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December 7, 2011     Hays Free Press
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December 7, 2011

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Hays Free Press * December 7,2011 P~e5A + "t is with absolutely no pleasure that I watch as the Republican primary ,process implodes. What once was the party of relative moderation and autonomy has been allowed to morph into a bevy of pot banging caricatures, hooting about Jesus and wrapping themselves in a mutant version of the Constitution- the one that gives equal rights to everyAmerican except for those who fall outside the narrow scope of Christian evangelicals. I'm not sure how religion got so em- bedded in this political process in the first place. Sure, I've been gnashing my teeth for coming on a decade about our misfortune of having Gov. Rick Perry's snout directly up the religious rights' alley. He has never represented me on any issue from civil rights to ecology for the simple reason that I'm not a millionaire nor a member of the fundamentalist herd which follows its preachers blindly and claps ecstatically as Perry dances like a marionette for their votes. On a national level though, the odd avoidance of reality in favor of religios- ity has really taken hold and I'm sur- .1: prised that these rotating front nmners have the gall to hold themselves up as some pillar of Christianity. I'm pretty sure that divorce, infideli~ hatred, intolerance and thievery diverge from that big black book they're hell-bent on thumping. It seems that it would be prudent for them to avoid the moralizing and actually address the country's pressing issues. One would think. But since they seem totally uncomfortable with talk- ing actual politics, I suppose they could always just give parables from their own lives. Newt could enthrall us with the intriguing adventures of his courtship of his third wife, Calista, and his firm grasp on family values. Michele could give a riveting report about the number of high school students in her district, nine in her alma mater alone, who have committed suicide in the past two years under her tacit "no homo-promo" edict... He who is without sin. And with a sick twist on the loaves and fishes, Rick could do a powerpoint exhibiting illicit backdoor deals he's made to ensure his cronies continue to grow fabulously wealthy while his state's water and air become ladened with toxins and Texas school children grow hungry and illiterate. And finally, we all knew that it was just a matter of time before enough women came out of the woodwork for Herman Cain to tuck tail and retreat to wherever all good Baptist ministers go once their adultery has been exposed. And they will know we are Christians by our love. Be done already. It's time for the Republican party to reestablish its backbone, send these zealots back to their churches and offer up a candi- date whose character speaks for itself through the virtue of their deeds rather than the blathering of their tirades. Oh, and a grasp on foreign policy would be nice. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR BUDA STILL IS LEADING THE RACE I kept looking for the 'paid advertisement' warning on Wes Ferguson's lead article in your November 30 Business Section, "In race for retail, study says Kyle is ahead of Buda." This article parroted a 'retail analysis and merchandising plan,' as described at the bot- tom of the page, created by a Dallas consultant and paid for by the city of Kyle and private developers, no doubt hoping to attract retail businesses to Kyle. The primary message of the article seemed to be that po- tential retail businesses should not locate in Buda, but should come instead to Kyle. What an odd subject for a supposedly objective article in a news- paper that purports to serve Buda, Kyle and Northeast Hays County! Obviously Kyle is still smart- ing from the fact that Buda had an HEB and aWalmart before Kyle did and that Buda has a Cabela's store which 'draws shoppers from throughout the region.' Traffic congestion around Cabela's? Hardly! Per- haps Kyle prefers those 2 way access roads that are head-on collisions waiting to happen. Lou Bailey Buda THANKS FOR THE PAPER What a pleasant surprise last Saturday when I opened my mail box and found the Free Press that you had sent at my request! As longtime residents of the Kyle, Buda and Goforth area, we always looked forward to finding this fine newspaper in our mail boxes. Am enclosing 2 bucks to help defray the postage and handling. Many thanks for sending it so promptly. Happy Thanksgiving to Suzanne and her family. Alfred Haberer San Marcos obert Jeffries, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, sued the proclamation that Mormonism is a cult. His name was dragged through street garbage for that remark by our politically correct anything goes culture. Mitt Romney has been thrown marsh- mallows while Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Perry have gotten the fastballs - the "gotcha" questions. Romney is a Mormon - a mem- ber of the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS). That makes the ques- tion of his beliefs an issue because, like it or not, his beliefs may predict how he's going to act when faced with presidential issues. Essentially there are two kinds of cults - sociological and theologi- cal with the David Koresh, the Jim Jones, and the Heaven's Gate groups being both. Does the LDS church fit among these examples? Certainly not! Unlike the three groups men- tioned, the LDS does not currently: have a charismatic leader have a retreatist, hostile orienta- tion to major social institutions But it does have major theological differences to mainstream orthodox doctrines, which the above men- tioned groups have at their core but do not share. Therefore, LDS is a theological cult only in the sense that they have outgrown the antiso- cial behavior. How are they different from main- stream orthodoxy? They disavow a Trinity relation- ship among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. God was once a man and is one god in a succession of many gods. An oft-spoken Mormon saying goes like this: '~s we are, God once was; as God is, we can become." By being a good Mormon and through good works (not by faith in Jesus and God's grace) and by ab- solute belief in the prophet Joseph Smith,you will become a god of your own planet. Jesus' death did not atone for the sins of mankind. These are only a smidgeon of be- i!i i! J i iii i iiii iii ii iiiiii iL liefs contrary to Christianity, which Mormonism is not! Both Christianity and Mormon- ism have bizarre, far out beliefs to one who has never known either. God came down from heaven and was born of a virgin and 30 some- thing years later he died for the sins of all mankind?Yeah ... right! But when you learn the story of the creator of the LDS church, Joseph Smith, your brain will quake in your skull At the onset of hearing about both, it's clear that you have to set logic aside to believe in either. To be fair, take an honest man who has never been exposed to any religion and present him with the evidence ~for both Christianity and Mormon- i~sm. Christianity will stand up to scrutiny because it has been tested by the best for over 2000 years. Mor- monism will fail on many accounts, the easy ones being archaeology and prophecy. For example: There are absolutely no remnants of Jew- ish cities in North America, told as fact in the Book of Mormon, that were built by two lost tribes of Jews who came here by boat around 600 BC, one tribe becoming the Ameri- can Indian. Moreover, DNA analysis shows no connection between Jews and Native Americans. The incon- sistencies go on ad infinitum. They rival the mutterings of Jeanne Dixon in their inaccuracy. In many ways LDS people have a lot to admire. They, for the most part, have one of the finest work ethics I know of. Their family values are exemplary. Foul language is rare and they really look after each other. They seem to be gentle people, an asset to society. Cultural Christians should learn from them. True Chris- tians already practice those good traits. But one must ask the questions: If Romney tl~aly believes the tenets of his religion, is he forsaking logic too severely for us to have confidence in his judgments? Are his analytical thought processes out of whack? Also the hierarchy of the LDS church is extremely authoritarian, exercis- ing strict central control, logarithmi- cally greater than the Vatican whom most Catholics ignore. What power over Romney will they exert? A Mor- mon who publicly questions LDS doctrines runs a serious risk of being banned from his religious commu- nity. It's a social death sentence. If you say it makes no difference what his private beliefs are, then you must approve without question aWiccan, or a Scientology member, or an Atheist. A transvestite, maybe. What's after that...NAMBLA? If I am part of the choosing of the leader of our country, I want to know how he reasons and what logic does he use to make decisions. That's what I think but I could be wrong, you know.