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November 16, 2011     Hays Free Press
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November 16, 2011

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+ + Page 4A t remem 'em.,, HeY, why don't we cut o1' Govemor Perry some slack for his little stumble in the debate? So, he forgot a simple little thing like the Department of Energy. Who doesn't occa- sionally have ..... a brain fart ~q and forget one item in a landfill of data sitting between your ears? Shoot, I forget stuff all the time. Usually it's little things like what I went to the refrigerator for, or where did I leave my keys, or why am I atWal-Mart wearing no pants and carrying a purse? No big deal. It's not like I forgot that I left my car at the Dairy Queen and reported it stolen. Guv Perry has a lot on his mind these days. He's running for president while govern- ing the great state of Texas at the same time. That's a whopping pile of vittles on one man's plate. He has to remember all his political . stances and proposals, plus try to remember if he turned offthe sprinklers back home at his Austin mansion. Imagine how hard it would be standing in front of some cable news reporter asking tough questions about the economy and the national debt while worrying about some Occupy Austin nutcase emptying his bowels in Anita's flowerbed. Remember, Rick is a country boy, raised on a farm and attended Texas A&M. He's used to remembering stuff like keeping his sheep shears oiled and applying udder balm to O1', Bessie after each milking. Ask the guywhat s the best kind of manure for growing cucum- bers and I bet he'll rattle offthe percentage of nitrogen and phosphorus in your average cow patt~. Have Rick name three breeds of dairy cows and see if he stumbles. How can he keep track of all those cabinet secretaries playing Minesweeper in their offices or the percent of ' unemployed car salesmen in Michigan? He~ it's not like Perry's the first candidate to screw up during a debate or a campaign speech. During the Democratic National Convention of 1948, Harry S. Truman thought he'd spice up the event by releasing dozens of doves in the convention hall to remind folks he had a hand in winningWorld War II. Unfortunately, the intense heat in the build- ing caused some doves to die while others, in an attempt to escape, began dive-bombing delegates. I'm sure a feathery re-enactment of Pearl Harbor didn't sit well with the media. What about President Obama claiming he has visited 57 states or that Nancy Reagan used to hold s~ances in the White House? Remember Jimmy Carter blowing any chance of re-election by stating in a Playboy interview that he had lusted after many women? Gerald Ford informed Americans back in 1976 that Poland and other Eastern European countries were not under Soviet control. I wonder if Lech Walesa knew that bit of information. Now, if we are going to talk about politi- cians stepping in it, how can we not include the lovable Joe Biden? Good o1' Joe was being interviewed by Katie Couric one day when he assured Americans that the economywill improve, relating a history lesson. Biden said that during the market crash of 1929, Presi- dent Franklin D. Roosevelt reassured folks on TV that everything WIU be all right. The slight problem with this storyis that Herbert Hoover was president in '29 and the television had not even been invented yet. Oops! And who doesn't remember Biden carrying on at the podium and requesting wheelchair- bound Senator Chuck Graham to "Stand up, Chucld Let'em see you." Oops times two!! Abraham Lincoln once said, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." I think Joe needs to brash up on his American history before hitting the campaign trail. I'm not going tohold Rick Perry's tempo- rary memory lapse against him. Several fine presidents were forgetful. Ford forgot to duck while exiting his helicopter. Bush forgot that sushi makes him sick. Clinton forgot to tell Monica that he was married. Obama forgot that Quebec and the rest of Canada aren't part of the United States. And Nixon forgot to tell the troth about being a crook. And most poli- ticians forget their campaign promises shortly after being swom in. So, Ricks forgetting one of many benign federal agencies isn't so bad. I am following the Republican campaign like a hungry buzzard follows a wounded deer. I'm not going to jump on one candidate but will wait until all the dust settles. I was leaning towards Herman Cain until his hand- print kept appearing on women's thighs. I like Perry as a coyote-shootin' governor but I have my doubts about him in the Oval Office. I just don't know if Rick has the right stuff. Will Rogers once said, "It isn't