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November 16, 2016     Hays Free Press
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November 16, 2016

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Hays Free Press November 16, 2016 QUOTE OF THE WEEK "Iama little disappointed.., so we're spending this 812 million without improving tragic in Buda at all. We're improving the roadway, but the connector was meant to improve capacity on our roads." -Angola Kennedy, Buda City Council member, on Main Street projects Page 3A It's time to reread the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of reli- gion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacably to as- semble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." During the past week, comments were made regarding protesters using their right to as- semble, to protest, to use their right to free speech. Protests across the nation have sprtmg up in opposition to President-elect Donald Trump. Trump won the election - he didn't win a majority of the votes - thanks to the United States' electoral college which chooses the win- ner of the Presidency. But the electoral col- lege system has made some citizens angry or feel disenfranchised. Protests sprang up all across the nation - from NewYork to Los Angeles to Washington D.C. Locally, in Austin, even the mayor joined in. Citizens who disagree with the protesters have yelled"get a job" at pro- testers, who don't want Tnunp as their President. Residents who agree with the protesters might even think, "Let's just move on and see what happens." Regardless of whether you are for or against these protesters or Trump, it is important to remember that these people have the right to protest, to peacably as- semble, to march. Sure, there have been a smattering of violent actions and breaking of windows, but the vast majority of protesters are walking and chant- ing, letting off steam. Why be so wary, though, about Trump and the First Amend- ment? Because Mr. Trump has said that these are "professional protest- ers." Because Trump has already taken the first step toward having nothing to do with the press. His first official action, meeting with President Obama in the White House, was a sign. Trump did not allow any LETTER TO CHANGE IS COMING ,,, Who was the genius that said"my job seems to be get up, go to work, sue the federal government and go home"? Sounds like the perfect solution to extract excess tax money to me. Then we can cut funds for foster kids, education, etc. The main thing good about the recent election is that the above will probably stop. Don't Hip Czech by Cyndy Slovak-Barton press at the event, even though in years past the press has been invited along. Tromp said during the election that he will pros- ecute journalists who write "falsehoods." He didn't allow journalists to be a part of his campaign pool, typical of a presi- dential election. And, he called out journalists in particular if he didn't like what they wrote. Trump needs to re- member that we already have a law taking care of printing of falsehoods -it's called libel. News- papers already are very careful when it comes to libel. This newspaper has not printed letters when certain facts can- not be proven. However, almost all letters meet the news- paper's standard and are printed- whether for or against a candidate, an idea or a governmental entity. But ff Mr. Trump is going to start picking on journalists, then the next step is private citizens. What sets the United States apart from most of the rest of the world is our First Amendment~ giving us free speech, free press, freedom to assemble and freedom of religion. We have to protect this right at all costs. Whether you agree with journalists or not, you have to understand that trained journalists - not necessarily those who claim to be journal- ists because they write online - take law classes in regards to libel. They study who can be written about- and in what man- ner. They know the dif- ference between a public figure, which Mr. Iktanp has been for many years as he puts himself in the limelight, and a private citizen, the one who stands on the sidelines or simply speaks up at a city council meeting. Journalists protect the First Amendment be- cause it is their livelihood. They know it makes this country great. You don't need to add "again." Because journal- ists already know that. THE EDITOR think I'd take the chance anyway. After January 20th we won't have Mr. Nice Guy up there any mole. If Hillary would have won, we might have faced the same grid lock in spades. Just so the worse instincts of prevarication, racism and misogynistic behavior don't come to the forefront. Albert Busse Uhland t PoI.LSTeRsl "am a Christian white man from Texas, and .I hope I am wrong in what I am about to say. Most of the white people of America took a desperate gamble Tues- day night, in electing Donald Trump. I agree that the system is rotten and needs a good shak- ing up, and that is what this election will do. But Donald Trump is not the man for the job. He is too unstable personally, too inexperienced politically, and has too little respect for the Constitution and the founding ideals of the United States of America. I would like to think that, having won the White House, Donald Trump will now rule with wisdom and compas- sion. But how can he? Donald Trump rose to power the same way Hitler did - by seizing on the frustration of the electorate, in a campaign that traded heavily on hate, fear, bullying, and a mountain of lies. By all objective measures, he is the least truthful of all the candidates in this year's field. He will God and Country by PhilJones have to continue trading on those satanic forces in order to maintain credibility with his base. Now that he has gained power the way Hitler did, he will most likely use power the way Hitler did - including brutal physical, economic, and psychological suppres- sion of all opposition, and violent segregation of religious minorities, especially Muslims. And most importantly, he will most likely do for America what Hitler did for Germany. For a while, things seemed to be going well for Hitler's Germany, if you recall. Over a period of about six years, they recovered financially, threw off the shackles of foreign domination, and won back large amounts of territory, without firing a shot. The German people were unified and euphoric. Yet thanks to Hitler's unbridled ego, in 12 years, Germany was reduced to a smoking ruin. For a while, things may appear to be going well for Trump's America, despite the dictatorial methods he will most likely use. But thanks to his unbridled ego, where will we be 12 years from now? In one night, most of the white people of America have thrown awayWofldWar II, by freely electing a fascist dictator. In one night, most of the white people of America have thrown away the Civil War, by electing a flagrant racist - or at least, he plays one on television, which is actually worse. In one night, most of the white people of America have even dealt a major body blow to the American Revolution, by electing a man whose only qual- ification is that he was born rich. Remember all of the brave soldiers who gave their lives for this country in all the nation's wars? Have they died in vain? Will America now caglecartoons,com devolve into a monarchy, or a Soviet-style sin- gle-party system? Hitler's Germany was the single greatest menace to world peace in 1932. Prior to this election, most of the world considered the United States to hold that distinction. Thanks to this election, it is now unargnable. An unstable egotist will soon have his finger on the nuclear trigger. That's an enor- mous price to pay, just for the joy of kicking over the table. For your sake and mine, I hope I am wrong. May God save the United States of America, if in His infinite wisdom and stunning goodness He still considers it worth saving. Phil lones is a local columnist who makes his living teaching math to kids with "learning disabilities", especially dyslexia and ADHD. He writes original songs through the nonprofit Sunrise Ministries. Barton Publications, Inc. News tips: Opinions: 113 W. 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