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October 27, 2010     Hays Free Press
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October 27, 2010

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Page 2C NEIGHBORS Hays Free Press October 27, 2010 + Rosemary is possibly my favorite herb. It is an essen- tial seasoning in any chef's pantry, and comes in an ar- ray of shapes, growth habits and flower colors. The most common forms are either upright evergreen shrubs (up to 3 feet tall), or low-growing groundcover IT'S ABOUT plants. Their flowers can be pink or white, but most often they're blue. One of the latest varieties of Rosemarinus officinalis to filter into the nursery is called 'barbeque rosemary.' My first inclination was to rub a branch to see if it smelled like barbeque. Not in the slightest. Like most of the rosemary i'm familiar with, it had the fragrance of pine. What is unique to this rosemary, however, is its upright growth habit, and its long, straight stems The stems clearly inspired the name.., because they make perfect barbeque skewers. All the chef/gardener needs to do is cut off 12 inch sections from the plant. These herbal skewers will release special aromatic and savory essences into the food "All Hades broke loose" during halftime high-jinks at the Baylor-Texas A&M football game inWaco on Oct. 30, 1926, and by the time order was re- stored an Aggie cadet lay fatally injured on the playing field. Texans too young to remem- ber the now defunct Southwest Conference may be amazed by the intensity of the red-hot rivalries of that bygone era. Fisti- cuffs in the stands and out in the parking lot were commonplace, but nothing compared to that afternoon the "Battle of the Bra- zes" erupted into all-out war. Although the two sides would see eye-to-eye on little else in the days that followed, they did agree on how the melee started. A makeshift "float" (a flatbed truck or a car as it cooks, and are perfect to use as shish kabob sticks or as pins for butterflied meat and poultry. They will transform your ordinary barbeque food into succulently infused delica- cies. Barbeque rosemary is easy to grow. Just plant it in a sunny location with good drainage and it will flourish When mature it will reach a height and width of 3 to 4 feet. It is evergreen, winter hardy, and fairly drought tolerant. Another plus? Deer won't touch it. Let's fire up the grill! ROSEMARY-SKEWERED KABOBS ,,, 4 one-inch cubes of lamb per kebab (boneless pork or chicken thighs may be substituted) 2 one-inch wide sections of onion per kebab pulling a trailer) with six Baylor coeds holding up signs with IS WEEK IN was conscious and coherent when admitted. Sessums' sudden death from a blood clot at nine o'clock the next morning sent a shockwave across Waco, College Station and the entire state of Texas. What had been a case of"boys will be boys" mischief had turned into an unimaginable tragedy. To their credit, the Aggies stepped forward and took re- the scores of memorable Bear victories passed in front of the A&M cheering section. The Aggies were instantly incensed. Many believed the females were, in fact, male stu- dents in drag and, if so, an insult to their manhood. Others felt sponsibility for their part in the mayhem. During the second half of the game, the head yell leader, as he is known at A&M, personally apologized to the Baylor cheerleaders. Within the week, a commit- tee often Aggie seniors released a public statement that said in part: "We apologize to the ladies of Baylor for this incident, Baylor rewrote that sentence to read: " cadet has ever will- ingly laid hands on a woman," proof someone had not lost his sense of humor. But the A~M upperclassmen refused to take the whole rap for the riot. They claimed the Baylor students were loaded for bear with a stockpile of clubs, iron rods and sawed-off two- by-fours at the ready. The Bears denied the charge saying the Aggies mistook two tnmldoads of football equipment for the alleged arsenal. In the same statement, the seniors went to great lengths to refute a rumor making the rounds. According to this presumably