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December 8, 2010     Hays Free Press
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December 8, 2010

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Hays Free Press December 8, 2010 NEIGHBORS Page 3C + One interesting herb that we hear so little about is comfrey (Symphytum officinale). This easy-to-grow pe- rennial is from the borage family, and has broad leaves, ', and it blossoms with small . bell-shaped, light-colored flowers. It has lots of uses for the organic gardener, and also for those of us interested in botanical medicine. Organic gardeners like comfrey because its leaves are rich in plant nutrients. As it grows and matures, com- frey mines a host of these nutrients from the soil. IT'S ABOUT You can use the herb's leaves as a mulch, a side- dressing, make it into com- frey tea, or create a compost. Each method will provide organically-derived nutrients to your vegetables, flowers and landscape plants. Comfrey is especially rich in potassium, an essential plant nutrient needed for flower, fruit and seed production. Gardeners can also use comfrey leaves in small amounts to activate com- post. Its nutrients give a big boost to the process, help- ing to break down organic matter into rich soil amend- ments. In the world of medicine, comfrey has been known as 'knitbone,' because of its ability to speed up the heal- ing of bone fractures, bruis- ing and cuts. However use of the herb internally is a somewhat controversial subject. The FDA warns against it due to possible liver damage. Growing this herb is The Dec. 13, 1956 edition of a Dallas newspaper carried a report from Katmandu that the government of Nepal had given a Texas oilman ~permission to hunt the ~Abominable Snowman in the Himalayas. The casual reader may have presumed the expedi- tion was a publicity stunt by a reckless rich guy with more money than good sense. But those familiar with businessman, scientist, philanthropist and explorer Thomas Baker Slick, Jr. knew his Himalayan hike was a serious safari. The fabulous family for- tune was made by Tom, Sr., who discovered the Cush- ing, Oklahoma oilfield in 1912. At his death from a ce- rebral hemorrhage less than two decades later, the wily wildcatter was a millionaire many times over. Tom, Jr. inherited more than a fat bank account from his rich namesake. "Dad stressed the impor- tance of using our time, IN emerged unscathed from the dangerous lungle. Meanwhile, the Abomi- nable Snowman or Yeti was the subject of sensational stories in the Western press. Since the original sighting in the mid-1800s of"a hairy, tailless wildman," tantaliz- ing tales of the elusive crea- ture had regularly filtered out of Nepal and Tibet. Fueling the latest round of speculation was a sec- ond-hand report passed on by Tenzing, the Sherpa guide who had scaled Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. Ac- cording to the native climb- er, his father once stumbled upon the legendary "miss- ing link," which "looked like a big monkey or ape, except that its eyes were deeply sunken and its head was ed claim by two Sherpas of a close encounter with a skit- tish Snowman. After a third trip to Nepal in 1959 yielded no more hard evidence than the previous two, the Texan gave up the costly quest. Friends and associates hoped that Tom at last had gotten the wanderlust out of his system and would settle into the role of respectable executive. But the gypsy stopped off in San Antonio, his hometown and base of operations, just long enough to pick up a change of clothes. The head of the sci- ence think tank voiced his concern over the restless tycoon's high-risk lifestyle. Tom replied with a mischie- vous smile, "Don't worry so much about the hopping around I do in small planes in foreign countries and in the mountains looking for the Snowman or mines or even hunting. I have a million-dollar insurance policy with the institutions fairly easy. All you need is a shaded, well-drained loca- tion with plenty of compost and a slow-release organic fertilizer (blood and bone meal) to give it a start. Keep it on the moist