in camps along the Thai/Burma bor- [HOW MUCH?], the ballof box decid- it, the sheriff relented and fired the man Jeff will build bridges between once Will ~ FOR ~ grow der, enable more and families better in food,Guatemala a~ad assist to boost ing the toiSSUe)the Hays will be CISD a huge area.eCnmic (Ficke) Now Ficke is suing Hays County thought unchangeal31e viewpoints and communities working to recover from Coming from a hardscrabble farm, and wili probably win. As a Hays between Hays County areas that have I usually vote Democratic but have storms in parts of the Ura'ted ~tates. (Publisher Bob) Barton in the same County tax payer, how can i possibly developed unique~ I have observed been known to vote for a Republican if Please, come CROP Hungetr Walk manner as LBJ has a long history of have confidence in a sheriff who Would his ability to bring p~ople together the candidate was!well qualified. I have with us. Volunteer, sponsor a~valker, going against the odds in his causes for hire a person charged with a felony, to and predict that thi~ trait will be the worked and paid taxes for over 45 years or work those muscles with y~ur own the common man and encouraging a watch over evidence kept to be later hallmark of his efforts as he works with and believe that g0vemment can be congregation or group. Use t~aeWeb to Great Society here in Hays county. But used at a trial? It is obvious that de[ense others to bring goo~ jobs and eco- efficientlyand eff~-~ively run, without attomeys would have a feld day With nomic development, aided by a good ~ to special ~terests. That's why be part of the CROP Hunger Walk. Visit his favoring the ACC annexation is a to find oQt more. turnabout to his previous convictions this and possibly lead to further civil road system, couneCtin.g our people I m supporting Jeff Barton for Hays It really will make a world oft~jffer- as ACC is a huge, big business capahie suits against the county. The sheritt with beautiful, spac~ousparks, allata County Judge. Bocause l m now retired ence. And can't we all use a li~e more . ofall the shenanigans, sleightsofhand did not act responsibly nor show any fair price. ~ and on a fixed incOme (but still paying exercise? , and truth obfuscations. Remember a leadership in this decision, i So, let's supportJ~Bartonfor Hays taxes), I pay dose attention to where You can register online tod~y and few years ago the attempt byACC to BruceBoardman ! County Judge with yJ3ur vote and we the mney in ur Cunty ls ging" I've begin gathering sponsors at Www.crop- annex San Marcos CISD? ACC certified Dr/flwood i will prosper under Jeff's leadership been impressed with Jeff's ability to welkonline.oig. For additiona~ informa- the ballot petitions that had about 40 welled in his integri~ compassion and look for long-range solutions and not tion or to volunteer, please colntact Kate foiged names. ACC went away qui- hard were ~ just the quick fix. lie's helped bring Shaw at kshaw@haysfoodbar~k.orgr etly. But like in the movie Poltergeist, JEFF IS DEDICAIED. PUBLIC SERVANT ~/der much needed highway impro~ments Thank you. [ "Theyyyy'rrrre bacld" We are writing to declare our support in on schedule and under budget; Kate Shaw Go to the website www.noacctax: for Jeff Barton for Hays County Judge. he's protected our Citizens by working San Marcos com and see the 30 and counting reasons why we should vote no on this annexation. Unwittingly Bob has abandoned his cause for the common man because the consequences of this new tax will impact negatively on the finances of the common man, the struggling hom- eowner and his farni~. 