tall tale, a group of cadets commandeered a howitzer, loaded the cannon on a milcar and headed back to the float was a repeat of a dan- became one of our traditions is gerous stunt two,,years earlier, that no A. and M. man has ever when a"bucking' ModelT came willingly or knowingly harmed a close to running over members woman." The student paper at of the A&M football team, Their blood may have been boilingy but the angry cadets managed to keep their cool.All except three, that is, and that trio tried to stop the offending float knocking one of the Baylor women offthe back of the track or the trailer and to the ground. "Then almost the entire Bay- lor student body and most of the Aggie contingent stormed simultaneously onto the field and all Hades broke loose," freshman Bear A.T. Moses recalled for the alumni publica- tion in a 1985 interview. "Precisely what happened next, I could not tell, nor could anyone else, for in a moment there was a swarming crowd of hundreds in a melee," another Baylor undergraduate told a San Antonio newspaper three days after the incident. The Baylor freshman squad, ineligible for varsity competition back in those days, jumped at the chance to show what they were made of. Seventy-nine years had not dimmed Barney Hale's mem- ory of the clash with "the A&M students (with) their uniforms on." Hale and teammates "started picking them up and throwing them over the fence." Meanwhile, the public ad- dress announcer provided a blow-by-blow description of the riot for older and wiser specta- tors, who stayed in their seats. The free-for-fall ended only 1 one-inch wide section of red. bell pepper per kebab aA cup olive oil Juice of I small lemon 3 cloves garlic, chopped 3 tablespoons onion, chopped 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano (or 1 teaspoon fresh, minced finely) 1A teaspoon ground black pepper 1 rosemary skewer per kebab, stripped of leaves, trimmed of side branches, 5-6" long Salt to taste Pre-skewer meat and vegetables with the end of a thin chopstick or an ice picL Combine oil, juice, garlic, onion, oregano, and pepper in a food processor or blender and puree to make a marinade. Place meat in a re-sealable plastic bag with marinade, massage well, and marinate chilled for 1 to 4 hours. Remove and drain meat, saving the marinade for basting. Assemble kebabs by threading on rosemary skewers: meat-on- ion-meat-pepper-meat-onion- meat. Grill skewers over indirect coals, or under a broiler, basting with reserved marinade until medium rare (pork should be grilled to 140% chicken to 155). A bunch of parsley makes a nice basting "brush". Season with salt and serve over rice or couscous. Additional gardening notes: This is the perfect time to control fire ants, white grubs, and fleas in our turf grass. A product called ANTidote kills these pests naturally without the use of chemicals or insec- ticides. ANTidote contains thousands of microscopic beneficial nematodes or worms that hunt and destroy these lawn pests. Mixed with water and sprayed on the lawn or drenched on in- dividuai mounds, a container of ANTidote will treat up to 8,000 square feet. Please remember; time is running out for fall weed con- trol with organic pre-emer- gent corn gluten. This safe "weed and feed" is effective through the second week of November to control short- day winter weeds. Happy gardening everyone! If you have a gardening question, send it to me via email: (Please put 'Ask Chris Winslow' in the subject line.) Or mail your letter or postcard to: Ask Ch ris Winslow. It's About Thyme: 11726 Manchaca Road, Austin, 77( 78748 www. was a re: Waco by train to lx~luce Baylor University to rubble. Only swift action by the Texas Rangers saved the Baptist campus from destruction, or so the story still goes all these years later. The presidents of the respective schools emerged from a ten-hour meeting on , o/29-./4 after the Aggie band began playing :'The Stars Spangled |OSAWV11:FINALCHAP'1~R' (R)| Banner.' The cadets snapped I I tOsubsided.attention, and the fighting~' The gridiron was cleared of I HERE~FIER p6.1Z)l the bruised and bloody combat- I I 11 ants. and the game res ned on I Io-so,0,'. E ' (-)l 1 Ba,orwon theco.test I I I 20.