side. Your stand of comfrey can easily be increased by root division. Segments of these black, turnip-like roots can be cut and placed into the soil to create new plants. Using comfrey in this way as an organic source of plant food, along with composting, brings the gardener yet another step closer to independence and self-sustenance. snowman as beneficiary." But the intrepid world traveler eventually took one chance too many. Caught in a severe storm over Mon- tana in October 1962, he plunged to his death along with the pilot of the under- sized aircraft. In an ironic coincidence, he died at 46 - exactly the same age as his father. Tom Slick, Jr. left $12 mil- lion to three of his beloved research institutes and a trio of Lone Star colleges. Texas Christian and Texas A&M received hefty checks, as did the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the Univer- sity of Texas for the pursuit of world peace. t'vl JL: Check out the new BLING! Jewelry Watches, Handbags/Purses Baby/Toddler Bling Hats, Hair Accessones Belts Shirts Gifts Much More STORE HOURS: Mon-Fd, 10am-7prn; Fri-Sat, 10am-8pm; and Sun, 11am-6pm 512-523-4020 203 Railroad Street, Ste C * Buda, Texas ONUNE BANKING MOBILE BANKING WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15 KYLE PARKWAY (512) 268-3732 WwW.TRUSTTEX ASBAN K.COM Buy "Secession & Civil War" column collection for $14.20 and get "Outlaws & Lawmen" or "Revolution & Republic" at half price. Mail $21.30 to Bartee Halle, P.O. Box 152, Friendswood, TX 77549 or order on-line at energy and money to benefit others. Perhaps he was afraid my brother and I would be playboys. I learned at an early age the . responsibilities that go with wealth." Three years after graduat- ing from Yale with a degree in biology, Tom the younger established the second largest privately endowed research facility in the world on 1,500 acres outside San Antonio. For 63 years, the Southwest Research Insti- tute has blazed an impres- sive trail in a wide range of scientific fields. When not tending to his many enterprises such as Slick Oil and Slick Airways, Tom took off on exotic odysseys to remote corners of the globe. His holidays were, however, sometimes harrowing. On a flight to South Amer- ica to study an aboriginal tribe, his plane went down in the trackless Amazon. Given up for lost after a 'week-long search, the world traveler and his entire party pointed at the top." Acting on Tenzing's tip, the Daily Mail of London sponsored a headline-gen- erating survey of the high- est mountain range in the world. The empty-handed 6utcome of the expensive excursion provoked this rhyme from the British humor magazine Punch: "There were fascinating footprints in the snows of Katmandu on a slightly less than super-human scale; there are numerous conjec- tures on the owner of the shoe and the money it has cost the Daily Mail." If Tom Slick feared similar public ridicule, he never let it show. He plunged ahead with elaborate preparations for the first-ever scientific effort to determine whether the Abominable Snowman was fact or fantasy. The net result of the 1957 expedition was three sets of human-like tracks, excre- ment samples and several strands of hair. The high- light of a return trip the next year was the unsubstantiat- Dec. 10- 16 it|tti ll/il|| OTHE TOURISTw~Y eURLESQUE (co.13) /11:20~ 1:55 4:40 7:15 9:55 FASTER (R) 7:00 10:05 TANGLED 2-D (laG) /11'.2S~ 1:~ 4:0S Q;~ LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (R} fl1:35) 2:15 4:50 7:25 10:10 HARRY POTTER 7 (PG-13) fl1:50) 3:00 6:40 9:40 UNSTOPPABLE (PG.13) (11:40~ 2:05 4:50 7:10 9:35 DUE DATE (R) /12:05~ 2'.20 4:30 6:55 9:20 MEGAMIND 2-0 (PG) (11:30~ t:504:25 @No Passes/Supersavers ( ) No early shows Mon-Thurs. Crosswor4 SoluUon ",#!q Texas Crossword, this page Sudoku $01uti0 Sudoku Puzzle, this page Texas Crossword and Sudoku sponsored by | ACROSS 48 Fort Worth millionaire 1 early European in 50 TX Gilley's "A Headache TX: Cabeza de Tomorrow .... 5 TX Vikki Cart's __ache Tonight" Hombres" 53 TXns chose Hoover over 6 Austin's "Flora this Alfred in '28 (init.) 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