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December 23, 2009     Hays Free Press
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December 23, 2009

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Hays Free Press December 23, 2009 NEIGHBORS Pe3C' Chilling hours for fruit trees 'f" hilling Hour, might sound more | . like the name of a hip-hop radio show.., but in our world of orchards and fruit tree gardening, the meaning is quite different. Stone fruit trees such as peaches, nectarines, plums and cherries develop' their flowering and vegetative buds in the summer. They go dormant in the fall, as cooler temperatures and shorter days arrive. Fruit trees will remain dormant until they have acquired the proper num- ber of 'chilling hours' (temperatures at 45 degrees and lower). When they reach their chilling hour demand and the weather begins to warm, the fruit trees will break dormancy and begin to flower, leaf out and set fruit In the Rio Grande valley (stone fruit Chilling zones 6 and 7), where the winters are mild, it is best to pick fruit trees with chilling hour demands of 150 to 300 hours. In north Texas (zones 1 and 2), here winters are longer and more severe, fruit trees with high chilling hour re- quirements (above 800 hours) would be the best choice. For our area, a fruit tree with chilling hour requirements in the 500 to 750 hours is ideal. Low chilling hour trees such as tropiberta and early grande, both peaches, might bloom early and be caught in a mid to late winter freeze, lessening its fruit set. Here are a few favorites for our cen- tral Texas area (zones 4 and 5): IT'S ABOUT THYME Plums Generally plant at least two varieties to increase pollination and fruit set. The smaller fruit varieties also do the best. Some of the tried and true are bruce, methly, allred, burgundy and Santa Rosa. Peaches Most peaches are self-fruitful, so only one is needed if you have a small area. Some of the best varieties for our area are junegold, belle of Georgia (white fleshed), feting, harvester and la feliciana. One later blooming variety that is worth mentioning is elberta. This 750 to 800 hour August peach is a consistent producer and almost never gets caught in a late freeze. Cherries Probably the on]y sweet cherry that has a chance for our area is Stella. Stella is a large black, sweet cherry that is self-fer- tile and has a chilling hour requirement of 750 hours. The problem with growing cherries is the birds like them more than people do (hard to imagine). These trees need to be netted if there is any hope of harvesting fruit. Dear Chris I've started a backyard peach tree orchard and would like to stay organic in my insect sprays. Any suggestions? - M. Behr, Manchaca The best time to spray for white and San Jose scale on fruit trees is when they are still dormant. A great organic spray is All Seasons Oil which coats the branches with a fine oil that suffocates the scale pests. Once the peach tree has leafed out, itcan be sprayed with All Seasons Oil again for green peach aphids that may begin eating the new growth. Neem oil and Pyrethrum sprays can safely be used also. For worms, the best strategy is to spray with B.T. Baccilus thurengensis can be bought as thuricide in a liquid or as Dipel in a powder form. Both organically target that pesky caterpillar larva. Happy Gardening everyone! If you havea gardening question, send it to me via emaih iathyme@yahoo. com. (Please put 'Ask Chris Window' in the subject line.) Or mail your letter or postcard to:Ask Chris Winslow. It's About Thyme: 11726 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748. FARMER00 Debbie Thames Insurance Agency . AUTO HOME LIFE BOAT HEALTH 251 N. FM 1626 #2C Buda, TX 78610 Office: (512) 312-1917 Fax: 3124)688 Email: dvthanies @ austin Monday-Friday, 9am-Spin Your Business &,Referrals Are Appreciated , St=ie ANTIQUES * FURNITURE GIFTS FLOWERS JEWELRY T-SHIRTS IRON WORKS & MORE Open Everyday Downtown Buda at the signal light. Santa Letters Continued from pg. 1C Dear gauta, You are the best man in the world how is your wife doing? Is she baking you cOOides and milk. I help poople b,ause I am ni and happy |like be fu,ny ! help my morn and dad in the house and I help scrub the floor, Thank you please santa tEeae are the toy I want a BBgun and a Drex but the one I want is a little Robot. I love you in my heart Love Christian Dear ganta, YOU are lucky you get to su ells and travel around the world. You get to eat a lot of cookies and you get to Mve reind6er guide you. You are so lucky you haven worlhop and you .t to live in tee NourtE pole. You get to give kids presents and you ,t to ride in a sled. I make all A a on my rortcara and I do chorea. I help other studanta and my teacher. I try my beet in school and I'm nice to my friends I give my dog food and water, go ganta so I daerve a four wealer, bai game and animal book? I hope you remember me at Christmas. Love, Kaylet Dear ganta, You are ao friendly to give presents to kids. I like thee names that you gave your reindeer, Also,/fike your j6.11y belly: I like your red and whffe coat red and white ia my favorite colors. I also got A'a on my report rd F and progress reports sence I started 3rd grade. I do chorea and I ahar toys with my brothers and sister, ger what I want for Christmas and xbox 360, Grnad theft Auto IV and Grand Theft auto IlL I hope you rember me. Merry