what we don't know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so." I would rather vote for a can- didate who may not remember all the little details than a candidate who can't remember the truth. Hopefully by the time the primaries roll around, I will have picked a candidate. I just hope I don't forget to vote. Clint Younts' memory is still good, as long as the cows come home. He only shoots offhis mouth occasionally. THEY REALL SAID THAT? "t's kind @like the circle @evil." -Vicktoria Riley, owner of Du Pr~ Emporium about the problems small businesses face trying to get giants to upgrade their older buildings t ~mber 16, 2011 Forty years ago th ~re were three .... | ing points of view, a q men who kept R fie afloat. ,, ~ Sf0 many ofus in public, These were the " ~x-it fellows, ,;, .. :~ fi! those days, dark ages by name Morris Schr~ eltekopf, Gary some, everybody kne' Hutzler and J.E Mont~ gne. We lost @ :~ "~:*~"** ~++:~%}~ ~:+~,~zr#~s~="'~:~ and there was quite a Morris earlier in the y, ~ar in a death going on. Boots parti{ that is still impossible to fathom, humor, but he was ah These guys could buff t anything, ~ "~ when it came to city t and when something ~omebody nJ suppose it dawned or else built broke down they could the "climbing and fixi.a" that went would need to fix our fix it. | on with respect to the v~ater tower, he didn't hesitate to p Morris and Gary worked for the but Boots allowed that i~ took more where our thinking w school district and Mi Montagne time to hire someone else to do the Over the years, I wi worked for the city. To gether, they job than it took him to j~st go ahead the time to jot down formed a team, albeit unofficial, and do it. | isms. He has a marvel that was capable of lb ing anything But, come to think of lit, I never humor and when one definitely an asset. The city ought to n~ facility the Sam-Thun ing. Those were his dt managed to be aroun of the goings-on that Boots en- sewer lines, climbing :limbing of fixing leaks and putti~ the ornery public, tha ~een the city endid one, ai ofco- ~ars. Some- :ow" some relp him red more right and proper to cc didn't have them along with Boot ays, but it great outdoorsman m city stood a dog lover. He told m the school, day about a conversal ~e students with a fox in the stree n't teach in house. It might be the that graces our yard fl :ary things time. :Boots, lack Kyle has grown into t dedication department with all s, jectives. He doodads. Good for th, re else to do was a mainstay of the )ing, so it for years and years an t he made as not it was he and G tt the first that kept the old mac] Naturally, good Morri [ ap- pf did his time in the had the ment. Both Boots and hat he as reserve deputy she: decisions This is a better plac but he the service of Boots, ( th offering ris. This is Boots' time What we the public ought to c ations was the city for doing the 1 il sessions, recognizing an outsta :hdiffer- servant. or school got the impression that district has joyed any aspect of the Morris and the water tower. d adminis- The relationship berv School. The and the school was a sp .'mentary and there was a great dt ~heir honor, operative effort those y~ times Boots would "bor [ recognize of the shop students to Gary Hut- do something that requ :her at Hays than two hands. The cit lays Middle much to offer in those rector of was understood that th, :hool district, ready to cooperate with "Boots" The payoff was that tho ; name at- learned things we conic t room at the shop class. for the City of Of the uncomplimen al face for the that could be said abou 'ears before of attention to detail an k up and staff were not appropriate a( knew there wasn't anyol lower in those whatever task needed d the 1970s, was my observation tha 80s and Boots a hard effort to do it rigi everything. I time. d spell when As a city councilman :ruck to keep preciated his candor. H~ :ing up. Once appropriate respect, in :k, the water acknowledged that fina ~r and Boots belonged to the council 1 the water was completely open w rock to bed. his opinions and advice hich I was heard in private conver~ propriate what we heard in count ~e to perform He knew how to deal wi that went wrong in ci! operations. The schoc wisely commemorate his wife Linda, a retire trator with Hays High library at Hemphill El, School was named in Rightly. Local people shonit the untiring service o] zler, first as a shop tea Jr. High School (later t School) and later as di maintenance for the s I am pleased that J.] Montague will have hJ tached to an importai Public Works building Kyle. Boots was the to City of Kyle for many~ growth started to craE was added. Things were much ,, years of the late 1960s and up through the H was called