1.With property taxes being already 20-25,o of the monthly mortgage pay- ment and foreclosures being 1,400 this last year in Hays Coun~ this new tax could be the tipping point to a family on the precipice of losing their home. 2. How can ACC be an economic boost and be compared with Seton hospital, which stands on its own and doesn't bleed upwards of $2.3 mil- lion per year from an already anemic taxpayer? Surely this declining pile of discretionary spending by the common man will be felt in his quality of life Bob, come back to your values. Come home, Bob. Come home. Ray Wolbrecht Kyle + NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION i E~bit"B" Asm (.4 VISO DE ELECCION ESPECIAL) "s'~ American Chamber of COUNTY TYPE NAME ADDRESS DATE & TIME Commerce Texas: (co,,~o/ ~l~po) (Nombre/ (nirecci6n/ (FechayHora) [ Caldwll Main Caldwell 100 E. MarkctOct. 18-22, 2010: S:30am-5pm (Principal) Cotalty ][ax SUeet (18- 22 de act, 2010 8 30 am- S pn Office Locld~ Oct. 23, 2010:7 am - 7 pra (23 de oct.. 2010." 7 am- 7pro) h00 a.m. to Oct. 24, 2010:10 am - 3 inn I ion into the (24 de oct., 2010: lO am- J pra) [ Oct. 25-29, 2010:7 ira - 7 pm i (25-29 de oct. 2010:7 am- 7 [Jm) Oct. 18-22, 2010: 8:30am-5pm 110 - 22 de oct.. 2010:8130 am - 5 pn Oct. 23. 2010:7 am- 7 pm (23 de oct.. 2010:7 am- 7pro) OCt. 24, 2010:10 am - 3 pm (24 de oct.. 2010: lO am - 3 pm) O1. 2S-29, 2010:7 am - 7 pm 125-29de oct. 2010: 7am.7pm ) To the Registered Voters of Hays Consolidated Independent School Distric (A los Votames Registrados de Hays Consolidated Independent School District, Texas): Notice is herby given that the polling places listed below will be open from 7:00 p.m. on November 2, 2010, for voting in a Special Election for annexal Austin Community College District. (Por Io presente se avisa que los sitios de votaci6n listados abajo estardm abiertos de la~ Z p.m. el 2 de noviembre, 2010 para votar en la Elecci6n Especial de anexibn al Distrtto de Community College4 Locations of Pollin~ Places for Havs Consolidated Indenendent Schoo (Ubicaciones de los Sitios de Votaci6n de Hays Consolidated Indeoendent SchooI Dist Polling place locations are identified in Exhibit "A" incorporated in tl (Las ubicaeiones de los Sitios de Votaci6n esMn identificadas en el Adjunto "A" incorpot Earn Votin~ Polling Place (Sitio de Votaci~n Adelantada~ O0 a.m. a 7:00 Br~nh Epi~.o~l 301 S. Walnut ! duatin ~3ucursal) Chtm:h cffthe Lulin$ I Annumiafion ! District I ict) ] is notice. Idoaesteaviso.) Hays Main County 401 -C Broadway St. Oct. 1S-22, 2010:8 am- 5 pm [ (principal) FAection~San Ma~v.m qs - 22 de oct, 2010 8 am - J pm) Adrmnistration Oct. 23, 2010:10 am - 4 pm i Office r23 de oct. 2010: lOam 4pro) I Oct. 24, 20101 1 pm - S pm (24 de oct. 2010. l pm - Spm) Oct. 25-29, 20101 7 am - 7 pm r25-29 de oct,, 2010. 7 am-7pro) Branch San Mar,os 625 E. Hopkins Oct. 18-22, 2010:8 am - 5 pm (Sucursal) City LilmlW San Matcos 'lS~ 22 de act, 20108am-Spmt Large M~ting Oct. 23, 2010:10 am- 4 pm Room :23 de oct,, 2010." lO am-4 pm) Oct. 24, 20101 1 Inn- 5 pm (24 de oct., 2010. 1pro-Spin) Oct. 25-29, 2010:7 am - 7 pm I "25-29 de oct, 2010 7 am-7pm) Early Voting sites are identified in Exhibit "B" incorporated in thislnotice (Los sitios de la votaci6n adelantada se identifican en el Adjunto "B" incorporado ~ este aviso). Applications for ballot by mail shall be mailed to: (Solicitudes para boletas de la votaci6n por correo deber,~n enviarse a:) Early Voting Clerk ( Secretario de la Votaci6n Adelantada) Austin Community College 5930 Middle Fiskville Road Austin, Texas 78752-4390 Applications for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on October 26, 2010. ! (Solicitudes para boletas que se votardn por correo deberdn recibirse a no rods tardar del icierre de