Christmad Love, Oscar Dear ganta, I like your red cherry nose. I like your blly it's jiggly. You are my friend, you are really jolly. I work Mrd in school I am a traight A sdudeat. I help my grandma clean. Me an my sister cleum our room. I aMre my toys. I would like a Wii, a poodl6, and a Mmster, rember tEat I love you. Love, Abigail Dear ganta, I have Iovsd the things that you have givin me, I wonder how ff is rid[rig on reindeer? You are very cool because of how you o aPoundging people things ecause that a what Chriclaa ia all about. What I do good ia I do choara I help 6tEer people. I am always good in school, lhave nevergstea a =C" on my report card. And so what I want but do not nud for christmas ia ..... a laptop a basketball hoop and a drawing book to teach me how to draw cool things. incerely, R y an Bennett P.g, thank for all the cool stuff. Dear gnats, You give kids presents. And make them happy: They love you and you are mt. I tal the -trash out. I help my morn. I rak6 leaven and get elowence. But what I rely want is a D.G. and a bike 8specially. go pleas get me tees things! for christmua because I love you. From, David Aifaro Dear ganta, 14i anta, I Im/e the way you are able to go around the world. You can appear in hoea. It ia almost christmas. You are a good person. I try not to be mean to my granpal. I try to help otEera. I help cook. And clean the kffchen. I try not to hit. I will be extra good for a poket roket and a pun chink bag bob. Love, :Jason . Dear ganta, I love love love your lly belly, gememlr the ritual aw you at tl north pole. All t r6indear aw m6 in your lap and tE6y looked jealua and my morn took pictures of us. I love to play witE my dogs and cats ao much. I love my mares pie and my dada dinner. I love to clean tee house ao much. I am good ao made I should kava more bar, ins. More horses and pet wii. Pa I really li you and ay hi to roodoff for me. Love, Jad Dr ganta, I want a Zin I maxium drognoid, gantlet and a fire bionicle because I resikle and pick up dog poo aiao I have bun good. From, David I I i t' 295-9444 295-6008 Dear gauta, This ia Christmas I would lik a rubex cube. You should give -me it because I have never got in trouble before. I would like a cell phone because I ha d to help my brother and aister. I want a Da I beauae I donatod monet for the nudy and clothes. I would like a lap top because I help my morn with the cage for my dog. Your friend, 9erya A. Dear gnats, I lu|ve laura good teis year. Here is my wink list. I want a in art mter. I alo waM am arfa ad crafts tmter. I also want a eckool t ala R?/t. I alo want a tel'l and a 5 i doll. anta I think [ould get tlee things beue I Rave Ixm good this year. And I alo want a DGI. Gincerely, Emma McGulr Texas Crossword and Sudoku sponsored by Texas Lehigh Cement Co., LLC Two offices to serve you... Main Street, Buda 295-9760 ICl I,3 Center Street, K le 268-7862 I II 7[ 7:? m m Sudoku ACROSS 1 TXism: 'eel like l __ _ long drop on a short rope" (sore throat) 5 TX-bom Busey film: "Man With " 6 house garment 7  Pinto, TX 46 TXism:" as week-old soda pop" 47 an exact replica 48 this Charlie was '93 Rangers pitcher 50 this Estrada was in "Border Blues" with TX-bom Gary Busey 51 Sunny_____, TX 8 TXism for "cattle prod" 52 actress Arden in 17 Saturn model ('03-'07) "The Unfaithful" with 18 looking for ways TX Ann Sheridan to avoid the law? 21 abbr. for animated cable network 22 smear on a surface 23 TXism:" driller" (dentist) 24 TXism:" in the pan" 29 actress Meredith of "Texas Stagecoach" 30 "Star Trek" Vulcan "mind " 31 veter6ns org. (abbr.) 53 TX singer Orbison DOWN 1 TXism: "he's playing "(deceases 2 TXism: "confused 29 46 TEX00 S CR )SSWORD 43 TXism: "attacked like 14 " Have 29 TXism: "he got __ conventioneers on _ Eyes for You" __ right" (correct) __ buffet" 15 clothed 30 castle ditch 44 "behind the " 16 this Novak was in 33 this Muhammad took 45 TXism:"bend _ "The Children" with title from TX Foreman elbow" (drink) TX Joe, Don Baker in '74 iurmle rumble * See Solution, pg. 4C I I I I I1 I I I I I Bill's" sweetheart: " "-Foot Sue" 35 ring bearing a coat of arms 37 song byTX Michael Nesmith "Monkee" group: 'Tm 32 TXism for =mean as 19 this Brand was 50 person" (3 wds3 astroturf" Reese on "Laredo" 34 Japanese electronics 3 in Erath Co. on 377 20 TX Roy Orbison trade- S1 conglomerate 4 TXism: "never sign mark: dark 35 bro's sib anything in the glow 22 horrible ---- 52 36 actor in "The Aviator" of _  light" 24 Hico h.s. class ---- 153 about TX Hughes . 9 bookbinding glue 25 TX h.s: ag. org. 37 boy in UK (2 wds.) 10 poker debt markers 26 this Cockrell was 1st ..... 38 Pennzoit & Valvoline 11 TXism for "head" ' female mayor of 39 first showing of a 12 famous TX model & San Antonio film (3 wds.) actress Suzy (init.) 27 1-20 entrance (2 wds.) 34 mythical TX "Paces 41 acute, right, or obtuse 13 TXism: =I'm at  28 "lady" south of 42 B.C. is -Christian  of my rope" the border by Charley & Guy Orbison Copyright 2009 by Orbison Bros. 15 16 + ) + 10 ......... ! ................................ I .............. ........... 1 .......... mm3s / f ...... i ........................... "(s ry) .......... 40 __ Stanley Gardner was -, an honorary Texas k Ranger 41 many believe TX Billie Sol Estes was artist 44 quench or satisfy 47 TX "Harper Valley PTA" singer: Jeannie 49 TX Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez '59 film: "Rio " 10