upon to do recall an especially co he spent nights in his a lift station from flee: when he was home si~ tower began to run ov got out of bed, climbe tower, and then went i The City Council, ofw a member, voted to at money to hire someoi Don tloo now t m r Oi';'O ==nt==it sure we're devolving. After a justifable to watch us summer of ramming through their emergency" son, ,gram legisla-our pregnancy is our, grace. Honestly' does tion and the mandate ~ ~hich scripts a tracheotomy, a hyst, physician's private con +ersations appendectomy or ab( with their female patie ats, these woman's life is on the same block-headed Te: :as pols have you imagine that ever now thrown their supp bill nationally dubbed en Die" Act. This gem, : by that bastion of good Hatch, absolves public pitals and their health, ort behind a he "Let Wom- It was the least they cou ~ponsored we thought. will, Orrin Hatch's $877 "Protect y traded hos- moves to alleviate any r, "are providers that hospitals incur wh~ in treating a woman whose life is thr warranted a pregnancy gone awry. medical talking scheduled, elect effect, watch a tion here (which, by the Le. absolutely legal). We're io, to combat wrecks and falls and mi~ r levels, a law and hemorrhaging that :ed that any woman's life being thre~ ~ral funding the continuation of her D is obligated We're also not talking ju ~mergency ties or sluts or poor whi mtient re- expendables so routine] )n or ability basic health care. facility does The targets of this leg available to you and me, our sisters ae hospital's ters and neighbors - all ~rrange a women- from every w~ dical facility and with every form of 1 ~nt's needs, cal insurance. And thes~ measure would be ta~ ld do. Or so that she lives? Does ff already has in place g~ Life Act" this equation? ~sponsibility Twenty-two male T~ n treating a and Cowtown's Kay G: ~atened by on you, Kay) voted in We're not this bill which would, ve abor- gency medical care ar way, is still to Texas women state. alking car give hospitals and phi. ;carriages legal option of watchi result in a woman die. This legis tened by passed through the U ~regnancy' is headed for the Sene ~t minori- image that any politic e trash- the pandering cowards m r denied these theatrics could 1 heartache and bloods slation are have on their hands. and daugh- And they have the kmerican this pro-life legislatiol Ik of life risy is staggering. nedi- ~ politicai brenfla@haysfree from any responsibilit~ woman if an abortion i in saving her life. Thes( professionals could, in woman die, on princip Twenty-five years aI this hypocrisy on othe was created which sta hospital receiving fed~ (Medicare or Medicai( to provide life-saving, medical care to every gardless of race, religi~ to pay. If by chance th not have the resource~ treat the patient, it is t legal responsibility to transfer to another m, that can meet the pati COMMENTS FROM aaiity that ervice lack. In according to v everybody bit of joshing ipated in the Cays serious usiness. I him that he mistakes, so 3int out areas is off center. ;h I had taken few Boots- 9us sense of is working on ~ater towers, tg up with t humor was une the PAWS tper build- ,gs and they t enough t would be mmemorate s. Boots is a td, of course, the other ion he had in front of his same critter om time to a paid fire )rts of fancy ;m. But Boots : department d, again, often ary Hutzler imery going. Schmelteko- ire depart- Morris served iffs. because of ary and Mor- to shine and ngratulate ight thing in ading public is somehow die if ending rely saving t matter if it's ~rectomy, an rtion? When a line wouldn't possible en to ensure e family she ;t tallied in ~xas legislators anger (shame hll support of leny emer- d protection wide and 'sicians the ~g a pregnant ation has S. House and re. I cannot ft. gain these ay curry from ~e worth the bed they will udacity to call t. The hypoc- ) THE WEBSITE "Don't you Texas fans wish that he'd had worn a hat from Tex A&M?!" - krobbinsl00 on Man flees after robbing Buda credit union "Shout out to the DE- FENSE for coming up big tonight!! Great adjust- ments from the coaches after the first quarter and huge stops late in the game. Keep it up Rebels!!" - Anonymous on Rebels are comeback kids in play- off win against Brennan I know times are hard but there is no reason to stoop to this level, I hope they catch this guy, I do my banking at ATFCU and the ladies and gentle- men at the Buda facil- ity are the nicest people. C'mon Buda PD lets get this scum of the earth out of our society and place him where he needs to be "BEHIND BARS" - busybobl on Man flees after robbing Buda credit union MANAGEMENT BARTON PUBLICATIONS, INC. 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