las horas h6biles, el 26 de Octubre, 2010.) th Issued this 7 day of October, 2010. (Emitido este dia 7 de Octubre de 2010.) Presiding Officer (Oficial Presidente) County Precinct (Condado) (Precinto) Caldwell 303 Hays 120 Travis 127 221 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 234 333 442 447 448 449 310 403 404 406 Polling Place Polling Place Location (Ubicaciones de Vntaci6h) (Ubicaciones de los SitiO~r de Votacidn) Trinity United Church Annex 13700 Camino Real, gyle San Marcos Housing, Residents Office Tobias Elementary School Performing Arts Center 820 Sturgeon St., Sal Marcos 1005 E. FM 150, Kyl 979 Kohlers Crossi~ , Kyle Kyle City Hall 100 W. Center, Kyle Buda City Hall 121 N. Main StreeL I uda Hays High School 4800 Jack C. Hays T~I., Buda -- Hays Hills Baptist Church 1401 N. FM 1626, Bhda City of Kyle Fire Station #2 150 Burtton Rd., Kyl Tom Green Elementary School 1301 Old Goforth Rd., Buda County Line Water Supply 131 S. El Camino R+I, Uhland 3600 FM 967, BudaI 8900 Niederwald Str#sse, Niederwald Dahlstrom Middle School Goforth Water Supply Wimberley Community Center 14068 Ranch Rd 12, ~imberley Driftwood Community Center 15100 W. FM 150, *t~wood South Hays County Fire Station 3300 Hilliard Road, ~ah Marcos Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church 6009-A FM 3237, W~mberley DSISD Administration Office Menchaca Elementary School Creedmoor Elementa~ School Blazier Elementary School 510 W. Mercer St., I~ripping Springs 12120 Manchaca Rd ' Aastin 5604 FM 1327, Austin 8601 Vertex Blvd., A astin St. Alban's Episcopal Church 11819 IH 35 South,/, ustin Tmvis Kyle Cil,/Hall 100 W. Center St. Kyle Dripping 510 W. Mercer St. Springs I~D Dripping SlnmSs Office LBJ Student 700 Student Center Center Dr. S~m M~rcos Wimberley 14068 Raaeh Rd. 12 Communhy Wimbedey Center Buda City Hall 121 N. Main Street Buda Main Tmvis County (Principal) Airport Blvd. Office Branch Fiesta Mart ISucursall Central University of Texas Flawn Academic Center Lobby 5501 Alton Blvd. Austin 3909 Notsh IH -35 @ De~ood Shopping Cnt Austin 2400 Inner Carapm Dr. Austin . County Tax Office Commmuty Room Goodwill Indus~es R~ndalls Res~tch and ! Bnd~r HEB Four Points Howson Branch Ptlblic Library Ben Hur Shrimrs Hall 25oo Exposition Boulevard 7811 Roek"~x~l Laae AuXin OCt. 18,2010: 10am- 8pro "18 de oct, 2010:10 am - 8pro) , HEB South Oct. 23, 2010:10 am - 4 pm i Congress 23 de oct.. 2010. I0 am - 4pro) i (temp bids in Oct. 25, 2010:10 am - 8 pm , pafldng lot) "25 de oct.. 2010." lO ara-8 pm) Ont. 19,2010: 10am- $ pm ] Randalls Ben (19 de oct, 2010: lOam 8pro) [ ManchacaWhiteand Oct. 23, 2010:10am-4 pm , "23 de oct, 2010 lO am- 4 pm) Oct. 26, 2010:10 am-$ pm "26 de oct., 2010." lO am - 8 pm) i OCt. 20, 20101 10 am - 7 pm 20deoct.. 2010." loam- 7pro) Oct. 2I, 2010:10 am- 7 pm i 21 de oct, 2010:10 am - 7pro) [ Oct. 27, 2010:10 am- 7pro 27 de oct., 20101 10 am- 7pro) ! Dan Ruiz OCt. 28, 2010:I0 am- 7 pm Public Library 28 de oct.. 20101 10 am - 7 pro/ Ont. 21, 2010:10 am - 8 Inn 21 de oct., 20101 lOam-Spin) Oct. 23, 2010:lOam-4 pm 23 de oct, 20101 10 am - 4 pm) OCt. 28, 20101 10 am- S pm 28 de oct., 20101 10 am - 8 pro) OCt. 22, 20101 10 am - 8 pm 22 de oct.. 2010:10 am - 8pro) Oct. 23. 20101 10 am - 4 pm 23 de oct.. 2010: 10 0ra-4 pm) Oct. 27, 2010:10 am- 8 pm 27de oct.. 2010: lO am-8 pm) Ont. 29, 2010:10 am - $ Inn i (20 de oct.. 2010:10 am - 8 pro) Oct. 18-23, 2010:7 am - 7 pm 118- 23 de oc~. 2010 7am - 7pro) Oct. 24, 2010: Noon - 0 pm 24 de oct. 20101 It~oa~a 6p.. OCt. 25-29, 20101 7 am - 7 Inn 2J - 29 de oct. 20101 7am - 7 pm~ Oct. 18-23, 2010:7 am - 7 pm (18 - 23 de oct+ 2010: Tara - 7pro) OCt. 24, 2010: Noon - 6 pm 24 de oct., 2010: ~t,,a~