----- I1 1! Throughoutthe late after- LIFE AS WE/(NOW ff (P6-131 noon and into the evening, I the ini were .ated at II l| doctors clinics and hospitals I tt2:m 3:30e:so 9:20 /11 ~ (R) kept overnight for observation | No Passlm/Supersavers II was Lt. Charles iVi_flo Sessurns, a | ( ) No early shows Mon.- Fri. II + seniorAggiecadetfromDallas. I ] $eeYuAtTheM~l He had been knocked out by a blow to the base of skull but Nov. 4 with a joint statement intended to calm everybody down. It had the opposite effect at Baylor, where the student paper denounced any attempt to hold the Bears even partially to blame and began a petition drive to sever an ties between the two colleges. The presidents did just that a month later. Baylor and Texas A&M did not compete in any sport for the next four years and did not play each other in football until 1931. Buy "Secession & Civil War" column collection for $14.20 and get "Outlaws & Lawmen" or "Revolution & Republic"at half price. Mail $21.30 to Bar- tee Halle, P.O. Box 152, Friend- swood, TX 77549 or order on-line at I BEVERLY Cown "] DIsm: :1 ~ "With 18years of experience in the District Clerk's] ~r ~ office, I have acquired unique credentials encore- [ ~~ passing each and every level of sertdce, support | and fiscal responsibility for the office." | v.,. o. z.dI" Pad PoI~ Cmmley Carnpfftgn Fund Read the Hays Free Press online at 10/30/2010 @2-5 IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH & MINISTERIO HISPANO A FREE event! FREE family fall photo! I Fun for the whole family! Join us in celebrating the blessings of Fall. Games FALL ACTIVITIES _L_ Crafts Candy Jump Castle Prizes & much more! 4000 FM 150 Kyle, TX Across from Hemphill Elem ,IL 512-865-5471 .... Texas Crossword and S udoku sponsored by | ACROS,S I TXism: "hotle~r calf rope" 5 TXism: "he gets ....... _ early he ~vakes the roosters" 6 Padre Island acquisition (2 wds,) 7 slang for "hemds" 8 actor Vigoda 9 hot tub 12 TXism:" delight" (milk)i 17 TX-based CAlF has a F6F WWll fighter 19 Comanche C~o. has big ....................... crop 21 fruit grown in tthe Valley: can 22 TXism: "thin a,s a fiddle 23 TX Tierney mmrried ex-husband off this actress Hedy 28 poker stake 29 Astro Cincinn,!ati foe in NL Central 30 Quanah Parker's medicine mare 31 Fort Worth-bmsed: ................. Shack 35 TXism: "from to tomb" (lifetirme) 36 GM quit makimg these in '04 42 TX legend Nol,lan Ryan a mess of battters 44 ponds in TX 46 very long time, 47 TXism: "he aim't both in the water" (nutty) 49 North Pole area 50 Leon, TX 51 TXism:" -walking drunk" 52 persons of same age, status, or ability 53 TXism: "she31 bend your "(talks a lot) 54 actor Waller of "Bandit King o! Texas~ ('49) 55 these are free at TX Information Centers 57 nat'l env. agcy, 58 TX George Strait's "Marina Del 59 nat'l ID no. DOWN 1 Hardeman Co. newspaper: " -Chief" 2 TXism: "he'd have to study half-wit" (dumb) 3 "Queen State Fishing Pier" 4 star on top of San Jacinto Monument weighs 220 __ 9 deer tail 10 on Friday nights, you should tie crepe- on your car antenna 11 TXism:" some gravel" (fell) 12 " and downs" 28 47 60 r 51 [2 !,~iiii~'iiii:i 6 iii See Solution, page 4C 13 Stars NHL Western foe: " Wings" 14 TXism: '1 double dog youF 15 OK town 16 Vlad leads Rangers m batted in 18 this Chancy was in "Black Spurs" with TX Linda Darnell 20 this Grieve is in "Rangers Hall of Fame" (init.) 23 lithium symbol 24 TXism: "sure shooting" 25 jaws or throats of voracious animals See Solution, page 4C by Charley & Guy Orbison by Orbison Bros. ~0 I1 18 2O 31 38 44 1 45 - pr 53 P -983 57 59 26 kids carry ......... bag to school 27 TXism for "boss" 32 TX Jim Reeves wrote" I Losing You" 33 TXism: "it'll 'til something better comes along" 34 abbr. for "ibidem" 6 famous gunfight site Corral" 37 TXism: "take a see" 38 th~s TX RB Thomas was Cowboys' !st draft pick in '70 39 tightened a shoe 40 door or lobby 41 lake gliders 43 riot control gas 45 home state of TX William Travis (abbr, 48 Mexican ponchos 49 large primates 55 some TX towns haw a" ' Save"